Switching with your number to Megafon: how to save your number?


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Switching with your number to Megafon: how to save your number?
Switching with your number to Megafon: how to save your number?

Every person has the right to choose, which also applies to companies offering cellular services. When using the services of a certain operator, sometimes the thought arises of switching to another communication provider. But how you don’t want to change your number, because many people already know it. The Megafon operator is very popular. That is why most often the question arises of how to make the transition with your number to Megafon.

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Who needs to switch to Megafon?

It should be said that there are a lot of arguments for choosing "Megafon" instead of another operator. But this does not mean that other providers provide poor-quality communication services.

Among the most common reasons are:

  1. In the subscriber's area of ​​residence, other operators are not able to provide high quality communication. This concerns the outback.
  2. It is not always profitable to use a specific telecom operator, since in the range of tariffs offered by itthere is no one that would satisfy all the requirements of the subscriber.
  3. All close people of the subscriber, with whom they most often have to get in touch, have long since switched to Megafon.

How to switch to Megafon with your number? It should be noted that the process of transition from one operator to another is regulated by law. In 2012, the law "On Communications" was adopted, which states that a subscriber can switch as many times as he likes and at the same time take the subscriber's number with him.


According to the rules of the current legislation, during the transition, the operator must ensure the minimum time for organizing the process itself. In order for everything to pass officially, the subscriber must fill out the relevant documents.

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When switching, Megafon must issue a new SIM card to the subscriber, which will work on the old number. At the same time, the subscriber may be denied porting the number, especially if there is a debt on his card.

What does the transition procedure involve?

The procedure itself involves the following conditions and actions:

  1. You need to go to the website of the Megafon operator and go to the section that involves porting the number.
  2. Obviously, in order to switch to another operator, you must fill out an application in electronic form, in which you indicate (and thus confirm) that the applicant is the owner of the number that needs to be transferred. It should also be confirmed thatthe applicant did not change his last name and passport and that all available data in the contract concluded with the previous provider are up-to-date. But the most important condition for switching to Megafon is the absence of debt on the current account.
  3. In the application, enter information about the place where the SIM card will be delivered. At the same time, the card is delivered to the capital and within the Moscow Ring Road free of charge. To other regions, you will have to pay for delivery.
  4. If there has already been a transition from one provider to another more than 2 months ago, the operator should be informed about this.

After the documents are filled out and signed, the transfer with your number to Megafon will be carried out within the strictly specified time frame. The provider will notify the subscriber with a message.

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Transition process

In order to switch to Megafon, there are no barriers, especially if you want to take the number with you. The minimum transition period is 8 days, the maximum is 6 months. At the same time, this company does not care where the subscriber comes from. Even if the number was previously used by different providers, Megafon does not care about this moment at all. The operator will be happy if those users who previously left for competitors will return to it.

For new subscribers, switching to MegaFon means that it is possible to use and choose any tariff from the line. The process itself means that a new SIM card will be activated, but only after the operator and the subscriberrelevant documents will be signed.

Procedure for the provision of services

To make it more clear how the transition procedure takes place, you need to familiarize yourself with the procedure for providing this service. The whole process can be divided into several stages:

  1. Initially, the user must conclude a contract. To do this, as mentioned earlier, you need to visit a communication salon or fill out documents on the site. It is imperative to pay off the debt on the card, otherwise the transfer may be denied.
  2. Next, the operator will offer to choose a package of services, and you will need to pay for it. The process of changing the supplier itself will cost 100 rubles.
  3. In order to monitor the status of the transition, you can use the services of the Personal Account. When the process is completed, you should receive an SMS message, after which you can receive a new card.
  4. At the moment when the transition is made, no alternative or temporary card is issued to the subscriber. He uses the old one and pays for communication according to the current tariffs.
  5. Then comes an SMS that it is time for the subscriber to change the card and insert a new one into the phone. From this moment on, we can assume that the transition with your number to Megafon has been completed.

As you can see from the presented guide, the procedure for changing the operator, provided that you keep your number, is quite simple, so everyone can do it, while spending a minimum amount of time and effort.

Change Beeline to Megafon

How to switch from Beeline to Megafon? In solving thisThe question is also not difficult. Switching to Megafon without changing the number from the Beeline operator can be made from any tariff plan. But! The transition itself can be carried out not from the time it is convenient for the subscriber, but only at the end of the month, when the tariff plan expires.

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Switching with your number to Megafon from Beeline can take from 8 days to six months. Until the selected operator activates the new SIM card, the subscriber can use the old one.

How to switch from Beeline to Megafon while keeping the number?

Until the activation of the new Megafon card, the old Beeline card will be available to you. The selected operator tries to make the transition with the preservation of the number as comfortable as possible. For new subscribers, the most favorable service rates and other opportunities from MegaFon are available. Please note that the conditions do not imply the simultaneous transfer of the number to another subscriber, but the service can be provided later.

