Metal detector "Ram-5": reviews and specifications


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Metal detector "Ram-5": reviews and specifications
Metal detector "Ram-5": reviews and specifications

Judging by the reviews, the Ram-5 metal detector is one of the leaders among budget analogues. Along with an affordable price, the device has high depth parameters, good build quality and reliability. Consider the features of the operation of the device and its main characteristics.

Cheap metal detector "Ram-5"

General Description

The Ram-5 metal detector (reviews confirm this) is very easy to manage and operate. It will not be difficult for a novice tracker or treasure hunter to achieve excellent search results. The functions of the buttons are duplicated in Russian and are displayed on the operating panel. There is no need to look at the instructions from time to time to decipher the meaning of the indicators and keys. Everything is intuitive. The device uses an intelligent control system, according to the “activated and gone” type.

Convenient button layout, clear option names, metal object detection pulse display, high sensitivity indicator - indicators that do the indicatedThe device is indispensable for both the experienced user and the novice. And the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble makes it easy to carry and transport.


The Fragma Ram-5 metal detector is equipped with a discriminator with three levels of tracking. In addition, control of the alarm threshold is provided. This allows the wearer to achieve maximum sensitivity in soil and weedy areas.

Metal detector "Ram-5"

The processor unit has an internal speaker for sound notification, as well as a headphone output. The adjustment and setting of the operating parameters of the device in question is carried out using the keyboard located on the front panel. The functioning of the device in a static position makes it possible to track the outlines of a metal object lying in the ground in real time and to detect the center of its mass.

Characteristics of the Ram-5 metal detector

The following are the main technical parameters of the device:

  • indication and precise determination of the type of metal;
  • adjustable sensitivity and discriminator adjustment in three levels;
  • digital target display;
  • manual or automatic ground balance;
  • sound alert;
  • carrying out microprocessor analysis of the pulse;
  • accuracy of determining the location of a metal object in depth with an error of no more than 5%;
  • maximum threshold of sensitivity - 160 cm;
  • indication of the power element onresidual charge;
  • 220mm waterproof and shockproof sensor;
  • location of the control keyboard - on the front panel;
  • plug and go option;
  • telescopic adjustable plastic rod 400-1300 mm long;
  • has a headphone jack;
  • possible to search under water at a depth of up to one meter (without immersion of the electronics unit);
  • power type - 9 volt Krona battery;
  • continuous operation on a single charge - 20 hours;
  • weight - 900 g;
  • working temperature range - from minus 25 to plus 80 °C.

Below in the photo:

  1. Volume control.
  2. Sensitivity.
  3. Select static or dynamic mode.
  4. Signal threshold.
  5. Display of the metal detector "Ram-5"


As evidenced by the reviews, the assembled metal detector "Ram-5" has compact dimensions, it can be used for the operational inspection of civilians, luggage, various niches and wall ceilings.

The search sensor in the form of a coil is placed in a metal-plastic case. This guarantees increased resistance to wear and mechanical stress, even when working on a gravel surface or other difficult ground. It is worth noting that the sensor is waterproof, it can be immersed in water, but not more than one meter.

The rod is made of reinforced PVC plastic, powered by a crown that comes with the kit. After leavingout of order, it can be found in any specialized store or replaced with a similar 9 volt battery. In addition, the cheapest domestic metal detector can be powered from a DC source with voltage parameters of 9-24 V.

Sensitivity setting

Changing the specified parameter reduces or increases the search depth. If work is carried out on unfamiliar ground, set the minimum sensitivity threshold, gradually increasing it in the absence of a signal. If the device triggers on soil or stones, the adjustment is stopped, the level reached is considered optimal.

The working part of the metal detector "Ram-5"

When a large metal object is detected, the sensitivity pulse may exceed the maximum value. In this case, the level is lowered so that it does not exceed 15 indicator tonality values. The center of mass of the object will be in the place where the maximum activity of the device is observed.

Search depth at maximum sensitivity (mm):

  • five-ruble coin - 280;
  • tin can - 550;
  • army helmet - 1000;
  • vehicle - 1500;
  • max threshold is 1600.

Reviews about the Ram-5 metal detector

Users are advised to read the attached instructions in detail before use. After assembly, the device must be tested, checked, then used. The owners note that, despite the budget category, the devicefeatures a solid build. The case is made of high-quality plastic, there are no backlashes anywhere, there are no squeaks. It was noted that the device distinguishes non-ferrous metals from ferrous counterparts, the search depth is largely influenced by the type of soil. Experts do not recommend purchasing a device for searching for coins and other small items, but for ferrous metals and large objects it is quite suitable. Some users recommend buying a battery with a charger right away so as not to waste money on batteries.

Metal detector Fragma "Ram-5"

In conclusion

Many consumers are wondering where to buy the Ram-5 metal detector? This won't be much of a problem. The device is sold in specialized outlets, it can also be ordered via the Internet on the manufacturer's website. The cost of the product starts from five thousand rubles. When buying, pay attention to the warranty card and the integrity of the packaging, so as not to run into a handicraft fake.

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