Phone "Lenovo S850": customer reviews

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Phone "Lenovo S850": customer reviews
Phone "Lenovo S850": customer reviews

A stylish smartphone with a 5-inch touch screen and good hardware stuffing is all about Lenovo S850. Feedback from owners about this smart phone, as well as its detailed technical parameters will be discussed in detail below.

lenovo s850 reviews

Who is this smartphone for?

It is enough just to take a quick look at the Lenovo S850 phone and it will become clear that this model is aimed at a female audience. Slim body that combines glass and plastic, in three color options: pink, white and dark blue. Moreover, the first two options for the color performance of the gadget are focused specifically on the weak half of humanity. And only the dark blue version is universal and suitable for both men and women. Therefore, this device can be safely attributed to women's smartphones and give it to your soulmate for some holiday, such as Christmas, New Year or birthday.

Box version

The Lenovo S850 phone by the manufacturer originally belonged to the segment of medium devices. Now it can already be considered a budget-class solution. But the equipment allows thisthe gadget is attributed to the middle segment of smart phones. It includes the following components and accessories:

  • Smartphone with non-removable battery and non-separable body.
  • Standard interface cord with USB connectors and, of course, MicroUSB. It can be used to charge the battery or connect to any personal computer with a USB port.
  • Stereo headset with headphones and an additional set of pneumatic nozzles for them.
  • Charger with 1A output current.
  • SIM card ejector.
  • Quick start and use guide and, of course, warranty card.

Although the body of the device is made of reliable and high-quality materials, it will be difficult for a smartphone owner to do without a case. The situation is similar with the front panel, which will be more reliably protected with a special film. These two accessories will have to be purchased immediately for an additional fee. But the owners of this device will not need an external flash drive. There is no slot to install it in this device.

lenovo s850 phone

Device design, layout of communication ports and controls

There are many similarities in the design of the iPhone 5S and Lenovo S850. Reviews of the owners of this smart phone indicate this feature. On the front of the device is a 5-inch IPS display. Below it is a touch panel of three control buttons. Above the screen is a speaker (it is protected by a metal mesh), a front camera anda number of sensors. The side faces of the smartphone are made of plastic, but in their appearance it is very similar to metal (a similar design solution is implemented in the device from Apple). On the right side of the gadget are the lock button and the rocker, which provides volume control of the device. On the left edge is a slot for installing SIM cards. The main loud speaker is also displayed here. On the underside of the smart phone are all the wired ports of the gadget: MicroUSB and, of course, the audio port. The body of the device and the back cover are made of impact-resistant glass (again, you can feel the analogy with a smartphone from Apple). It has a hole in the main camera and LED backlight for it. There is also a manufacturer's logo, which also acts as an indicator of events.


One of the best entry-level processors installed in the Lenovo S850. Reviews regarding the hardware resources of this smartphone are another confirmation of this. MT6582 (such a chip is used in this gadget) can easily cope with any, even the most demanding task. This CPU consists of 4 computing modules, which are based on the energy-efficient Cortex-A7 architecture. Each individual core cannot boast of a high level of performance, but their number allows us to solve the problem of lack of computing resources. Depending on the load, the frequency of each computing module can vary from 600 MHz to 1.3 GHz. If only one or two cores are needed to solve the problem, then the unused modulesturn off. It is this algorithm of operation of the processor part of the device that allows achieving both a high level of system performance and saving the resource of the built-in battery. Finally, it is worth noting that one of the most demanding gaming applications today - Asph alt 8 - will work without problems on this phone model.

smartphone lenovo s850 reviews

Display and video accelerator

The Lenovo S850 phone is equipped with a very high-quality display. Reviews distinguish this advantage from its competitors. Its matrix is ​​based on the most common technology today - IPS. This provides viewing angles that are as close to 180 degrees as possible. Also, the brightness, color reproduction and contrast are impeccable. The screen resolution in this model is 1280x720, that is, the image on the display is displayed in HD format. It should also be noted that there is no air gap between the touch surface and the screen matrix in this device, which means that the picture quality is improving. The Lenovo S850 smartphone is equipped with a Mali-400MP2 graphics accelerator. Of course, it cannot boast of a high level of performance, but its computing capabilities are quite enough to solve any task today, including the most demanding smartphone hardware resources.

