Online store of clothes and shoes "Krasotka-Market": customer reviews, assortment

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Online store of clothes and shoes "Krasotka-Market": customer reviews, assortment
Online store of clothes and shoes "Krasotka-Market": customer reviews, assortment

How can you dress in style and save money? You can become a member of groups of joint purchases. Unique opportunities are offered by the Krasotka Market store. Reviews about him can be heard mostly positive.

Terms of cooperation

"Krasotka Market" - online wholesale store. The minimum amount for which you can make a purchase here for the first time is 5000 rubles. Each subsequent order can be a little less - by 3000 rubles. You can order absolutely any product. It does not matter how many identical units will be in the order. Due to the fact that the store is very popular, the assortment is regularly updated. The management follows fashion trends and offers its customers the most relevant products.

beauty market reviews

How to become a client of the Beauty Market store? Reviews show that the first step is to register. The procedure takes only a few minutes. After entering the basic data, a confirmation of registration with a username and password is sent to the client's mail. Furtheryou can choose any product for the minimum amount, add it to the basket and place an order.

What does Beauty Market offer? Clothing and footwear made in Russia, Turkey, China, Kyrgyzstan, etc. will decorate the wardrobe of adults and children. Products are of high quality.


Where can I buy special clothes for medical staff, cafe and restaurant workers? The Krasotka Market store will come to the rescue again. Reviews show that high-quality products for every taste are presented here. These are stylish gowns for nurses, and maintenance suits. Happy prices. So, a stylish apron for a counter worker can be purchased for only 200-300 rubles. To place an order, the owner of the outlet will have to purchase about 15 of these products. This will result in significant savings. After all, the retail price for such goods usually exceeds 500 rubles.

Special clothing available in various sizes. These are miniature products, and original models for magnificent forms. Women can look stylish both at home and at work.

Clothes for home

At home, you want to feel comfortable. At the same time, no one is immune from unexpected visits. A dirty stretched bathrobe is not the best homewear for a stylish girl. "Krasotka Market" is an online store offering the best models of clothing for use on weekends. A wide range of tracksuits, pajamas and bathrobes is available. The average cost of a product is 500 rubles. For this price you can change clothes for the houseat least every month, and at the same time always remain stylish and well-groomed.

beauty market online store

Offers a really large assortment of tracksuits store "Krasotka Market". Reviews show that such products can be used not only at home, but also while walking in the park on a day off. Many options are great for outdoor recreation. All offered home clothes are made of high quality breathable materials. Allergic reaction excluded.

How to choose the size? The site has an informative size chart with which you can easily make a choice. In addition, the reviews show that the store's consultants promptly answer any questions. All you have to do is call the toll-free hotline.


Bras, panties, original sets, tights, socks, T-shirts, etc. are presented in a wide assortment. The average cost of one product from this category does not exceed 200 rubles. Offers "Krasotka Market" large sizes. These are comfortable tops and bras with quality 95D support. Products are made from high quality hypoallergenic materials. If desired, a potential buyer can request a quality certificate.

T-shirts and T-shirts deserve special attention. These are products that are suitable for operation in both winter and summer periods. Models with an interesting print are presented. Both older women and young girls will be able to choose the option to their liking. Inexpensive Optionsworth up to 200 rubles, many people buy for warming in the winter. These T-shirts and T-shirts can be worn under a sweater, and they will not be noticeable. In summer, models with openwork elements are more in demand. The cost of such models starts from 400 rubles.


Is it possible to imagine a woman without a stylish dress? In this category, the Krasotka Market store also boasts a wide range of products. Reviews show that any representative of the weaker sex can pick up a model to taste. The most demanded today are products in the floor. Such dresses are especially relevant in the summer. Products are made of lightweight materials that easily pass air. In such a dress it will not be hot even in the hottest summer. In addition, products in the floor help to hide figure flaws.

beauty market clothes

For slender girls, a wide range of short dresses and sundresses is offered. These are bright models for young beauties and women of Balzac age. Those who are going to an important celebration should also look into the Beauty Market store. Reviews show that for only 500-700 rubles here you can buy a really elegant product that will look original on the figure.


It can be difficult to look stylish in the cold season. It will be possible to solve the problem if you look into the Beauty Market store. In real time, you will be able to purchase a high-quality down jacket, jacket or coat. The store management pays great attention to youthassortment. Here you can easily find a bright jacket with an original print, which can be successfully combined with both jeans and dress pants.

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The store also stocks stylish faux leather and suede items. So, the original leather jacket, which is suitable for walking in a cool spring, can be purchased for only 1000 rubles. At the same time, the product is quite difficult to distinguish from natural.

Cashmere coats, which are at the peak of popularity today, are presented in a wide range. Products are presented in various sizes. Therefore, both lush and petite young ladies will be able to dress stylishly.


It often happens that a girl is dressed in an original outfit, but the image seems incomplete. Bright accessories will come to the rescue, which can also be purchased at the Krasotka Market store. Bags, glasses, belts - all this is presented in a wide range. Such accessories are not only a beautiful addition to the image. They are also distinguished by increased functionality. So, a small handbag with a long handle can hold a wallet, mobile phone and cosmetics. You can buy such an accessory for only 300-500 rubles.

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A wide range of key holders, umbrellas, business card holders, cases for smartphones, clutches, cosmetic bags and wallets. A girl can choose all accessories in one color.

Products for men and children

What else does the Beauty Market offer? Children's clothing, as well as goodsfor the stronger sex are also presented here in a wide range. Thus, for a minimum amount (3,000 or 5,000 rubles), it will be possible to provide the whole family with high-quality clothes. Denim clothing for men, presented in the online store, is very popular. So, stylish trousers for 500 rubles in a regular outlet, most likely, will not be able to be purchased. Here, for such a price, original jeans made of high-quality material are presented.

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Krasotka Market is famous for its huge assortment of goods for children. Original sweatshirts, turtlenecks, vests, tracksuits, dresses and trousers - all this can be purchased in one place. Babies are growing very fast. Therefore, the issue of prices for children's clothing for many parents is particularly relevant. For 3000 rubles it will be possible to create the entire seasonal wardrobe for a child. The purchased items will be beautiful in appearance and good quality.


"Krasotka Market" offers stylish boots, shoes, slippers, sandals for women, men and children. Products made from natural and artificial materials are presented. Popular footwear for the home, represented by various models of women's slippers. But the original models for men are especially relevant lately.

beauty market baby clothes

For those who want to earn money, the store offers to buy shoes in sizes. So, a box of 8 pairs of moccasins will cost only 1344 rubles (168 rubles per pair).

Additionally on saleinsoles and laces included.

Reviews about the store "Krasotka Market"

About the point of sale on the Web, for the most part, you can find positive statements. The management easily makes contact with potential customers, offers various options for cooperation. The minimum order amount is also pleasing - only 3,000 rubles when you re-apply. If you believe the reviews, the shipment of the goods is carried out within two working days after the registration and full payment of the order. Delivery to any point in Russia is carried out by any convenient transport company, including state mail. However, the latter option is less acceptable to most buyers.

Pleased with a fairly large assortment of goods. You can find everything in the shop. At the same time, many manage to save money. Regular customers may be offered a discount coupon. "Krasotka Market" appreciates regular customers and does not want to interrupt cooperation with them.

Negative reviews about the store, unfortunately, also occur. Most items are purchased without trying on. It is impossible to predict how the product will sit on the figure. Therefore, people with non-standard parameters are still better off buying things in a real store with fitting rooms.

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