What is LTE in a smartphone, what is this system for

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What is LTE in a smartphone, what is this system for
What is LTE in a smartphone, what is this system for

The mobile communication market is actively developing, every day more and more services and applications are offered to users, designed to make life as easy as possible for a subscriber of cellular networks. It's no secret that many wireless consumers regularly use the resources of the Global Network on their gadgets. Virtually every smartphone released today is LTE-enabled, a must-have for today's information age.

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A Brief History of Mobile Internet

So, the Internet has become an integral part of any modern smartphone. It helps to check mail, chat on social networks, and just get the necessary information in a short time. Previously, the phone was rarely used as a network access point. This was due to many reasons: the quality of the connection left much to be desired, the speed of the Internet made me pretty nervous, in addition, the price played an important role. Traffic on mobile devices was originally quite expensive for the average user of this type of communication. However, nothing stands still. The largest mobile network operators and manufacturersgadgets quickly realized the benefits of introducing and reducing the cost of technologically advanced methods of Internet connection for users of mobile devices.

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Fourth generation networks

What is LTE in a smartphone? Let's take a brief excursion into the history of the development of network technologies. So, everyone remembers GPRS quite well. This technology for connecting to the World Wide Web required remarkable endurance and was fabulously expensive, so it was not popular. It is being replaced by a new technology called "third generation mobile services", or 3G. This technical achievement began to be introduced in the 2000s. Its distinguishing feature is a dual-rank connection, which allows you to increase the data transfer rate up to 3.5 Mbps. This means the ability to watch movies, videos and other traffic-heavy files on your smartphone. In addition, the quality of communication has improved, and in networks of this generation, a rapid transition from a voice call to the continued use of Internet surfing is possible. But they were replaced by more developed networks - the fourth generation, or 4G. This latest technology allows you to access the World Wide Web at speeds up to 100 Mbps - that's what LTE is in a smartphone.

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How LTE works

And now let's try to deal with the latest generation networks, their support and the possibility of using them in various situations. Each generation of communication changes over a period of ten years, and to themnew, increased requirements. What is LTE in a new generation smartphone? This is an opportunity for comfortable use of voice and video communications and, importantly, high-speed Internet access. Ceteris paribus, the clear advantages are indisputable: fast downloading of information, large file sharing, a clear picture when viewing online. All this is provided by multi-rank connection and packet data transfer. However, new generation networks have a limited coverage area. At the moment, these are megacities, large cities and some capitals of the regions of the Russian Federation. All new generation gadgets support LTE, but their price is quite high. Chinese smartphones with LTE are in constant demand - as cheaper ones, but with similar specifications. Now you can imagine what LTE is in a smartphone and what this generation of communication is for.

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