TV LG 49UJ634V: owner reviews, specifications and features


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TV LG 49UJ634V: owner reviews, specifications and features
TV LG 49UJ634V: owner reviews, specifications and features

The LG 49UJ634V model boasts an excellent combination of basic parameters and technical characteristics. Reviews about it, the cost and the setup algorithm will be discussed in detail within the framework of this material.

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Reviews on the LG 49UJ634V TV indicate that they belong to premium devices. Its diagonal is 49”, and the image quality corresponds to the 4K format. The developers also equipped the multimedia center with an impressive set of connection interfaces, which does not have any drawbacks.

The software base is the advanced operating system of this manufacturer Web OS rev. 3.5. Of course, the modern SMART TV function is fully implemented on the TV. The result is a full-fledged leisure and entertainment center of a truly premium level with maximum opportunities and without any restrictions.


There are no shortcomings in the configuration of the LG 49UJ634V TV. Reviews indicate that the package includes all components, the presence of whichallows you to set up and use the device. The delivery list in this case includes the following:

  1. TV.

  2. Power cable.

  3. User's manual, which also contains the original warranty card.

  4. Stand with which the multimedia center can be installed and fixed on any horizontal surface.

  5. Remote control with a set of batteries.

The only drawback of the package is the lack of mounting on the wall (or any other vertical surface). But, as a rule, manufacturers do not include it in the basic supply list. Mounting brackets for vertical surfaces are sold separately by customers. So it's not unusual for LG not to include it.

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Image Options

The LG 49UJ634V LED TV boasts a really high quality of the displayed picture. Reviews speak of saturated colors and the absence of any distortion in the image. The screen diagonal, as previously noted, is 49”, and the resolution is 3840 x 2160. That is, the image format complies with 4K specifications.

The type of matrix that underlies the screen is IPS. It is its presence that provides the highest possible picture quality at the moment. The frame refresh rate is 1600 MHz, and the viewing angles are 1780. Separately, it should be noted that the screen surface is matte.


The speaker system of this multimedia center is called Ultra Surround. It includes two speakers. The power of each of them is 10 watts. And in total, this allows you to get 20 watts. Also at the software level, features such as Clear Voice III and Magic Sound are implemented. The first of them improves the quality of the reproduced human voice, and the second - the soundtrack as a whole. If necessary, you can use a separate speaker system. This solution has all the necessary communication connectors for this.

TV led lg 49uj634v reviews

Program shell

This LG 49UJ634V TV is equipped with Web OS version 3.5. Owner reviews point to a well thought out and organized interface. The menu is intuitive and does not cause any complaints. As for third-party mini-applications, it can be noted that there are no problems with them. This software platform is up-to-date, and components for it are constantly updated.


The TV device under consideration has a balanced set of communication connectors. It has all the possible connection methods that the owner of such a multimedia center may need during operation. The list of connectors and ports includes the following:

  1. One 3.5mm mini jack that allows you to output audio to an external speaker subsystem.

  2. Two universal USBports that can be used to connect various hard drives or flash drives with multimedia content to the multimedia center.

  3. One component input. This port allows you to output a signal from outdated modifications of satellite receivers.

  4. One composite port for switching with legacy satellite tuners.

  5. Three HDMI connectors for connecting external multimedia devices.

  6. One antenna input to receive TV signal.

  7. To exchange information with a computer network, this device provides two possible switching methods: wireless Wi-Fi and wired RJ-45.

  8. The TV is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless transmitter to output sound to a wireless headset.

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Setting order

The algorithm for connecting and configuring the software shell is described in detail in the user manual for the LED LG 49UJ634V (49") multimedia center. Reviews of experts indicate that it is very simple and easy to perform. The sequence of actions in this case is as follows:

  1. Assembly and installation of the multimedia center. When installing on a horizontal surface, use the support from the kit. If you need to hang the TV on the wall, then we get an additional mount. Already with its help you need to attach the device to a vertical surface.

  2. We bring communications. First, using a power cable, we connect the power supply to the multimedia center. Then we connect a signal cable with a television signal to the antenna input. If necessary, we bring a twisted pair to the TV and with its help we perform switching to the computer network.

  3. Turn on the multimedia center. We use the remote control to enter the settings menu and select the “Channels” section. Select the automatic search option. Then we set the input signal format and wait for the end of this operation. After its completion, you must save the received list of television channels.

  4. Next, you need to set up a network connection. To do this, return to the settings menu and select the "Network" item. In it, we set the type of connection (Wi-Fi or RJ-45), as well as its parameters (password, login, address if necessary).

  5. The next step is to go to the main menu and go to the LG Store app store. From it we install all the necessary mini-applications. The TV is then ready to use.

tv lg 49uj634v owner reviews


For 45,000 rubles you can buy a TV LG 49UJ634V. According to reviews, the price and specifications are fully consistent with each other. Let the cost be quite high, but this multimedia center is really a premium level. Therefore, the price for it is simply not low by definition. Additionally, it should be noted the high degree of its universality and modern softwareplatform. Therefore, such a large price tag is more than justified.


During the operation, no shortcomings were found in LG 49UJ634V. Reviews indicate even their complete absence. The advantages of technology include the following:

  1. Great shell.

  2. Simple and intuitive interface.

  3. Big screen with high quality picture.

  4. Perfect communication set.

  5. Easy setup procedure.

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Really, the LG 49UJ634V TV boasts an ideal ratio of price, parameters and quality. Reviews at the same time focus on the fact that he simply has no minuses. But there are a lot of strengths. The latter fact makes this model a truly one-stop center for leisure and entertainment.

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