HTC One X: specifications, reviews, prices, description

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HTC One X: specifications, reviews, prices, description
HTC One X: specifications, reviews, prices, description

In 2012, the NTS company introduced to the whole world a new line of smartphones of the One series. The company took into account all the shortcomings that were associated with Desire and Incredible, and flaunted three new smartphones. Among them was one flagship - HTC One X, the characteristics of which were designed to compete with the Galaxy S3 from Samsung, which, in principle, he did at a fairly high level. The phone, like the entire line of new smartphones, was recognized as one of the most successful models of 2012. In the wake of this success, the Taiwanese company tried to consolidate its success, so in subsequent years, more and more interesting models from HTC could be observed.

htc one x specs

Ergometric features of the smartphone

The review of this smartphone should begin with the fact that it "sits" very comfortably in the hand, and the sensations conveyed by the matte surface of the panel are very pleasant. It should be noted that the phone is monolithic, so when using it there will be no backlashes that were possible on other models of this company. In general, the company hasa very serious claim by releasing the HTC One X. The phone's external condition speaks volumes. Just use Gorilla Glass as the glass on the screen in order to avoid unwanted scratches!

If you look at the front of the phone, then at the top you can see a speaker for talking and a camera that can only be used offline as a mirror. At the bottom of the screen are 4 buttons: "Home", "Back" and "Task Manager". On the right side of the smartphone, you can find the volume control, and on the top - the power button of the smartphone, as well as holes for the SIM card and headphones. On the left side of the smartphone is a hole for USB devices. If you turn the smartphone over, you can find an 8 MP camera. The smartphone itself can be of two colors: black or white. If you choose the white option, then the camera border will be silver, if black, then red.

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Characterization of technology used in HTC One X

The characteristics of this phone are such that it is one of the first smartphones to use a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Another plus of this smartphone is its full-HD screen resolution. In addition, HTC One X boasts a gigabyte of RAM. Of course, this may not seem enough, but this phone loads quite "heavy" games quite simply. The only negative in the device can be calledonly a 1800 mAh battery, and then for the reason that it is non-removable and cannot be replaced with a more capacious one. Problems can also arise if the battery fails and needs to be replaced.

Operating and Software

HTC could have put Windows Phone as an operating system, as we know they have practiced using this operating system in the past. But today HTC One X is running "Android" 4.0 with the possibility of a subsequent upgrade to version 4.2. Very good is the HTC Sense program, which gives originality to the standard Android interface. As additional features that are new compared to previous phones, we can highlight the ability to unlock the phone only when your face matches the photo.

htc one x specifications

Camera and smartphone picture quality

The camera has always been the Achilles' heel of the Taiwanese company. And not to say that the quality of the smartphone’s pictures is bad, it’s just that the competitors have it better. The camera has 8 megapixels, as well as the ability to shoot high-definition video. In addition, the One series smartphones now have the ability to take photos in panoramic mode.

The detail of the pictures leaves much to be desired. And for some reason, the camera shoots better at night than during the day. Night photos are clearer, while daytime photos are blurry.

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Smartphone screen

The screen size of this smartphone is 4.7 inches. This is a fairly good and optimal size for smartphones. At the same time, the screen resolution is 1280 x 960, which allows you to watch and shoot videos in high definition. The screen display is designed with Super LCD technology. This technology allows you to view text from any angle and in any light. At the same time, there are no problems with the ability to read the book you are interested in using HTC One X. The technical characteristics of this smartphone allow you to do this.

Listening to audio and watching video

Listening to music with this smartphone is a pleasure. And you can do this with or without headphones. The company tries to work on these functions as it should. Surely a great merit in this belongs to their partnership with "Beats Audio". It is also worth noting that when you turn on the headphones and you will have the opportunity to turn on the Beats function, which will give a certain fullness to the sound. As for videos, movies can be watched on HTC One X 32gb. The characteristics of the phone allow this completely. But it is worth taking a charger with you, because after watching one or two films, the battery may be completely discharged.

htc one m7 description specifications and reviews

Reviews about this smartphone

Today, a lot of people around the world use the HTC One X smartphone. Features, customer reviews and expert opinions are almost identical. Many users are satisfied with their purchase,claiming that the smartphone justified absolutely every cent invested in its acquisition. It's hard to disagree with this. Experts say that you can buy both 32 GB and 16 GB HTC One X. The specifications of 16 GB are no different from those of a smartphone with 32 GB, but it costs less. Therefore, if the amount of internal memory in the phone is not so important to you, there is an option to buy a cheaper smartphone.

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HTC One X, specifications, price

Purchasing the flagship smartphone of 2012 from the Taiwanese manufacturer of high-tech phones HTC, you will receive a few additional items in the kit. Firstly, this is a branded box, the design of which has been updated. It has no pointed corners. Secondly, this is all the technical documentation that can help you if you have any questions about how to use your smartphone. Thirdly, this is a charger, which is better not to take it out of your pocket at all and always carry it with you, since the phone can be discharged very quickly. Fourthly, this is a USB adapter, which is designed to connect a smartphone to a computer in order to transfer any files or to set up an end-to-end connection. And, finally, fifthly, these are branded headphones from NTS. There is nothing special about them, so if you are a music lover, it is better to immediately buy yourself an additional higher-quality version of such a headset.

htc one x specs reviews

As for the prices for this smartphone, initially after the announcement itcost about $700. Gradually, it became cheaper, and by now this smartphone can be easily purchased for 350-400 US dollars.

Review results

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that this phone is a very interesting option and will be quite relevant even today. The advantages of the smartphone, which was developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer of high-tech smartphones NTS, include its amazing ergonomics, large screen and great sound. Moreover, the last plus is a merit not only of the company itself, but also of partners who, with each new line of smartphones, are trying to make the sound more and more rich and pleasing to the ear. The downsides of this smartphone are the battery and the camera. And the battery should be mentioned for two reasons. The first is that it is quickly discharged, and the second is that it cannot be changed without outside help. As for the camera, everything is ambiguous here.

In general, the smartphone is great, but if you want something newer, then you can take the HTC One M7. Description, specifications and reviews about this model indicate that this is a high-end smartphone.

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