How is the Tele2 number changed?


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How is the Tele2 number changed?
How is the Tele2 number changed?

The desire to change the phone number without changing the SIM card may arise for various reasons. For example, you liked a “beautiful” sequence of numbers or you need to “hide” from annoying fans. Tele2 subscribers can carry out this procedure quite simply. How is the Tele2 number changed, how to notify friends and acquaintances that it has been changed? What are the conditions for changing the number? Is it possible to become a Tele2 client and keep your number by leaving another telecom operator?

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Change Tele2 number

The mobile operator in question allows its customers to freely change their number. In this case, this procedure can only be carried out by the owner of the number. If this is not possible and the person to whom the SIM card is registered cannot be present, then you will need to provide a power of attorney (necessarily certifiednotary). Changing the Tele2 number is carried out only at the company's office. The owner of the SIM card or his official authorized representative must provide an identity card and a power of attorney (if any).

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What is the cost of the service?

It is not possible to name a specific amount that will have to be spent on changing the number, due to the fact that it may differ in different regions of the country. For the Tula region, for example, it is only fifty rubles, provided that you need to get a regular number (without beautiful "tails", alternations, specific combinations). The client will be able to choose the number he likes. If the subscriber likes an option from the categories other than "Regular", then in addition to the above amount, you will need to add its cost. Changing the Tele2 number to "beautiful" can also be done at the company's office with a choice. You can book your favorite combination of characters in the operator's online store.

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How to notify about the change of Tele2 number

You can notify your acquaintances and friends about the number change, regardless of which service provider was previously used. This service is free of charge and involves the use of call forwarding service. The first thing to do is to send a text message from the Tele2 (new) number, in which to write the numbers 81 and indicate the old number. After that, a response message will be received,containing a redirect code.

The next step is to set up call forwarding from the old number. To carry out this operation, you must have the previous SIM card with you. From the old number, enter the following request: 21. As mentioned earlier, the service is completely free and allows you to connect no more than three numbers of any operators. Thus, when calling your number, the person will hear how to reach you.

Can I become a Tele2 subscriber by keeping the number of another operator?

Many customers of mobile operators are thinking about switching to Tele2. It is possible to change the operator while keeping the number. How can this procedure be carried out? You can start using Tele2 services by saving the number by visiting a communication salon, presenting an identity card of the owner of the number, or using the service posted on the official portal of the mobile operator. Through this service, you must fill out an application for the transition, indicating the number that should be saved and other required data.

After receiving your application, the operator's support staff will contact you and suggest further actions. During a personal visit to the office of the company, the applicant will need to form an application of the established form for porting the number of another telecom operator. The number porting procedure can take eight days or more. In each case, the period is determined individually. It is also necessary to pay off all debts that are owed to the current telecom operator. The presence of unpaid accruals can slow downgetting a new sim card. After the transfer of the number from one operator to another is completed, the client will receive a notification in the form of a text message. All that the subscriber needs to do is to drive to the office and pick up a new SIM card from the Tele2 operator with the same number.

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The change of the Tele2 phone number is carried out through the employees of the communication salon. Regardless of which number is chosen - from the pool of ordinary numbers or "beautiful" ones - the subscriber will be able to take the one that will be more attractive to him. Acquisition of a new number at the expense of credit funds is not possible. You need to replenish the balance at your own expense and visit the office of the company. About when the number will be changed, you should check with the specialist who will serve you. As a rule, it will not take more than half an hour. If it is necessary to switch from another operator to Tele2, keeping the current number, then you will have to wait a little longer - from eight days or more.

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