Quality Samsung mobile phones. Touch screen, clear interface, rich technical equipment: everything is included

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Quality Samsung mobile phones. Touch screen, clear interface, rich technical equipment: everything is included
Quality Samsung mobile phones. Touch screen, clear interface, rich technical equipment: everything is included

Excellent quality and affordable prices - these advantages favorably distinguish Samsung products from competitors. A touch phone of any model of this manufacturer is no exception in this regard. Democratic cost, rich equipment, intuitive interface and high degree of reliability - these are the advantages that allowed the South Korean giant to take a leading position in mobile phone sales in a short period of time.

Samsung touch

Corby II

Numeral designation of this model S3850. This mobile phone is positioned as a female by Samsung. Its touch screen has a diagonal of 3.14 inches. Its resolution is 240 by 320 pixels. The matrix in it is made on the basis of TFT technology. The built-in memory is only 26 MB. But they can be easily and easily expanded with a Micro SD memory card up to 16 GB. Other features include a 2MP camera. Communication capabilities are rich enough for suchmodel level: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB interface. The device is equipped with a 1000 mAh battery. Its capacity is enough for 3-4 days.

Star 3

Another name for it is S5222. It appeared last year among Samsung models. "DUOS touch" - that's how the manufacturer positions it. That is, unlike the previous model, it can work with two SIM-cards. And the screen is slightly smaller - 3 inches with the same resolution and matrix. Built-in memory is slightly less - 20 MB. But it supports memory cards up to 32 GB, which is a plus in comparison with Corby II. The situation is the same with the camera, which is slightly better here - 3 megapixels. Communication equipment at Star 3

Samsung touch price

similar to the previous model. All the same Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB interface are supported here. The battery that comes with it is 1000 mAh. But due to 2 SIM-cards, it will be enough for 2-3 days.

Samsung C3312

This is Samsung's most budget solution. The touch display of this model is the smallest of all presented in this review. Its diagonal is 2.8 inches. At the same time, its resolution is similar - 240 by 320 pixels. The matrix used in the screen is still the same - TFT. It has less internal memory - only 10 MB, but memory cards up to 32 GB are supported. His camera is also the most modest - 1.3 megapixels. Among the communication features, it is worth highlighting the lack of Wi-Fi support. And so it is completely similar to the two previous models. Best of all, the C3312 is doing things with timeoffline work. Its battery capacity is still the same - 1000 mAh, but by reducing the diagonal of the screen, it will last up to 3-4 days.


Let's start giving advice on buying C3312. This is the most budget "Samsung" touchscreen. The price of 60-65 USD is another confirmation of this. Looking in his direction makes sense in cases where you need a cheap device with a standard set of functions and support for 2 SIM cards. But it's better to report 20 USD and buy Star 3, which is slightly better in terms of functionality. Yes, this is a newer model. But Corby II is a niche solution that is focused purely on the weak half of humanity. This is the perfect gift for a wife or sister. In such cases, you should think about purchasing it.

Samsung duos touch


Within the framework of this article, three Samsung phones were described. The touch screen is the main factor that unites them. Each of them has its own niche that it is focused on. C3312 is an economical option. It makes sense to buy it only when you urgently need a high-quality device for 2 cards. If possible, it is better to purchase S5222. Well, for women, there is nothing better than the S3850 in this segment.

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