Setting up MTS Internet on Android manually and automatically

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Setting up MTS Internet on Android manually and automatically
Setting up MTS Internet on Android manually and automatically

Within the framework of this article, setting up the MTS Internet on Android is described step by step. In most cases, this procedure occurs automatically when you turn on the device for the first time. The main benefit of this is minimal user impact. But sometimes things go wrong. In this case, you need to do everything manually. This is a little more difficult, but still everyone can cope with this task, regardless of their level of preparation.

Setting up MTS Internet on Android


This setup of the MTS Internet on Android is the easiest. We install a SIM card in a smartphone or tablet and turn it on. After downloading, if necessary, enter the PIN code. After the final initialization of the new device, the operator software will start searching for the necessary parameters in its databases. When the necessary information is found, it will be sent over the network to the gadget. It will be enough for the subscriber to accept and save. After that, you can start checking the performance of thisservices.


It is not always possible to automatically configure the MTS Internet on Android. For example, the device is not certified for use on the territory of our country, or it is a completely new device, and the operator did not have time to enter the necessary data into its database. In this case, manual setting of parameters is simply indispensable. The order of its implementation is as follows:

  • Go to the address: "Applications \ Network Settings".
  • Here we find the item "Mobile networks" and select "Access Point".
  • Creating a "New APN".
  • In the name field, enter the operator's abbreviation - "MTS".
  • APN must be "".
  • Set the login and password in "mts".
  • Call the menu and save the changes.

Internet setup on your phone or tablet will finish after a reboot is done. It is not always offered to the subscriber to do this, but, as practice shows, it is better to do it anyway. To do this, simply turn off the device and then turn it on.

Setting up the Internet on the phone


The MTS mobile Internet settings are checked as follows. Enable data sharing. To do this, we call the drop-down menu from above and in it we click on the “Data Transfer” button (a rectangle is drawn on it with two arrows that are directed in different directions). Then you need to wait until the network services start and the IP address is obtained (the button should change its color). We launch any of the browsers (for example, Opera).Then the site address is entered ( or and enter is pressed. After that, the page from the Internet should load.

MTS mobile internet settings


Setting up MTS Internet on Android can be done in two ways: automatic and manual. The first of them takes place with minimal user participation, but it is not always feasible. In this case, everything is done by manually setting the settings. In the end, you need to make sure that the result is achieved. Do not forget that the account must have the required amount of funds. Otherwise, the service will not be activated. There is nothing difficult in this. Everyone can cope with this task. It is enough just to perform the previously described algorithm step by step, and everything should definitely work out.

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