Financial robot Easy Money: reviews. Old scam on new site

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Financial robot Easy Money: reviews. Old scam on new site
Financial robot Easy Money: reviews. Old scam on new site

Earning "on the machine" Not everyone believes in this way of enrichment, but not everyone can boast that, having read such a call, they could pass by.

Easy money with Easy Money v.2.5

A universal way of earning, not available to everyone - this is how the creators of the electronic financial assistant advertise their product. The lucky ones who get access to this system are promised easy and fast profits.

What is a financial robot? The system for quick money, according to its creators, is designed to make a profit by performing intermediary services in the field of finance, and all financial transactions are made by a robot.

Using the program is quite easy: you need to install it on your computer or any electronic device (do not forget to specify the number of your electronic wallet or bank card in the settings) and start earning.

The financial robot is ideal for people who are looking for the opportunity to combine their main job with additional income, as well as those who are forced to spend most of their time at home.

The robot will do all the work itself!The co-owner of the program will only have to transfer earnings to his virtual wallet.

Features of earnings

easy money reviews

The only inconvenience that a financial assistant can bring to its new co-owners is the impossibility of endless profit. The robot can be launched once every 24 hours.

Receiving the first accruals, according to the promises made public by the owners of one of the partner sites, will not be long in coming. Money is credited instantly, and thanks to the full automation of the management system, this type of income becomes available even for a child or a pensioner.

Easy Money features: reviews - 2016

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Users of the World Wide Web, who installed the application on their electronic devices, note that with the help of this program only meager earnings are possible. The money earned can only be enough to replenish a mobile phone account, and this is far from all the inconvenience. To transfer earnings to a mobile phone (withdrawal to a bank card is not provided), you need to be patient. For viewing one video ad, the system pays 10 coins, while the minimum amount available for withdrawal is 1000 coins (1 dollar).

The only advantage of this method of creating additional income, users who have installed the Easy Money application on their computers, smartphones and other electronic devices (reviews on the effectiveness of the latter are collected in this article), consider it unobtrusive, and in most cases veryfunny content of the video content being viewed.

Money from downloading apps

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Some global network users who have installed the Easy Money app (the reviews in this and the next paragraph were left on thematic electronic pages in 2016) report that they earn money by downloading various websites to their computers, smartphones and tablets. -applications. This type of income generation pays more generously than watching video ads.

The only disadvantage of this method is the bulkiness of installed applications. Therefore, according to freelancers, this type of remote earnings takes too much time and requires additional memory on electronic devices.

Reviews about the site left in 2017

easy money v 2 5

Reviews of cooperation with the Easy Money website, left on one of the thematic sites in 2017, are full of hope for earning money (which, for some reason, cannot be withdrawn from the system) and complaints about the site administration.

The "Old Scam" (this is what most users of the World Wide Web call the Easy Money website) suddenly disappeared, taking someone else's earnings, only to reappear after some time - under a new sign and on a new website.

As you can see from the comments, the missing content worked as an investment project. If earlier all payments under investment plans were made automatically, now, deceived investors are outraged, money is not paid,and the administrators of the site where the easy-money service has settled do not get in touch.

Among the comments left in January of this year, there is one whose author reports that he managed not only to return his contribution, but also punished the administrator of the “disappeared” service. True, he managed to do this only with the active assistance of law enforcement agencies.

This is, perhaps, an isolated case that ended in a happy ending: a dishonest administrator was found and, having sold his property, returned the invested funds to the depositors. The person who left this major comment calls on users who have been deceived by the Easy Money service to take action, claiming that reviews are empty talk. To return the stolen money, you need to be active.

As for the rookies: the rookies are terrified! Most of them registered on the fraudulent site, being impressed by the screenshots of the payouts, exposed in one of the VKontakte groups. Their comments are full of hope: by making small deposits, these people received the promised interest in full.

But, as it turned out, everyone gets the first payout here. The first payout is a kind of "bait" that makes the hearts of gullible netizens beat faster… In anticipation of the next financial "miracle", they are ready to invest a much larger amount than the one that has already returned to them with a vengeance, but the miracle does not happen…

"Business mailing" from a non-existent postal address and other "miracles"

old scam

In July of this year, information about mailing lists Easy-Money.Ltd, carried out from a non-existent mail, allegedly owned by Alfa-Bank. The sender recommends using the Easy-Money service to earn 30,000 rubles a day.

About the site, which now hosts the Easy-Money service, the reviews do not arouse suspicion, and the summer heat does not interfere with earnings (the last comments were left this summer).

Work is in full swing: reviews of the site are enthusiastic, newly registered investors vied with each other to communicate with support service managers, not forgetting to praise "our" robot, which is in no way inferior to "theirs" - overseas, which has long been taking care of the passive income of its owners. Are we any worse?!

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