If you do not turn off the iron, what will happen, what are the consequences?


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If you do not turn off the iron, what will happen, what are the consequences?
If you do not turn off the iron, what will happen, what are the consequences?

The question of what will happen if you do not turn off the iron, arose at least once in everyone's life. The device performs a useful function, but it is fraught with many dangers. It is not uncommon, when reading the news chronicles, to find articles that talk about fires caused by the iron, or to be more precise, the problem lay in the forgetful owner.

Specialists and engineers of manufacturing companies are constantly studying this problem. It all depends on various factors, ranging from the age of the model and its technical characteristics to the environment around the heating element. In any case, the owners and owners of irons must be extremely careful to avoid dire consequences, up to the complete loss of real estate.

Features of the heating element of the iron

What will happen if you do not turn off the iron for the whole day in an upright position, it is better not to check in practice. From the stories of the owners of household appliances, some models behaved quite normally. Arriving home, the forgetful owners found a red-hot iron, but there were no serious consequences.

Otherusers note that they left the household appliance on for only an hour. He began to melt strongly and started a fire. It all depends not only on the specific brand or model of iron, but also on its technical characteristics.

Owners understand that the heating element is dependent on the mains. Many people remember old models that are more than 10-15 years old. In them, the heating occurred up to the set degree and did not decrease. These irons take a long time to heat up. It was in them that there was a problem, since the heating element did not stop receiving power from the mains. As a result, all the plastic elements located around began to melt.

old iron

Then models with fast heating appeared on the markets. Their distinguishing feature was that when the power mode was activated, the sole of the iron heated up to the set temperature, and after that the sensor immediately turned off the heating until the device began to cool down. This made it possible not only to save energy well, but also to avoid the defect described in older models.

Modern irons are completely devoid of such risks of overheating or ignition. To do this, not only temperature sensors are installed inside, but also the position of the sole relative to the plane. An iron in a vertical position cuts off the power supply.

Nuances in use

If you do not turn off the iron in the vertical position of the new model, then nothing bad will happen. However, there are many different factors that can violate this definition. It all depends not only on the device itself, but also on the power supply.

Iron while ironing

When buying, you should not save and buy an old model or someone who has already used it before. It is not known whether the household appliance was damaged and whether the relay is in good condition, which heats the sole.

It is not recommended to use irons that have been physically damaged. When dropped, any contact on the microcircuit can close, which can lead to the closure of the elements and their subsequent ignition. In case of damage, it is better to take the device to a service center for inspection.

Overheat protection systems

What will happen if you do not turn off the iron, many people already understand. Almost everyone has a story in store, as the surveyed household appliance caused a lot of problems to forgetful owners. To do this, in order to reduce the risk of fire and damage to property, manufacturing companies have introduced new protection technologies.

Fuses installed in all modern models and versions save the device from a sudden power surge. Additionally, sensors are placed to control the location of the sole relative to the plane. The set and adjusted temperature conditions in the iron allow you to avoid high and prolonged heating.

If the soleplate is very hot, the iron will turn off until the temperature drops. However, when choosing an iron, you should clarify information about protection systems either with a consultant, or look for them yourself on the appliance box.

Vertical and horizontal triggering

If we consider the question, what will happen if you do not turn off the ironin a vertical or horizontal position, it is important to find the ratio of conditions and a specific model. There are no identical parameters of devices from different manufacturers of household appliances. All information about the shutdown conditions can only be found in the technical description or instructions.

Hot iron soleplate

The question of what will happen if you do not turn off the iron at home has many features due to the difference in the characteristics of the models. Many manufacturers make advertising of new product models out of this, showing in the video that a household appliance left even for a day in a horizontal position does not harm the surface.

If you forget to turn off the iron in an upright position, given the fact that this is a new model, it is more likely that nothing will happen to it. Many owners share stories about how an abandoned model lasted a day and did not cause any damage. But it's better not to check these stories.


To avoid fire and loss of property, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Use only quality boards for ironing. Modern models have special compartments for irons. In this case, the connection goes exactly to the board, on which a surge protector is also installed. The fabric itself is fireproof, which avoids fire even when the iron is left in a horizontal position.
  2. The socket into which the iron is connected must be in good condition. Any heating elements in household appliances are vulnerable to strong power surges.Therefore, in case of fire, it often turns out that it is not the iron itself that starts to burn, but the socket.
  3. Purchase models only from well-known brands and with a guarantee. The home appliance market is growing every day. Even in specialized stores, there are previously unfamiliar brands and models. No matter how interesting they are, it is better to refuse experiments and testing, even if the price is two to three times lower than already well-known brands.
Cause of fire

If there are pets or small children, it is necessary to limit their access to the iron when ironing.

Possible consequences

If you do not turn off the iron for a day, there will be trouble. We are talking about old or damaged models. Even if 10 years ago the device was bought for a lot of money, today it will work at half strength at best. The wear of the heating elements is high, which is why they often fail.

The minimum loss that can be when leaving the iron is its complete failure. In this case, it is enough just to purchase a new one. It is important to follow safety precautions, and if you find the iron turned on, you should first turn it off, and only then try to touch it so as not to burn yourself.

How to avoid fire

The answer to the question of whether the irons themselves turn off if they forgot to turn it off will be the envy of the specific model of the device. In order to avoid fire due to your confusion, it is important to secure the space where the ironing takes place.

The bathroom is the best example. She usuallycompletely insulated and has no free ventilation. In addition, most of the bathrooms are finished with tiles and porcelain tiles. The materials are fire resistant. Even if the iron catches fire, the flame will not be able to spread far.

Iron in horizontal position

It is strictly forbidden to iron clothes near open windows where there are curtains. Basically, curtains and other fabrics are made of light and fire hazardous material. One touch of a hot sole is enough for a tulle or a curtain to start burning.

Which model of iron to choose

What will happen if you do not turn off the iron for the whole day, having an expensive and high-quality model, the question is also interesting. Basically, as practice and user reviews on various thematic resources show, expensive models are noticeably less likely to fail in such an incident.

The price of products in this case is formed not only from the cost of the brand itself, but also the price of component parts inside the household appliance. The more expensive the installed modules, the better and more reliable the iron works.

Left iron

Models from German and Polish manufacturers have high build quality. They are often innovators in the world of home appliances and implement new safety systems to reduce the risk of possible overheating or fire.

How to remember to turn off the iron

Having de alt with the question of what will happen if you do not turn off the iron, it is worth talking about how not to forget to turn off household appliances. Here it is important to makemarks that would be noticeable. Many owners go to the trick and make electrical wiring in the bathroom, which is turned off at the meter. When they leave the house, they simply turn off the power to all rooms that do not need electricity.

You can also make reminders on your phone. Knowing your routine and the days when ironing takes place, it is enough just to turn on the notification for 15-20 minutes before that.

Damaged iron

The last and so far the most expensive method is the use of "smart home" technologies. They consist in the fact that various sensors and devices are installed in the room, which can be controlled through the application on the phone. Thanks to this, the power regulators on the sockets will signal the abandoned iron. All the user needs to do is turn it off remotely via smartphone.

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