How to properly calibrate the iPhone battery?

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How to properly calibrate the iPhone battery?
How to properly calibrate the iPhone battery?

The problem with most modern gadgets is that the battery drains too quickly. Sometimes they can turn off, although the screen shows a sufficient level of charge. What to do in such a situation? Is this a serious malfunction? If the problem occurs with a new phone, then it is better to return it under warranty. However, if it has worked for 2-3 years, then you should try to calibrate the battery.

iPhone is the most popular brand, so let's look at how to rehabilitate such a smartphone, giving it back the ability to work on a single charge for a long time and, importantly, without failures.

Calibration - what does it mean?

With the advent of touchscreen gadgets, the word "calibration" sounds very often. Many apply it only to screens, believing that it improves the sensitivity setting of the touchscreen. And this is true, in some phones there is such an option. But, in addition to the sensor, you can also calibrate the battery. iPhone 5s, 6 and other models do not have this function in the menu, so not all users know how to set up the battery (more on that later).

The essence of the calibration process is to reset the controller.The latter is responsible for the operation of the battery, that is, it determines the minimum value of the charge and the maximum. Over time, the battery capacity decreases. Because of this, the controller may not work properly - not fully charge the battery or turn off the phone too early.

iphone 5 battery calibration

When is calibration needed?

You can highlight the main signs that will make it clear that the time has come to calibrate the battery of the iPhone 5, 5s and other modifications.

  1. The phone began to discharge quickly.
  2. Sharp change in charge level, for example, it was 40%, and after a few minutes it became 20%.
  3. Turn off the device by 10-15%.
  4. The smartphone has not been used for more than three months.
iphone battery calibration

iPhone battery calibration step by step

Any user can handle battery calibration. The algorithm is simple. It is to do two complete cycles of charging and discharging.

Step-by-step description of actions:

  • Discharge your smartphone. It is necessary to use as many functions as possible in order to maximize the drain on the battery. Once the device turns off, it should lie down for 5-10 minutes.
  • The next step in calibrating the iPhone battery is connecting to power. For this, a charger and a current source with a constant maximum voltage are used. Do not turn on the device itself!
  • Wait until the 100% icon appears on the screen. After that, the phone with the connected charger mustleave for another 1-2 hours. After all, the controller may erroneously show the charge level.
  • Now turn off the charger.

This completes the first step of battery calibration for iPhone 6 and other models. Next, you will need to repeat all the steps described above again. Discharge the gadget to the maximum until it turns itself off. Then again charge up to 100% and leave on charge for another hour. That's it, calibration is done. You can now use your smartphone as usual.

Important: Do not charge your phone while performing these steps!

iphone 6 battery calibration

How to take care of the battery?

Calibration of the iPhone battery must be done at least once every six months. This will save the user from a quick discharge. But besides this method, there are rules that will help ensure long battery life.

  • Smartphone should only work in conditions of acceptable temperatures. Both hypothermia and overheating can damage the battery.
  • It is undesirable to constantly overcharge the device if it already shows 100%. It is also not recommended to fully discharge it.
  • If no one will use the phone for a long time, then the battery should be charged by 30-40% during storage.
  • Only use original accessory (c/o).
iphone 5s battery calibration


Smartphones of the "apple" company have proven themselves only on the good side. They hold a charge very well, especially when compared toChinese gadgets. But over time, even expensive equipment can malfunction. Therefore, if the iPhone 5 or 6 began to discharge quickly, then you need to calibrate the battery. There are opponents of this method. These people write that there is no point in implementing two complete charge and discharge cycles. But you can find many reviews in which users claim that after performing the calibration, the battery life of their phone is the same as before. Definitely worth a try. It definitely won't hurt your smartphone.

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