IPhone notifications: reasons why notifications disappear and solutions

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IPhone notifications: reasons why notifications disappear and solutions
IPhone notifications: reasons why notifications disappear and solutions

Many users of "apple" smartphones sooner or later face such a problem when iPhone notifications stop coming. As a result, the user may simply miss some important message that he was waiting for. Why does this happen? The reasons can be different, ranging from a system failure to a malfunction in the Apple ID account. In today's article, we will analyze common problems with notifications, as well as tell you how to fix them.

Checking activation of notifications

The first and most commonplace reason why iPhone notifications may not work is that the notification function is simply disabled. It is quite easy to check if this is the case. First you need to go to the Settings app. Then in the list you should find the "Notifications" item and go there.

This submenu contains absolutely all iPhone applications that can send notifications. So, as a result of a software failure, the settings for each application could go wrong, because of which they stopped sending notifications.

how to set notifications on iphone

How to turn on notifications on iPhone in this case? Everything is simple. You must select the desired application, notifications from which you want to come. Next, in the application menu that opens, you need to pay attention to the very first switch "Allow notifications" - it must be activated. Below you can also set the desired sound for the notification. It's simple.

A similar operation must be done with all other applications from which you want to receive notifications.

Software failure in the OS

The second reason why iPhone notifications do not appear is a malfunction of the operating system. Yes, this happens on IOS too, so don't be surprised. The problem is solved very simply and quickly. All you have to do is reboot your device.

You can perform this procedure by holding down the power button, after which, through the switch that appears, first turn off the phone, and then turn it on again. You can also hold down the power button and the volume down button (or the "Home" button) to force the device to reboot. When pressed, the Apple logo should appear, after which the smartphone will reboot, and the problem with notifications will disappear.

Do not disturb mode

Often the reason why iPhone notifications do not come is the activated Do Not Disturb mode, which many users love to forget about. To check whether this mode is enabled or not, just look at the status bar. If there is a crescent icon next to the battery icon, it means that the mode is activated.

Turning off Do Not Disturb is easy enough. First you need to go to the "Settings" menu. Next, in the list, you need to find the item "Do Not Disturb" and click on it. In the submenu that appears, there will be a switch on top, with which the mode is turned off.

iPhone notifications in do not disturb mode

In addition, Do Not Disturb can be enabled for individual contacts who will not receive notifications if they send SMS. To check if the mode is turned on for someone, you need to go to the Messages application and look among the list of contacts to whom messages have been sent to see if there is a crescent moon icon next to their name. If there is, then the mode is active for them and it needs to be removed. To do this, just go to the "Contact Details" tab, find the corresponding parameter there and turn it off.

Quiet Mode

iPhone notifications in silent mode

The next reason why notifications do not come to the iPhone is the active "Quiet Mode". It is easy to make sure that the mode is active, you just need to look at the corresponding switch on the smartphone case (located withtop right side). If you see an orange bar when you look at the switch, then Quiet Mode is working. Turning it off is easy, just flip the switch to the desired position.

Apple ID and iCloud

No matter how strange it may sound, but the Apple ID account and iCloud itself are also often the reason why notifications do not come to the iPhone. No one really knows what crashes happen there or something else happens, but the fact is that Apple ID and iCloud are the cause of not receiving notifications.

How can you deal with this problem? Yes, in principle, there is nothing particularly complicated here, and everything about everything will take a maximum of 5 minutes, but no more.

because of apple id account

The first step is to log out of your Apple ID account and log in again. This is done as follows:

  1. You need to go to the "Settings" menu and find the item "Apple ID, iCloud…".
  2. Go to this item and see the account in the opened submenu.
  3. You must click on your account in the window that appears, click "Logout".
  4. After signing out, you will need to re-add your Apple ID account.

These manipulations should help in the issue with notifications, but if this did not happen, then the manipulations should be repeated, but with the iCloud account.

because of icloud account

Here the procedure is slightly different:

  1. Need to go to the menu"Settings", find the iCloud item there and click on it.
  2. In the submenu that appears, at the very bottom there will be a button "Exit", which should be pressed.
  3. After clicking, you must confirm your actions by selecting "Sign out" again, and then "Delete from iPhone".
  4. The next step is to re-add your iCloud account and sync.

As a rule, after these actions, notifications begin to arrive on the iPhone regularly.

No sound

Well, and finally, one more reason, which is somehow connected with notifications - there is no sound from iPhone notifications. It is also very often possible to encounter the fact that notifications seem to come, but there is no sound from them. There may be several reasons why this happens:

  1. A user accidentally deleted the folder with sounds through the file manager.
  2. Installed a third party app for ringtones and alert sounds, such as UnlimTones.
  3. And the third is a poorly made jailbreak.

In the second case, the solution to the problem is extremely simple - you just need to uninstall the application, and notifications will work better.

As for the first and third options, only restoring the phone to factory settings will help here. You can do this through "Settings", the "General" item and at the very bottom the "Reset" button (without backup, all data will be deleted).

That's it.

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