Reciprocating saw - a new handy power tool


Reciprocating saw - a new handy power tool
Reciprocating saw - a new handy power tool

Reciprocating saw is used in various installation and repair work. It is used by finishers, locksmiths, roofers and even rescue and road maintenance workers. The device looks like a drill, only a saw blade is extended instead of a drill.

reciprocating saw

The cutting blade can be 100 to 350 mm long. When sawing various materials, the correct selection of the profile of the saw teeth plays a very important role. Work with such a device is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Year by year the reciprocating saw becomes more and more popular, reviews about working with it are the best. Users really like it. The bed-mounted reciprocating saw is in great demand among professionals, as it has a low vibration level, a convenient blade changer, and an aesthetic design. Saw replacement is easy, without the use of additional tools, and a new saw is just as easy to install. The device of the retractable sole of the tool has several fixed positions, allowing you to use the saw blade not completely, but to gradually turn on all its new sections as the working teeth become dull.

Easy to use and expandablefunctions through the use of various attachments, this saw is suitable for a variety of jobs, whether it is cable laying, metal cutting, installation of suspended ceilings, renovation of premises and much more.

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Jig saw principle

In its work and device, a reciprocating saw resembles a jigsaw. The cutting blade moves straight forward and backward. In the reverse movement, it is automatically retracted from the cutting point, which allows the tool not to heat up excessively, and also helps to remove sawdust from the cutting area. There is no need to press on the tool during operation, so the master does not get tired. Blade speed can be adjusted according to the material to be cut.

A plate with options for materials and their corresponding speeds is attached to the tool body. When working with a reciprocating saw, it is very convenient to use guides, since the cutting speed is high, and you can easily get away from the marking line. For reciprocating saws, a large number of tools are sold, you just need to choose the one you need. For high-speed cutting of material, it is better to choose files with a large tooth, for precise sawing at low speeds - with a fine one.

Use tool

Reciprocating saw is very good in repair and construction work for metal cutting. It can work in the most inconvenient places and from any position. It is especially necessary when you need to saw a board with nails or some piece of metal, it is very good to cut plastic with it. The engine of the tool is usually quite powerful. Includedchain clamp included. The gearbox is protected from dust and dirt. The pendulum bearings will not allow to spoil the cut and provide the saw with a long service life. The drive is also protected from dust, dirt and sawdust.

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Standalone tool

The cordless reciprocating saw, as a result of its autonomy, is very useful where it is impossible to connect to the electric line, for example, when working on the roof for roofers, rescuers of the Ministry of Emergencies, carpenters and repairmen in the field and, of course, at home, in garden plots in the country. Such a saw will allow you to process, in addition to wood, plastic, sheet iron, composite materials, drywall, pipes and much more. This makes this device literally an indispensable tool.

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