Device photo and video capabilities

The quality of the photo and video of the main camera does not allow making claims against the Lenovo S850. Customer reviews confirm this fact. This is not surprising. After all, inThe camera is based on a sensitive element based on a 13 megapixel matrix. Also, the device implements such software and hardware options as an autofocus system, digital zoom and LED backlight. All this allows you to get high-quality photos in daylight. Although there is LED backlighting in this gadget, it is quite difficult to achieve good image quality at night. The main camera can record video in FullHD format, that is, with a resolution of 1080x1920. In this case, the image refresh rate will be 30 frames per second. Good technical characteristics and the front camera at 5 megapixels. This is quite enough for taking high-quality photos in daylight, making video calls, IP-telephony and, of course, selfies.

lenovo s850


The memory subsystem is one of the main advantages of the Lenovo S850. The amount of RAM is 1 GB. This is quite enough for comfortable work on this device. About 600 MB is occupied by the operating system and the Lenovo Laucher 5 proprietary add-on. The remaining 400 MB will be enough to run several rather demanding applications at once. Built-in storage capacity is 16 GB. Of these, about 4 GB is occupied by pre-installed software: the same operating system and proprietary add-on. The remaining 12 GB will be more than enough to install all the necessary application software and store personal data. If for some reason the free space on the built-in drive runs out, then you can use free cloudservices for storing personal information. But installing an additional external drive in this smartphone, as noted earlier, will not work: it does not have the additional slot necessary for this.

Gadget autonomy

A non-removable battery with a capacity of 2150 mAh is integrated into the Lenovo S850 smartphone. The reviews point to two significant drawbacks: the low capacity of the battery and the inability to dismantle it on its own. The nominal capacity is too small for such a device. Still, the screen diagonal is a decent 5 inches, and the processor includes four computing modules, albeit energy efficient. As a result, with an average load on the gadget, one battery charge is enough for 1-2 days of battery life. If desired, this value can be increased to 3 days. But at the same time, you will have to save on everything. Another important nuance is the non-removable battery. If it breaks, you will have to contact the service center. On the other hand, the quality of the body of this smart phone does not cause any complaints. Apparently, Chinese engineers had to sacrifice autonomy, weight and battery capacity for a high-quality case.

lenovo s850 reviews price

Interface Kit

An impressive set of interfaces is implemented in "Lenovo S850". It includes both wired and wireless methods of information transfer. The main ones are:

  • The main way to transfer data is wireless Wi-Fi. The radius of its action is relatively small, but it can be used to download large files quickly enough. Also this standardtransmission of information allows you to view any Internet resources.
  • The device is equipped with 2 SIM card slots at once. They can work in networks of the 2nd (GSM) and 3rd (3G) generations. In the first case, the speed theoretically can reach 450 kbps. In reality, this value is much less and at best is 150 kbps. This is enough for social networks and simple internet sites.
  • There is also Bluetooth in this gadget. It allows you to connect wireless headphones to your smartphone or exchange a small amount of information with a similar mobile device.
  • GPS sensor allows you to turn this smartphone into a full-fledged navigator.
  • Wired MicroUSB port allows you to charge the battery and communicate with your PC.
  • The audio port, brought to the bottom edge of the device, makes it possible to connect wired external speakers to a smartphone.


Under the control of one of the most recent versions of "Android" with serial number 4.4, the smartphone "Lenovo S850" operates. Reviews also highlight the presence of Lenovo Launcher 5th version. The main feature of this software shell is that there is no additional menu, and shortcuts to all installed programs are placed directly on the desktop (this nuance unites this smartphone even more with the iPhone 5S). If necessary, you can immediately create a separate folder and group similar software products in it. Otherwise, the software set is typical: social network clients, pre-installed system mini-programs anda set of services from Google.

phone lenovo s850 reviews

Smart phone owners

Lenovo S850 turned out to be very balanced. Reviews confirm this. Among the shortcomings, one can only highlight the fact that the smartphone has a non-separable case, a small capacity of the built-in battery and there is no slot for a microSD card. The first of these disadvantages is compensated by the impeccable build quality of the device. Due to the second minus, the developers have ensured that the gadget weighs 150 grams and is quite thin - only 8.2 mm. Well, in the latter case, the factor that compensates for the disadvantage is that the device has 16 GB of internal memory, and this is quite enough both for storing personal data and for installing the necessary programs.


The cost of 11,500 rubles is currently very modest for a gadget of such a class as the Lenovo S850. Reviews, price and technical parameters of this smart phone simply leave no chance for competitors. In essence, for this money you get a more modest version of the iPhone 5S, but at the same time, the software stuffing of the gadget is based on the most popular software platform for mobile devices - Android.

lenovo s850 customer reviews


An excellent 5-inch smartphone with a good 4-core processor and a cost of 11,500 rubles is the Lenovo S850. Reviews indicate that most buyers are not disappointed in their choice. At the same time, it has quite a lot in common (both in terms of design and in terms of software).software) from iPhone 5S. As a result, we have an excellent solution for those who need an inexpensive, but at the same time very high-quality smartphone.

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