How to turn off airplane mode: a description of the most effective methods

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How to turn off airplane mode: a description of the most effective methods
How to turn off airplane mode: a description of the most effective methods

Very often, phone owners are faced with such a problem as turning off the airplane mode. It would seem that this could be difficult, because somehow a person turned on this mode? But not everything is so simple. Sometimes it happens that this mode is activated on its own or by accident, it can also be turned on by a child by negligence - anything can happen. So, to help those who are faced with such a problem, today we will tell you about several simple and effective ways to turn off airplane mode.

The easiest way

turn off mode

First, it is also the easiest way to turn off flight mode - use the icon in the status bar or the so-called curtain. Surely everyone saw it when they lowered the curtain to look at notifications or turn on Wi-Fi, for example. The flight mode icon looks standard on all phones - this is an image of an airplane. To disable the mode, you just need to click on this icon.

Phone settings

fly disable flight mode

The second way to turn off the flight mode (fly mode) is to use the phone settings. Unfortunately, not all devices can disable the "flight" through the status bar, because there may simply not be a special "button". But do not despair, because in this case the settings will help. So here's what to do:

  1. First you need to go to your phone settings.
  2. Next you need to find the section that relates to networks and connections. It usually comes first in the list of all parameters.
  3. Now you need to click on the "More" button, which is located in this section.
  4. In the submenu that opens, there will be just the necessary switch to turn off the flight mode. It's simple!

Shutdown menu

The third way to turn off fly mode is to use the special shutdown menu. This is also a fairly simple, fast and effective method that will allow you to turn off this (flight) mode in just a few seconds.

how to turn off airplane mode

All you have to do is hold down the power button for a few seconds. A small menu should appear on the screen with several items, one of which is responsible for turning on and off the flight mode. All you need to do is click on the appropriate item.

Important: on some phone models, especially on Chinese devices, such as Meizu, this menu may not be available, and everything thatwill be displayed on the screen when you hold down the power button, two items: power on and reboot. So that's something to consider too.

Special application

And the last way to turn off airplane mode on your phone is to use special applications and utilities. Yes, no matter how strange it may sound, but even for such a trifle as flight mode, there are special small programs with widgets for the desktop, through which, in fact, this mode is controlled.

how to turn off airplane mode on your phone

Several interesting applications can be noted:

  1. Airplane On/Off Widget is a small desktop widget application that creates a small switch on the screen. With this switch, you can control the flight mode in one click.
  2. Another similar application to the first one is Airplane Mode Widget. The principle of operation here is the same as above. A small widget with a switch is created on the screen, through which the flight mode is controlled.
  3. Multi Switcher is also an extremely simple application through which you can create any switch widget on your desktop, including flight mode control.

You can download all the above programs absolutely free in the app store.

What to do if you can't disable fly mode

Sometimes, many users encounter such a problem that none of the above methods work, and it is impossible to turn off the "flight". This happens due toa software failure in the operation of the operating system, and there is no way to prevent this. In general, these are all the consequences of poorly optimized OS operation, as well as making certain changes to it.

turn off airplane mode

There is only one way to deal with this problem - resetting all phone settings to the factory state. This is done through the device settings. You need to find a menu item called "Memory and backups" (it may be called differently on different devices). In it, almost at the very bottom there will be an item "Reset to factory settings".

Actually, this is the only chance to get rid of the problem when you can not turn off the airplane mode.

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