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Smartphone Philips Xenium W832
Smartphone Philips Xenium W832

Today we will talk about Philips Xenium W832 mobile phone. The characteristics of this model will be described in detail below. There was a time when products from the Dutch company Philips were recognized by users as one of the highest quality and most desirable in their home. Later, the manufacturer launched a line of Xenium phones. The devices were distinguished by their durability, but time flies, and now this company has been bought out, which has seriously affected the quality of products manufactured under the name of this brand. The Philips Xenium W832 is a real long-liver, because it can last several days without recharging, which modern smartphones are not capable of, and not all ordinary mobile phones can catch up with it in this parameter.


The devices of the series are quite heavy, and the Philips Xenium W832 model was no exception, exceeding the average value by thirty grams. As a result, this significantly affects the usability of such a smartphone. At first glance, a couple of tens of grams of overweight cannot play a significant role. However, with an average value of 140-150 g, the additional load is noticeable.

philips xenium w832 specs

But the dimensions of the device are fairly standard for a smartphone. Almost all of the weight comes from the heavy 2400 mAh battery that adds to the battery life of the phone. There is a minimal amount of metal here, only on the side faces to give the smartphone increased strength. But all the same, the added weight is not fatal, and a person will calmly get used to it, after a couple of days he will completely stop noticing such a trifle. The phone, after all, is designed specifically for the male audience.

To replace a SIM or memory card, you do not have to pull out the battery, which is an indisputable plus, saving the user from unnecessary actions, facilitating this operation. The location of the buttons on the case is quite standard, not counting the additional switch that puts the smartphone into energy-saving mode. If you do not forget about it, but use it regularly, then this function will help extend the life of the device, but it is too hard to the touch. System buttons are present here as standard.


The screen diagonal of the Philips Xenium W832 is 4.5 inches, the resolution is 540 x 960 with IPS technology. There is nothing special to say about the display, all other indicators are at an average level, and the maximum number of simultaneous clicks is 3.

philips xenium w832 firmware


Let's say a few words about the software component of Philips Xenium W832. The firmware in this case is not associated with anyor difficulties, since the smartphone has a completely standard version of Android - 4.0.4, without any additional functions. The developers themselves have added only a power saving mode, which can be turned on both in the settings menu and using the switch on the side.

The manager is available to distribute calls, SMS and Internet access to different SIM-cards. It's comfortable. But if during a conversation they call you on the second card, the subscriber will hear that you are out of the network coverage area. Also with Internet access. The second card is automatically muted. The processor installed here is not bad, but with a small amount of RAM, so for the perfect operation of the Philips Xenium W832, it is necessary to clean up unused programs all the time. If you follow this procedure, then no performance problems should arise.

phone philips xenium w832

Sound, autonomy, camera

Some aspects of the phone are pleasantly surprising. It pleases with cleanliness and a good level of outgoing sound. If you combine this with good headphones, then you can get a real mid-range player and enjoy the music you play, whether it's hard-to-play classics or modern electronics, stuffed with many small nuances.

Thanks to the large battery, the smartphone is able to provide long battery life with active use. If you use the standard mode, which suits most people, then the time without recharging will increase. In power saving mode, there will beOnly calls and SMS are available. Under such conditions, the device will be able to hold out for about four days. It is convenient that this mode can be configured independently, that is, adjust the backlight level, active modules, and so on.

philips xenium w832 reviews

The 8 megapixel camera takes decent photos considering the price of the Philips Xenium W832. Stabilization is not the best here, so some shots may not come out too well, but in most cases the phone copes with the tasks of the camera.


Feelings are mixed, because buying Philips Xenium W832 just because of the larger battery makes no sense. The device also cannot surprise with its performance, although here the result is slightly above average. As a result, it turns out that the Philips Xenium W832 phone is suitable for those who have one of the most important factors when buying is the presence of two SIM-cards. However, at the same time, the smartphone does not lag behind the average.

philips xenium w832


So we figured out the technical characteristics of the phone Philips Xenium W832. Reviews about it are very different. As strengths, users most often indicate the affordable price of the device. Also, the sensitivity of the microphone, the speaker, the body material, pleasant to the touch, the absence of backlash and crunches, the power-saving mode button and the camera deserve praise. There are also weaknesses. Among them, users usually name: a small amount of RAM, lack of updates foroperating system, screen image quality is poor when operating in direct sunlight.

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