Do you know how to properly charge your phone battery?

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Do you know how to properly charge your phone battery?
Do you know how to properly charge your phone battery?

Initially, a properly charged mobile phone battery can work properly for a long time.

The right answer to an important question

A new phone battery needs a properly charged and calibrated battery management system. Therefore, a newly purchased phone should not be "strained" without subjecting it to the process of charging to the full volume of the battery capacity. It is important to always recharge the battery on time and adhere to a certain "refueling" scheme.

how to properly charge your phone battery

So, how to properly charge your phone battery? We offer you step by step instructions:

1. Despite the fact that the indicator may show a level of battery activity that is quite acceptable for use, nevertheless, the potential of the containers should be brought to fullvolume.

2. After the first charge cycle, never charge the device until the battery of the phone runs out completely.

3. A new battery should be subjected to 2-3 full discharge and charge cycles.

4. The next calibration step must be carried out after 3-4 months of operation of the power source of the mobile device.

How to directly charge the phone battery?

How to directly charge your phone battery There are times when the original memory is not at hand or the function of the phone, which is responsible for replenishing the battery, is not operational. In this case, a universal device, known to many as a “frog”, will help. Probably, not everyone knows how to charge a phone battery with a frog correctly? Therefore, the description of the process below will significantly reduce the risk of “killing” a working battery.

First, the practical solution to the question of how to properly charge a phone battery with a frog must comply with safety regulations. Pay special attention to the polarity of the battery: it must match the polarity. Usually the device has a designation of positive and negative contacts.

Secondly, the charging time should not exceed 2 hours, since the “frog” charging process is much more intensive and not as correct as when using the original charger. A rechargeable battery can have varying degrees of wear and tear, so it is advisable to periodically check the condition of the battery and prevent the tanks from overheating.

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How to charge a phone battery with a frog

Given the importance of the question of how to properly charge the phone battery, you should always remember: use a universal charger (“frog”) only in special cases, when the need for a working battery is very high and extremely in demand. In normal mode, you should always charge the phone's power source only when the charge level drops below 20% of full capacity. Do not allow moments of systematic charging of the battery, this reduces the life of the battery and often causes the failure of the battery controller. Considering the temperature factor of the impact on the battery, it should be remembered: in the talk or standby mode, the battery potential drops significantly. It goes without saying that charging your phone from the cold is unacceptable, as the consequences can be unpredictable.

In conclusion

Well, we hope that the question “How to properly charge the phone battery?” become more clear to you. But still. It should be noted that a common reason for the failure of the power source of a mobile device is the simultaneous process of charging and intensive use of the phone: games, “heavy” SMS, Internet surfing, talking or taking pictures. Using the original memory, constantly monitor the working condition of its connector. Backlash, loosening moment or other mechanical defect of the memory socket can cause failure not only of the battery, but also of the mobile device as a whole.

Often bad contact insocket leads to the fact that the charging pulses to the battery are intermittent, which leads to premature wear of the cell phone battery, in addition, due to poor contact, the charger overheats, which can lead to battery failure.

Follow the above rules and recommendations, and your battery will last long and flawlessly.

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