"Affordable million". Feedback about the project

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"Affordable million". Feedback about the project
"Affordable million". Feedback about the project

The topic of additional earnings on the Internet today is especially relevant for older people and young professionals who do not have offline work experience.

Many of them, wanting to earn more, agree to do any job: they attract people to non-existent projects, leave deliberately false reviews … "Affordable Million" is one of those projects that are difficult to form an opinion about because of conflicting recommendations. This is what happens when someone tells the truth and someone…

Meanwhile, a growing number of users who have read false comments are reporting negative experiences they had to endure.

What the Affordable Million promises. Reviews about the system "Sigma"

The name of the project speaks for itself: with its help, anyone, regardless of age and education, will be able to significantly improve their financial situation by performing a number of simple operations.

People who call themselves curators attract users of the Global Network by offering them a million. Of course, the curators specify, the system does not give away millions just like that. They will have to be earned. Those who hear about the project for the first time are invited to visit a forum where they can communicate with those who are already earning money, andread reviews. "Affordable Million" is presented here as a solid project, by registering on which everyone can "rise".

The Sigma program is without a doubt a unique product. In any case, even users who are negatively disposed to such types of “earnings” and claim that trading binary options without proper training is a deliberately failed event.

I must say that even loyal-minded specialists devoted the most enthusiastic reviews to the Sigma program. "Affordable Million", unfortunately, did not receive such praise. If Sigma is called the fruit of the activity of a brilliant developer, then the Affordable Million system is a fraudulent site.

Meanwhile, the curators explain to the new recruits that "Sigma" is not for sale, but is provided to traders for free for work. But before a novice "trader" is allowed to work, the leadership of the "Affordable Million" must consider and approve his candidacy.

How to make a million

reviews about the program available million

After registering on the Affordable Million project, novice "traders" get access to the "Sigma PRO" program (some recruiters call this program "Sigma 20122"), designed to work with binary options.

"Cooperation" ends immediately after the newly minted "trader" transfers the required amount to the site. The money immediately disappears from the account, and the perplexed “binary traderoptions” report that no one is insured against losing.

What you should know about the Affordable Million program. Feedback from negative users

system available million reviews

The authors of this project offer users of the Global Network to open trading accounts in order to increase their deposits through an intermediary, the working title of which is "Affordable Million". The main activity of the project is binary options trading.

Users of the Global Network, who are the authors of negative reviews about the Affordable Million program, call the Sigma system a unique algorithm that has fallen into the hands of scammers. The activities of managers who invite inexperienced fellow citizens to the position of traders are called a cheating scheme by opponents of this type of income.

"Sigma": the opinion of experts

The Sigma program, according to the authors of the Affordable Million project, was developed by employees of the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Technology in 2012, and a certain Western bank acted as the customer.

Subsequently, the developers, led by a certain Nikolai Potanin, found an opportunity not to give the fruits of their labor into private hands, and today the genuine version of Sigma exists only on the Affordable Million website.

affordable million reviews of the sigma system

Skeptical experts checked this information and came to the conclusion that neither the research institute nor the development team atdoes not really exist, and the Affordable Million project is a fraudulent site.

How barkers work

reviews available million

People involved in the search for new candidates post information on the sites or forums they visit that reads something like this: binary options trading… What follows is something like this enthusiastic review: “Affordable Million” is a working project, thanks to which the invested amount has increased by one and a half (or even more) times in just two hours of work online.”

In the event that the first advertising post is left unanswered, following it on the same day, only a few hours later, another one is written - no less rosy, in which the happy owner of a well-paid remote job wants to share his joy with those who are not yet earning.

In a few words, the "barker" tells the standard story about the first doubts, about the days spent "digesting" auxiliary information and reading the reviews of those who believed in the possibility of easy money and did not lose.

The culmination of the story is either an impressive screenshot or a written revelation about how I weighed the pros and cons, re-read the reviews about the Affordable Million project left by other "employees", and then finally decided take a chance.

At the end of the post, the barker says that only a few minutes (or hours)ago he discovered that the coveted amount had been credited to his account.

Working with objections

project reviews affordable million

Anyone, even an experienced recruiter, has the right to make mistakes. Inaccuracies and inconsistencies (regarding, for example, the timing of the withdrawal of earned funds), which are often found in the posts of newcomers, quickly become the property of the "oppositionists".

If the objections of skeptics who doubt that the Affordable Million system (reviews about this project are rather contradictory) are really so good are backed up by undeniable arguments, one or more (depending on the situation) users appear on the forum - fans of the discussed method of earning. They tend to be more experienced and better prepared. Their goal is to use leading questions and express their assumptions to help the disgraced "colleague" get out of a difficult situation.

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