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A parcel is Registered parcel. Parcel - Russian Post
A parcel is Registered parcel. Parcel - Russian Post

One cannot but agree that the service sector is quite important in the life of a modern person. Without noticing it ourselves, on a subconscious level, we no longer imagine our existence without cellular communication salons, personal manicure masters, tutors and tailors. However, there is a list of services that our ancestors used. One of them is mail.

Every person has used this service at least once: he wrote a telegram, sent a letter, a parcel or a package. This is one of those opportunities that allow us to send a gift, purchase or congratulations in a postcard without leaving our city. This article will answer the following questions:

1. What is a parcel post?

2. How is it different from a parcel or a letter?

3. How long does a parcel take to reach the addressee?4. What is its weight and maximum dimensions? Etc.

the parcel is

What the term in question hides

There are several concepts that reveal the full meaning of the word "package". This is a special type of paper wrapper or package that has the shape of an envelope. A more widely considered term is used in postal services. Here they call it a parcelsmall size mailing attachment wrapped in paper. As a rule, it is somewhat larger than a standard letter, but does not reach the dimensions of a full-fledged parcel.

In trade, another highly specialized meaning of the concept of "package" is used. This is a label attached to the goods, meaning the payment of excise / tax / duty. For the most part, in everyday life, we are faced with the second definition. In postal services, there is a classification of this type of item:

1. Registered parcel.

2. Insured.

3. Simple.The most common type is the last one.

registered parcel

Maximum value of investments and their dimensions

You can send various printed publications, as well as all kinds of manuscripts, the cost of which does not exceed 10,000 rubles, and photographs by parcel post. In this case, the size of the shipment plays a significant role. In order for an attachment to be rightfully called a parcel post, its dimensions must not be less than 10.5 centimeters wide and 14.8 centimeters long. If the shipment is smaller, it is already a letter. There are also restrictions on the maximum size. So, if a manuscript or printed publication has a length, width and thickness exceeding 90 centimeters in total, then this is no longer a package - this is a parcel.

If it is planned to send a roll, then the total component of its length, as well as its double diameter, should not exceed 1 meter and 4 centimeters and should not be less than 17 centimeters. This information is for sizes.

Also plays an important roleand the weight that the parcel has. The Russian Post reserves the right to consider under this concept items that weigh more than 100 grams, but do not exceed 2000 grams. Anything that does not fit into this category can be considered either a letter or a parcel.

mail parcel

Varieties of departure

Now let's consider what a registered parcel and an insured parcel are. The first definition includes all kinds of postal items, the size and mass of which are within the boundaries of the parameters described above. At the same time, these parcels are sent by registered order. That is, this category of items is delivered to the addressee and handed over to him against signature. Simple parcels do not require confirmation of their receipt. As a rule, documents and other important materials that are of great importance or high value are sent by registered mail.

parcel post of russia

Preventing unpleasant options

If the sender wants to prevent the loss, damage or disappearance of the item, he is given the opportunity to estimate the value of the investment. To do this, a special approved form is printed in the mail. The cost of the parcel is entered into it (but not more than ten thousand rubles). The attachment, along with the completed form, is then sealed in high-strength material for reliable transport. Packaging of this type of shipment is carried out using kraft paper, bags and adhesive tape. Such a package is called an insured package.

New lookservices

Not so long ago, another type of shipments that the post office offers appeared: a parcel post and a 1st class letter. In this case, we are interested in the first category. What is its difference from the usual parcel? Let's see.

Unlike simple parcels, first-class parcels can send not only manuscripts, printed publications and documents, but also various commodity attachments. The last category falls:

1. All kinds of souvenirs (magnets, figurines, key chains, etc.).

2. Samples of beauty products such as creams, eau de toilette samples, etc.

3. Various plastic cards.

4. CD/DVD discs, floppy disks.

5. Jewelry, etc.So as you can see, quite a wide variety of small items can be sent using this method.

how much is the parcel

Good points

Another advantage of first class parcels is their weight. Unlike analogues of a conventional nature, the maximum weight of a shipment is two and a half kilograms. This is five hundred grams more than the standard version. In addition, there are differences in size. The minimum size is 11 cm wide and 19 cm long. The maximum dimensions should not exceed 70 centimeters in the sum of three dimensions. Or the width / length / height cannot be more than 36 cm. It is noteworthy that the tariff rate for sending parcels of this category does not depend on the distance to the destination. This value is affected only by the mass and the point of departure. It should be noted that for shippingfirst class parcels are not affected by seasonal restrictions in any way (unlike parcels).

parcel tracking

Only by plane

Deliveries of this type are delivered to the addressee much faster than their simple counterparts. This became possible due to the use of the latest technologies not only in logistics, but also in sorting. The process is as follows. First class parcels are not sent to the sorting bases: they are separated immediately after acceptance at the communication center. Then the forwarded attachments are transported to the airport and delivered to their destination only by air. Combined forwarding means are not used here.

In order to make first-class parcels easier to identify among the mass of similar items, they are packed in special envelopes, bags and corrugated boxes. Those, in turn, are marked yellow and indicate the name of the service.

In post offices for first-class items (letters and parcels) there is a specially designated box. Correspondence is removed from this container more often than from a metal cabinet intended for regular forwarding.

Cost, varieties and tracking

The first class parcel, like its simple counterpart, has the following subspecies:

1. Custom.2. Insured.

It is noteworthy that if the maximum cost of a simple parcel and its varieties cannot exceed ten thousand rubles, then for first class shipments this parameterdoubled to twenty thousand rubles.

At the post office after accepting the shipment (both simple and first class), a receipt is issued where the track code is affixed. For internal transfers, this identifier consists of fourteen digits. For international - out of thirteen. This code is used to track parcels. You can view the history of the route of the departure on the Russian Post website.

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