Online store "Rumikom": reviews

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Online store "Rumikom": reviews
Online store "Rumikom": reviews

The Rumikom online store, reviews of which are presented in this article, has been operating on the domestic market since 2014. The company is mainly engaged in the fact that it promotes equipment and gadgets that go under the Xiaomi brand to the Russian market, as well as to the member countries of the Customs Union. Another important factor is the promotion of the idea of ​​a smart home, which is still unpopular in Russia. Employees of the online store regularly post reviews of new products, write articles and reviews comparing various gadget models, and release video instructions.

Company Features

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Striving to work promptly and efficiently at Rumikom. Reviews confirm this. The website of the online store regularly maintains a news blog dedicated to the new products of the Xiaomi brand. Users are among the first here to learn not only product descriptions with technical characteristics, but also current reviews and opinions about equipment that is just appearing on the market.

In the capital, "Rumikom" opened a showroom, planning to develop a retail network in the future. The branded showroom in Moscow has been operating since 2014. In it you can personally get acquainted with technical innovations. Trained sellers will tell you in detail about the features of the product,advice on how to make the best choice.

How to succeed?

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In reviews of the Rumikom online store, users note that the company successfully wins the race for quality from competitors. The well-coordinated work of all employees without exception allows you to actively promote the Xiaomi brand in the domestic market.

The company has two main goals - satisfied customers and only high-quality products. The company has five departments, which allow us to achieve good results. These are logistics, personnel, sales, marketing and IT departments.

Representatives of the online store

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Rumik operates in many cities. Reviews about the store can be found throughout Russia. Of course, the largest representative offices are open in Moscow. But there are also points of sale in St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Rostov-on-Don, Tyumen, Stavropol, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Volgograd. And also in several other cities of the country.

Moreover, both delivery of the order by courier and pickup are provided. Delivery to other settlements is carried out by Russian Post or by common transport companies.

Product range

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"Rumik" reviews are positive largely due to the rich assortment of Xiaomi brand equipment. Here you can always find flagship models, the latest innovations and the mostrunning and top gadgets.

There is a large selection of smartphones, tablets and laptops, headphones, speakers, chargers, various accessories, spare parts for Xiaomi equipment. As well as TVs, set-top boxes and even action cameras.

Xiaomi produces many devices and gadgets. Among them you can find fitness bracelets, routers, hoverboards, bicycles, electric scooters and even folding electric bikes.

In the online store "Rumikom", according to employees, they sell only high-quality goods. For example, for a smart home system. These are smart kettles, water quality testers, temperature and humidity sensors, car air purifiers, antibacterial filters, smoke detectors and smart home systems themselves that will make your life as comfortable as possible.

Payment for goods

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There are several ways to pay for the product of your choice. First, you can do it in cash. And only at the moment when it is already delivered to you, and not in advance, and you will make sure that you have brought exactly what you wanted, in the required configuration and without defects.

Secondly, you can pay by bank transfer. First of all, this method is suitable for legal entities. If necessary, you can receive an invoice for payment of the order.

Thirdly, this can be done in one of the branches of the Savings Bank of Russia, as well as in the Sberbank-online service. To do this, just select the method "Pay at Sberbank using a receipt", print the receipt that youreceive and give to the cashier.

You can also pay with any other bank cards. It is convenient to do this via the Internet. In this case, the payment will go through the most reliable processing of "Yandex.Money" according to a carefully protected protocol. Your payment will definitely be protected.


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The company "Rumikom" necessarily provides warranty. In reviews about this, customers note that there have never been any problems with the return or repair of defective products. So you can be sure that in case of technical troubles you will definitely be helped.

The warranty period for tablets and mobile phones is one year from the date of purchase. Warranty service is carried out only in a specialized technical center and only if you have a warranty card in your hands.

The buyer is given two weeks to test and detect a factory defect. If during this period you found a marriage, then you have every right to demand the replacement of the goods with a similar or different one, taking into account the difference in price. Or for a refund. At the same time, it is worth remembering that, according to the law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", it is necessary to decide on the choice of equipment before making a purchase. Products of proper quality, unfortunately, cannot be exchanged or returned.

For example, if after a week you realize that you do not like the color of the model or the set of functions, but the phone still works properly, exchange or returnyou can't.

This rule applies to almost all vehicles.

Customer Reviews

Reviews about the Rumikom store in Moscow are left by the majority of buyers who come here for help or advice. Many note that they are faced with the courtesy, courtesy and professionalism of sellers. You can always be advised which product is better to buy, what novelties from this model range are expected on the market in the near future.

Also, buyers are pleased that now you can order goods in Russia, and not in China, and then wait for delivery for several months. The goods from "Rumikom" will arrive much faster. In the reviews, customers paid attention to another plus. In the online store to which this article is dedicated, you do not buy a pig in a poke, as is often the case when you order from a private person abroad, but a proven gadget that is protected by a guarantee in accordance with Russian law.

Also, many are tempted by adequate prices, which can be found in the "Rumik" store. Especially when compared to other similar online stores. Another big plus is prompt delivery. Even when the order is placed before weekends or protracted holidays, the waiting time is no longer than stated. And most often the goods are brought even earlier.

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