How to withdraw money from MinerGate? How to work with Minergate for profit

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How to withdraw money from MinerGate? How to work with Minergate for profit
How to withdraw money from MinerGate? How to work with Minergate for profit

The Internet is rapidly developing and is turning from an entertainment and information platform into a commercial one. Of course, most users spend time on entertainment and social networks, but every year there are more people who are interested in making a profit from the network.

After the digital currency appeared, many users began to actively look for easy ways to get it. Some settled on the Bitcoin system. Most users follow the proven path - they start with cryptocurrency faucets where you can get bitcoins for free, but not everything is so simple.

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Output problems

Users who initially did not think about how to withdraw money in Minergate or other cryptocurrency mining systems may encounter difficulties. Imagine, everything is going well, digital money is piling up and piling up. But there comes a day when you are going to take them out, but you fail.

Most miners onbitcoin faucets earn some money, only a few manage to make really big profits. We will not talk about ways to increase earnings. In this article, we discuss more important issues, for example, how to withdraw money to a wallet in Minergate or in another system.

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About withdrawal restrictions

It is quite natural that banks do not support (and are not going to) the function of converting bitcoins and do not allow users to withdraw them. State structures completely ignore the interest of citizens in this currency. Of course, many banks are trying to "modernize" and introduce services such as Internet banking, but few people are interested in this. It would be nice if banks allowed withdrawing bitcoins to a debit card. Unfortunately, there are no such opportunities yet (and are unlikely to be), so users are forced to use conversion services.

Using services such as Minergate will allow you to withdraw money, but in any case, you will lose part of the withdrawn amount due to further conversion.

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What is Minerrate?

Minergate is a cryptocurrency project and platform for mining different currencies. The main feature of the system is the possibility of simultaneous rather than parallel mining of various coins. You just need to rent cryptocurrency mining facilities, set up a pool and start earning money in the form of cryptocoins.

Minergate Features

This system is oriented to different countries,supports multilingual interface and provides the possibility of cloud mining. Here you can mine all currently known types of cryptocurrencies with the help of special and efficient software. There are many cases where they tell how to work with Minergate for profit - and this system has proven itself perfectly. Also, users do not experience difficulties with the withdrawal of earned bitcoins.

Note that you need to choose a cloud mining system first of all based on reviews. Minergate wins in this regard, take note of this!

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Instructions for withdrawing money from Minergate

First of all, create an application, specify the exact amount to withdraw money. However, if this is not done, the system will withdraw all the money available on the account. This is fraught with the risk of losing money due to transaction fees, so be sure to indicate the amount you want to withdraw from the system.

The withdrawal process does not cause problems for users, but they can still be. Below is a detailed description of how to withdraw money in Minergate:

  1. Go to the Withdraw tab.
  2. Enter bitcoin wallet address.
  3. Enter your ID. Most users get stuck here because do not know what it is and where to get this ID. Admittedly, this is indeed a bit confusing. The fact is that Minergate works in conjunction with various exchanges to exchange digital currency for real money. Most often, users use the Poloniex exchange - be sure to register here. On theIn this exchange, in the "Deposits and withdrawal" section, you must indicate which cryptocurrency you are going to exchange, and enter the site from which the electronic currency will be received. If you do all this and confirm, the system will automatically generate an ID, which you will need to enter already on the Minergate site when withdrawing money.
  4. After entering all the data, it remains only to confirm the request for withdrawal of money.

That's it. Now it remains to wait a bit. By the way, many users are wondering if it is possible to display an unconfirmed balance in Minergate. In fact, it can not be displayed, and there is no need. You just need to wait until the unconfirmed balance becomes confirmed.

how to withdraw money from minergate to qiwi

How to withdraw money from Minergate to Qiwi

One of the most popular ways to cash out is to withdraw bitcoins to an electronic wallet in the Qiwi system. The usual functionality of using this wallet to cash out cryptocurrency is not yet supported, but the management says that it is already working on it. Therefore, today you need to use currency conversion. This service is offered by exchange offices, however, they charge a commission for this.


  1. Go to the site of the exchange office (for example, Bankcomat).
  2. Choose the direction of the exchange.
  3. Specify the email address.
  4. Enter the details of the Qiwi wallet and Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Indicate the transfer amount.
  6. Confirming the application.

Also, with the help of similar services, you can withdraw money toregular plastic card. Only in this case, you will have to specify the details not of the Qiwi wallet, but of the card number.

And one more thing: if you want to make an anonymous transfer, the withdrawal amount cannot exceed 15,000 rubles. However, this is the only limitation. Perhaps the exchange point is the only possible way to exchange and withdraw cryptocurrency to your wallet. We can also advise you to choose reliable exchangers with good support and reviews. Do not use unfamiliar exchangers - there are many deceivers on the Internet.

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Withdrawal to Webmoney

Another popular e-wallet system is Webmoney - an extremely reliable and popular partner for many freelancers. Back in 2013, a WMX wallet was introduced in WebMoney, which is designed to withdraw cryptocurrencies. By this, the company has demonstrated a willingness to experiment. So at the moment Webmoney is the only Russian system that works with digital currency.

Withdrawal from cloud miners or faucets is carried out immediately to the WebMoney WMX wallet. Then the cryptocurrency can be exchanged for rubles in the WebMoney system itself, and the rubles are easily withdrawn to a bank card.

The method is relevant for many countries, not only for Russia. For example, in the WebMoney system, Bitcoins can be exchanged for hryvnias and withdrawn to a bank card. Also, cryptocurrency is exchanged for dollars, etc.

It is worth noting that in order to work with WebMoney, you must first register and receiveformal certificate. To do this, present to the administration documents that confirm your identity. After receiving the passport, you can open any wallets, including the WMX wallet.

Now you know how to withdraw money from Minergate and more. Of course, there are other ways (there are a lot of them), but we have named the most popular and affordable for Russia.


There is nothing difficult with the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. However, it is important to note that you only need to cooperate with proven systems. And this applies not only to exchangers, but also to cloud mining systems such as Minergate. Reviews about this system are mostly positive, but there are plenty of other little-known systems.

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