How to forward to another number. Forwarding to another number on MTS, Beeline, Tele2


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How to forward to another number. Forwarding to another number on MTS, Beeline, Tele2
How to forward to another number. Forwarding to another number on MTS, Beeline, Tele2

This article will tell you how to forward to another number, redirect a text message.

how to forward to another number

As it turned out, this service is of interest to many users of cellular networks. So, let's try to figure out all the nuances to find out how to make call forwarding on the phone?

What is this?

Forwarding is a service that allows you to transfer incoming calls from your old to a new number. This service can be activated on any mobile phone using its menu. The offer is presented in several versions. It is widely used by subscribers of Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, MTS forwarding to another number is unconditional. That is, transfer of absolutely all incoming calls.

Forward all calls to Megafon

This means that any incoming call is redirected to the number you choose. The service is valid even ifswitched off phone - just change the old SIM card. This offer is free of charge for the company's clients. If you are within your home network, call forwarding is charged as outgoing calls at your rate.

forwarding to another megaphone number

Let's give a couple of useful numbers: "Setting forwarding (unconditional)" - 21phone numbercall. Service activation check: asterisk21call. It can also be cancelled. Cancel:21call.

Megaphone call forwarding

What is this? Unconditional forwarding to Megafon has a service code - No. 21. A combination of digits of the phone number is indicated in the international format. When redirecting to your new card (or another SIM), dial without spaces: +7 "network code" phone number. And forwarding to another Megafon number: +7922ххххххх.

Standard service can also be set or disabled. In this case, you need to call from your mobile (your own) to No. 0500. Or from the city to No. 507-7777.

There is one more command:(forwarding service code)(phone number)call. If you want to cancel some type of forwarding:(forwarding service code)call. To reject the offer completely:002call. You can see all the teams on the official Megafon website.

Forwarding SMS to another number inside MegaFon

forwarding sms to another number

To activate the service, dial a text message: fw 79ХХХХХХХХ – enter the number of the phone to which you want to set call forwarding, andsend it to +7 927 290 9090. You can disable the service at any time. To do this, send a message to +7 927 290 9090 indicating nofw.

This offer is paid. Its cost is 15 rubles, so make sure that the funds are in your account. As a rule, debiting occurs every first day of the month. The operator does not charge an additional fee for forwarded SMS, as they will be charged as incoming.

Call forwarding to MTS

When concluding an agreement, most often the service from MTS "Forwarding to another number" is already connected. But if suddenly this did not happen, you can activate it yourself.

First, with the help of "Internet Assistant". Secondly, through the "Mobile Assistant" system. Dial number 111 from your device and follow the instructions of the auto-informer. There is one more option. With the help of "SMS-assistant". Send from your mobile to number 111 SMS with the text 2111.

mts forwarding to another number

Here are some useful commands to forward all calls. Connection: 21 phone numbercall. The forwarding number is dialed in the international format. For example: 21+79120000000call. Cancel:21call.

You can set or cancel call forwarding through the phone menu. If the services “MTS Territory” (or similar “Exclusive Network”) are activated on your old SIM card, then the cost of the offer will be equal to zero.

How to redirect to another number in Beeline?

The service allowsredirect all incoming calls to any of the numbers: landline, mobile, long distance or international. The cost of one forwarded call is 3.50 rubles. But you will be able to see who is calling you.

Here are some useful commands.

You can always connect call forwarding on the site or from a mobile phone: 110031call.

You can set up the service through the phone menu or using commands.

Connect forwarding all calls:21phone numbercall. For example:21+79090000000call. Cancel:21. Then select the "call" button.

Forwarding SMS to MTS and Beeline to numbers of other networks

In MTS, forwarding to another number of someone else's network is provided throughout Russia. In "Beeline" - only in Moscow and the regions. And in Megafon - only Moscow. The service is offered by the Sky Link operator. How to forward to another SMS number?

Enable/disable redirection in several ways:

  • By sending SMS from your phone to short number 50531 indicating: "eight" "area code" "subscriber number" "eight" "operator code" "subscriber number". To cancel, send a message to number 50530 with the text 530.
  • From your device, dial: 53 subscriber number in the format "eight" "area code" "subscriber number" "eight" "operator code" "subscriber number". To cancel: 530


How to forward to another number while in roaming? Unfortunately, this service is not available at the moment. If you set duplication - redirect offerSMS will turn off by itself.

The recipient of forwarded messages will always see from which phone it was forwarded. All information on the cost can be clarified with your telecom operator.

Forward calls and SMS to Tele-2

This company has its own classification of forwarding types.

how to make call forwarding on phone

1. All incoming calls are forwarded unconditionally.

2. If there is no answer (the subscriber does not pick up the phone).

3. The subscriber is unavailable (if the phone is switched off / is not in the network service area).

4. If the subscriber is currently talking.

It is possible to set no more than 2 types of forwarding. As part of the contract, the service is free, it is already connected automatically, and outgoing calls are charged depending on the rates.

Several useful combinations.

To set call forwarding (all calls) to another mobile device:21+ "cellular operator code" phone numberand "call". Cancel:21"call".

If you do not answer an incoming call, it will immediately go.

To set this type of forwarding to another number: 61 + "country code" "cellular operator code" "subscriber"XX"call", where XX is the time. Cancel:61call.

If the phone is not available, then all incoming calls are forwarded to another device. Redirection in case of disconnection of the phone: 62 + "country code" "code of the mobile operator" "subscriber""call". Cancel:62 "call".

All previously set forwarding can be canceled:002call.

Forwarding SMS messages to Tele-2

To activate the service, dial: 222 1Number for forwarding (starting from 8…)call. This offer can be connected to any of the numbers of absolutely all Russian operators throughout the country. The service does not work when set to a short number. Cancel: 2220call.

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