To switch to Megafon from Beeline, you need:

  • visit the salon or office of this operator, pay off all debts for communication, replenish your account for the next week and check your personal data with documents;
  • restore the lost card (if any) from the previous operator, since only active SIM cards are involved in the procedure;
  • the next step requires concluding an agreement with MegaFon and choosing a newmobile service package;
  • indicate convenient transfer dates, this can be done via the Internet or in person;
  • pay a service fee - 100 rubles, as well as a subscription fee in accordance with the new tariff plan;
  • get a new card with activation instructions after receiving an SMS message.

You can follow the transition through your Personal Account on the official website of Megafon. The process will be fully completed after activating the card with the permanent number of the new subscriber. After that, the number will be finally transferred, all agreements between operators will be completed in 60 days. For all questions, you can contact the support service.

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Conditions for the transition from MTS to Megafon

"MTS", as a large telecommunications company, carries out a smooth transition of MNP subscribers. The subscriber can switch to Megafon without changing the number, provided there is no debt for communication. Transition dates are determined by the subscriber and fixed by documents. If the transition did not occur within the agreed period due to the fault of the operator, MegaFon assumes all obligations to pay the difference in the cost of services to the previous provider.

Transition from MTS

You can switch between operators an unlimited number of times, but not earlier than 60 days after the previous MNP switch. The restrictions on transferring to Megafon with the preservation of the number include: debt, an inactive SIM card, discrepancy between the contract data and"MTS", specified in the statement (the same applies to "Beeline" and Yota). When switching, you cannot transfer the number to another subscriber. The procedure involves all MegaFon tariffs with the connection of available mobile services. The service is provided only for valid SIM cards.

Let's consider how to switch to Megafon:

  • the number will be changed after all debts from your previous operator are closed;
  • transfer is carried out after the signing of the contract by a new subscriber, for this you need to contact the salon, the Megafon office or do it yourself, via the Internet;
  • pay the transfer fee (100 RUB) and the selected service package in accordance with the service plan;
  • before the transfer, use your number and the SIM card of the previous operator, a temporary number is not provided and cannot be used to receive notification of the activation of a new card;
  • the new service will become available after receiving the card, SMS about the completion of the transfer and activation of the new SIM, from that moment the number will be completely transferred.

From the date of signing the contract with Megafon, the subscriber can specify the conditions and follow the transition using the Personal Account on the company's website. The process will complete within the specified time frame.

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How to switch from Tele2 to Megafon?

The transition from "Tele 2" is carried out in accordance with the approved procedure. Any Tele 2 subscriber can switch to Megafon withoutnumber change.

  • Check the activity of the SIM card. If it is not working, restore it if possible (only subscribers who have working SIM cards are accepted for the transition).
  • Pay off all debts on the number. Please note that in the last days you will also be charged for communication services.
  • Conclude an agreement with "MegaFon" with the preservation of the number according to the MNP system. To do this, visit a salon, office with documents or make an online application.
  • A convenient time is determined by the user.
  • Tell the operator verbally that you have previously changed providers, such as Yota or Beeline.
  • At the time of the transfer, before activating the new card, communication, new conditions and opportunities will be available to you. If you decide to switch to Megafon, then they will take effect after the process is completed.
  • Change of the operator by the subscriber involves a fee for transfer services of 100 rubles. and connection of the new Megafon plan, absolutely all service tariffs are available to new subscribers.
  • After receiving an SMS message that the procedure on the basis of the contract is completed, activate a new card with your number.
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Transition from Iota

The transition from Yota is carried out according to a similar algorithm. When choosing a new operator to switch with keeping the number, we recommend that you study the tariffs. The most profitable offer "MTS", "Beeline" and "Megaphone".

Megafon tariffs are convenient for privateusers using the connection solely and not on commercial terms. Private subscribers can switch to Megafon S. This package provides the most popular conditions for individuals, which provide all the necessary opportunities for using mobile services.

Transition conditions

Change "Yota" to "Megafon" without porting the number is carried out in accordance with the following conditions:

  • you can switch repeatedly and unlimitedly only with an active SIM card of the previous operator (only working and unlocked SIM cards belonging to the applicant participate);
  • the transition process does not imply the transfer of the number to another subscriber when signing the contract;
  • transfer involves repayment of debt by the subscriber from the previous operator, starting from the moment the new card is activated (decide this issue in advance);
  • MNP service must be supported by documents, for this the user must visit the office, salon or make an application through the official Megafon website;
  • a convenient transfer period is determined by the subscriber;
  • before the number is transferred, pay the transfer fee (100 RUB) and the rate in accordance with the service rates;
  • the procedure assumes that a completion message will be sent to your number using the "old" SIM card, for this reason a temporary number is not provided;
  • after receiving SMS and activating a new Megafon card, it will become available for work.

For all questions, please contact Megafon support!Operators will always suggest the best solution to your problem.

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