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Online store PartsDirect: reviews
Online store PartsDirect: reviews

PartsDirect is one of the largest stores in Runet selling spare parts for laptops, tablets, smartphones, personal computers, printers and other equipment. Also here are presented in a large assortment of parts for large and small household appliances, consumables, power tools.

PartsDirect store benefits

Reviews about the PartsDirect store are mostly positive. This is due to the fact that the company has many obvious pluses and advantages compared to other firms that are engaged in similar activities.

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One of the main factors is that the company positions itself as a store for service market professionals. That is why the maximum assortment is always presented in large quantities. More than 6 thousand items from the catalog are available daily. And delivery, most often, takes only a few hours. AtIf you wish, you can pick up the goods yourself, thus saving a small amount.

Service centers around the country and other service organizations work directly with the PartsDirect store. The reviews they leave confirm that this seller can be trusted. However, your purchase does not have to be wholesale. For the same money you can order any, even the smallest amount of parts and spare parts. So the company is also suitable for private clients.

Warranty period

With all the advantages of technology, it has one disadvantage. It breaks, no matter how good it was initially. And buying a quality part is much more profitable than buying a new laptop or smartphone. What exactly you need to restore the gadget, you will be prompted on the PartsDirect ru website. Numerous reviews serve as proof of the professionalism and competence of employees.

In addition, all products are provided with a long-term warranty from the online store. Throughout this period, the defective goods will be promptly replaced or all the money will be returned to you. Even "broken" pixels on monitor matrices are an example of a warranty case in the PartsDirect online store. According to customer reviews, they change such monitors without problems.

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Besides, you can be sure that if you find some product in the catalog on the store's website, then it is guaranteed to be in stock. You do not have to wait several weeks for it to be additionally ordered and brought from somewhere. Takethe purchase can be in a few hours.

Delivery of goods

If you live in a city that doesn't have a PartsDirect store, don't despair. Today, the company's employees organize delivery throughout Russia and even to neighboring countries.

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You can order it by Russian Post or use the services of various transport companies. For example, goods will arrive in Nizhny Novgorod in one day. In this case, the company undertakes to send your order no later than the next business day after the prepayment has been made. In practice, most often, this happens on the same day. Immediately after sending the goods, you will receive a track number by which you can track the status of departure and arrival in your city. Most of the customers who have encountered PartsDirect have had positive feedback.

If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can pick up your purchase yourself. In the capital, offices are open on Nakhimovsky Prospekt, Polezhaevskaya, Novokuznetskaya streets and the Mitinsky radio market. And in St. Petersburg, you can come for goods on Ligovsky Prospekt. Or order delivery by courier. In this case, you will have to wait until the end of the working day. This service will cost you 200 or 300 rubles.

Product range

You can find almost any part or component on the PartsDirect ru website. Reviews about the store confirm that there is the widest and most complete range of goods in this direction.

We list onlysome of the most common items that are in stock daily. Matrices and keyboards for laptops, microcircuits, boards and cameras for tablets, speakers, batteries and cables for smartphones, pickup and feed rollers for printers.

If your household appliances are broken, then here you will find pumps for coffee machines, shafts and seals for bread machines, panels and control boards for microwave ovens, grills for meat grinders, motors and filters for vacuum cleaners, compressors and motors for refrigerators, shock absorbers and drums for washing machines, burner covers and gas taps for stoves.

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There is also a large selection of hand tools - wire cutters, blades, soldering tools, lenses, microscopes and more.

Product packaging

PartsDirect boasts of quality packaging. This is very important for small and fragile products. Especially when transporting an order to another city.

online store partsdirect reviews

For example, in order to save a matrix for a laptop that is shipped thousands of kilometers, it is laid on both sides with hard cardboard, one on each side. Then it is wrapped in two layers of air-bubble film, it is she who will ensure the safety of the matrix, save from any external influences - even bumps and falls.

Fragile items are packed separately in a special hard carton box.

Any form of payment

It is convenient to pay for goods in PartsDirect stores. In reviews, customers often referattention to this benefit. Cash payment is accepted upon pickup at one of the stores in Moscow or St. Petersburg, or upon receipt of an order from a courier. At the same time, you will be provided with a cash receipt and a warranty card.

You can pay for your purchase with a card of absolutely any bank. Moreover, payment is accepted even in the retail chains of Euroset and Svyaznoy. You can transfer money to the seller using electronic money services. For example, "Yandex. Money". And also deposit funds through instant payment terminals - Eleksnet,, Mobile Element and others.

partsdirect employee reviews

Customer Reviews

About the PartsDirect online store, employee reviews are quite common. They note that the management and management are reverent in the implementation of each order. Care about the reputation of the company.

Customers themselves pay attention to the high efficiency of work. For example, if you choose a product personally in one of the stores. The number of employees is always sufficient, each of them can provide sensible advice.

It also notes a comfortable guarantee for all offered goods, a wide range of less popular parts and tools, fast delivery and reasonable prices. Unfortunately, there are also downsides. These include inconvenient and slow operation of the site, precedents when frankly defective or used goods were delivered, which increased the cost of delivery.

However, some customers claim that recentlystricter conditions for the return of goods under warranty. Now it takes too much time.

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