How to charge your phone without a charger: top unique ways and useful tricks

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How to charge your phone without a charger: top unique ways and useful tricks
How to charge your phone without a charger: top unique ways and useful tricks

Phone battery energy tends to run out. It is not always possible to recharge a cell phone on time. Well, if you take into account the fact that you are on a campaign and far from the benefits of civilization, the phone has long been "extinguished", and the need to call has increased to a critical level, then only your knowledge and the inventive genius of the human mind will help you. Therefore, it will be useful for you to know how to charge your phone without a charger. Let's distribute the methods in places, according to the percentage of efficiency and effectiveness of the result, and most importantly, the preservation of battery performance after forced exposure. So…

1. Where is the socket in the forest?

Of course, there is no socket in the forest! But you desperately need to make a call, and the battery shows no signs of life. A fairly simple method, based on the transition of energy from one state to another, will help you make a short call. So how do you charge your phone without a charger? It's very simple, you take the battery out of the device and rub it intensively against jeans or other material of a dense structure. The stronger the friction force, the higher the temperature of the battery shell and, of course,substances underneath. Thermal energy, converted into electrical charge, will help you dial a subscriber's number or send an SMS message.

How to charge your phone without a charger

2. Losing control is good sometimes

The method is based on turning off the control element of the battery. In order for the question of how to charge a phone without a charger to become resolvable, it is required to insulate the battery terminal, which serves as a kind of controller. This element monitors the battery level and gives the command to be displayed graphically on the phone screen as a sensor. Usually this is the middle contact on Samsung and the last one on Nokia. If the contact is de-energized, you can make a call, but it is better to send a short message, since during a voice call, the phone's radio path consumes a lot of energy.

3. Finished the game and did not light up, or How to charge the battery without a charger?

You can use the donation method if you have any device that uses conventional batteries: a receiver, a flashlight or other device that consumes electricity. The presence of two short wires is required. From the batteries, we connect the wires to the phone's battery. It is important to observe the polarity, of course, bypassing the controller. This method will give you the opportunity to make one call and will be a kind of answer to how to charge your phone without a charger.

How to charge a battery without a charger

4. To hit or not to hit?

Hit the battery several times, only without fanaticism, - andyou will have a chance to make a successful call.

5. Pierced like a hero

Mechanical action can sometimes be useful, especially when the choice of charger is limited by the contents of the backpack and the surrounding water surface of the coastal forest. In such a situation, it is necessary to pierce the battery of the phone through and immerse it in water for a few seconds. This will give you the opportunity to make a short call.

Choice of charger


Of course, some of the described methods are simply barbaric, but nevertheless they make it possible to emerge victorious from difficult situations, sometimes unsafe for the life and he alth of a person who finds himself without any help and deprived of communication. These methods are designed to help those who will really not be joking!

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