A simple and understandable procedure for setting up the Megafon Internet


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A simple and understandable procedure for setting up the Megafon Internet
A simple and understandable procedure for setting up the Megafon Internet

The article brought to your attention describes step by step the procedure for setting up Megafon Internet on any mobile phone or smartphone. By following everything step by step, you can easily set up any mobile gadget.

megaphone internet settings

Service activation

First you need to activate the possibility of data transfer. This can be done in one of the following two ways: by calling the operator or by visiting the regional site of this mobile connection. In the first case, we call the toll-free number of the Megafon service center 0500. Then, following the instructions of the autoinformer, you need to connect with the operator. After that, we ask him to activate the possibility of data transmission for a specific number. In some cases, the operator may require you to provide passport data (documents are best prepared in advance) or provide a secret word. After successful completion of this procedure, a corresponding short text message should be received. In the second case, you need a computer or laptop. There must also be a separate connection to the global web. To begin with, we send a short message to 0351 with the text internet (the letter case format does not play a role in this case). In response, within fiveminutes, you should receive a password to access the "Personal Account" system. Then you need to launch the browser. Using a search engine (for example, Rambler or Yandex), we find the local website of the Megafon operator and go to it. Then we go to the “Personal Account” (in the login field we enter the phone number in the international format, and the password was received earlier in the message) and activate this service in the corresponding section of the system. Next, you need to wait for the message. Which of these two options to choose depends on the capabilities and preferences of the subscriber. The easiest way is to use only the phone: no additional equipment is needed (laptop or personal computer) and there is no need to separately connect it to the global web. This completes the pre-configuration. Internet "MegaFon" now provides a data transfer service for your phone number. Next, you need to properly configure your mobile device.

megaphone internet settings

Auto Settings

When you turn on any mobile device for the first time and register it in the mobile operator's network, the search for possible automatic settings begins. As soon as they are found, they are sent to a mobile phone or smartphone. In the future, after the Megafon Internet settings are accepted, they must be saved and set by default. After that, it is recommended to perform a full reboot of the device. That is, turn it off by pressing the appropriate button and then turn it on. For smartphones, you also need to activate the data transfer mode in the settings. Thenyou can proceed immediately to the testing operation, which will be described later.

megaphone internet settings


After the automatic Internet settings "MegaFon" are accepted and activated, turn on the data transfer in the menu. We launch any of the browsers installed on the gadget. Then in its address bar we enter the site mail.ru, for example. If everything is done correctly, then the requested page will open almost immediately. Do not forget that this service is paid, and in the absence of funds on your mobile account, it is automatically disabled. Therefore, it is recommended to replenish it in advance in order to avoid possible troubles associated with this. If the automatic settings are accepted and saved, the account balance is positive, and the site does not open in the browser, then proceed to the next step.

Call operator

Another way to get automatic settings is to call the operator. To do this, we dial the same number 0500. Following the instructions of the autoinformer, we connect with the call center operator. Then we ask him to send to our phone number the settings for connecting to the Internet. This may require passport data or a secret word. Also, do not forget to indicate the model of the mobile phone or smartphone. After that, the operator will send them to you, and within five minutes they will have to come. Then it is enough to save them and set them by default. Then it is recommended to perform a full reboot of the device in the previously given method. The next step is to start testing.was described in the previous section. If the mail.ru site has opened, then everything is ready. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

internet megaphone setup

Mobile operator website

Another possible way to obtain the necessary parameters for accessing the global web is the regional website of a mobile operator. To do this, according to the previously described method, we go to it. Then we open the "Personal Account". In it you need to find the "Network settings" section. Next, specify the phone model here and send the necessary parameters. After the manipulations, you need to restart your mobile phone or smartphone. Next, turn on the ability to transfer data in the "Settings" menu (only for smartphones). At the final stage, we test the Internet according to the previously given method.

setting up megaphone internet

Manual input of parameters

If none of the above methods worked, then the Megaphone is manually configured. The Internet must then appear. The required values ​​are shown in Table 1. You need to enter them for smartphones at the following address: "Menu" / "Settings" / "Networks" (for those who do not know - you can turn on data transfer in the same menu item) / "Mobile networks »/apn. In this section, we create a connection and enter the parameter values ​​from Table 1. Leave the rest of the items unchanged. For a mobile phone, go to the following path "Menu" / "Settings" / "Configuration" / "Preferred access point". Similarly, we create a new APN and configure it inaccording to table 1. Next, we do a full reboot of the device and test it according to the previously described method.

Table 1. Main setting values


Parameter name



Connection name

Only Latin letters and numbers are used at the discretion of the user.


Start Page

Only Latin letters and numbers are used at the discretion of the user.













Username and password

Remaining blank


Within the framework of this article, the Megafon Internet setup algorithm was described step by step. By doing it, you can easily set up a connection to the global web on any mobile phone or smartphone. There is nothing complicated in the above manipulations, and every subscriber can cope with such a task, regardless of their level of training. So let's go ahead and do it. Moreover, imaginethe life of a modern person without the Internet is simply impossible.

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