Why Vertu phones are so expensive: features of the manufacturing process

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Why Vertu phones are so expensive: features of the manufacturing process
Why Vertu phones are so expensive: features of the manufacturing process

Surely every person wonders why Vertu phones are so expensive. Do these models have some unique features that are significantly different from the options of standard smartphones? And even if there are a number of additional features, is it really worth such a huge amount of money?

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In fact, speaking about why Vertu phones are so expensive, it is worth noting that these devices do not have any secret lines or additional features. The phones of this brand were conceived as a means of communication for very influential people who are used to buying everything only exclusive and for crazy money. By and large, this is not a way of communication, but a demonstration of the status of the owner of such equipment.

Production Features

Production of expensive phones began 20 years ago at one of the Nokia factories, which was opened in England. A world-famous manufacturer has decided to launch a line of luxury phones for "special" users.

Answering the question why all Vertu phones are so expensive, inFirst of all, it is worth considering that each device is assembled by hand. After that, the expensive gadget is sent to a modern testing laboratory, where the device goes through "all the circles of hell" to prove its quality. This is understandable, because if a person buys a phone that costs the same as a sports car, then he wants to get a unit that will work well even on the moon.

If a defect or defect is found at one of the stages of production, then a council of developers gathers to solve the problem or recall the entire batch. All of this is done using state-of-the-art equipment.

Image "Vertu" on the table

Speaking about why Vertu phones are so expensive, just consider in more detail the process of attaching a sapphire crystal to the gadget's LCD screen. All manipulations are carried out in an isolated laboratory so that even the tiniest dust particle cannot get between the layers. If this happens, then an expensive gadget may be rejected. At the same time, the air in the room is necessarily updated with a frequency of 10 minutes.

Quality check

If the question still remains why Vertu phones are so expensive, then it is worth considering how thorough the tests are carried out when creating this model. First, a prototype is made, which is dropped, torn, bent, subjected to a sharp freeze, etc. A 200-gram piece of metal is even dropped onto the gadget’s screen. If the device withstands all the "bullying", then only after that it is sent toserial production.

However, even after that, quality control continues. From each batch, experts select one random device and re-test it for impact resistance.


If you look at the photo of the Vertu phone, why these models are so expensive, it becomes extremely clear.

Diamonds on the case

Firstly, the design of the product was developed by the best specialists in this field. Initially, the phone is not decorated with jewelry, but most millionaires want their gadget to be different from the rest. Therefore, an individual order is created. At the request of the client, "Vertu" can be decorated with white gold, platinum, titanium alloy and, of course, diamonds. Additionally, a top quality leather case and much more can be made. Each pebble is set in its place by craftsmen manually. Some order monograms or want to get a copy of the original painting on the cover of the device.

Covered in leather

Why are all Vertu phone models so expensive

If we talk about the functionality of these expensive gadgets, then there is nothing special about them. Moreover, the functionality of the phone can even be called rather meager. Therefore, those who cannot buy even one bolt from Vertu should not be upset.

Such a high cost is due to expensive materials, decorations and the production process of devices. In all other respects, such gadgets are noticeably inferior to smartphones. However, a millionaire is unlikely to try to work from the phone or readdocuments in Word. Status is much more important for him and that he can make calls from anywhere in the world. Therefore, Hi-Tech technologies or first-class resolution cameras cannot be found in these models. So don't despair if you didn't manage to get hold of this expensive "toy".

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