"Nokia 6700 Classic": review of characteristics, comparison with analogues and customer reviews

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"Nokia 6700 Classic": review of characteristics, comparison with analogues and customer reviews
"Nokia 6700 Classic": review of characteristics, comparison with analogues and customer reviews

Now we will describe in detail the Nokia 6700 Classic phone, which is undoubtedly worthy of attention. The manufacturer plans to replace the 6300 with this device. It should be noted that the functionality of our “hero” is much richer.


For Nokia, the most successful form factor with the highest sales level was the classic monoblock. Model 6700 runs on the familiar S40 platform. It should be noted that this is not just about the old device with improved characteristics. The updated firmware of the Nokia 6700 Classic has implemented a number of features that were not previously found in competitors' devices. Among them, CABC and UNC technologies stand out. The device has received wide demand from users. We can also say that we have a direct continuation of the 6500 Classic model.

nokia 6700 classic

Design, size, controls

The manufacturer has officially introduced four color options. Especially among them, the Nokia 6700 Classic should be distinguished in gold color, since this shade pleases with its elegance. Machine sizeis 109.8 x 45 x 11.2 mm with a weight of 116.5 grams. If you look at the reviews, users consider the Nokia 6700 Classic to be a phone with pleasant and comfortable external parameters. If you pay attention to the back of the case, you can tell that it is entirely made of special stainless steel. Such metal slightly cools the hand, causing pleasant sensations. Based on the color, the coating also changes. For example, in the chrome version there is a glossy surface, it may leave traces of scratches over time. If we talk about resistance to abrasion, it shows itself perfectly in the matte version. However, the most practical was black. The rear surface houses a 5-megapixel camera, LED flash, and a speaker. The right side panel received a paired volume rocker and a camera button. At the same time, the microUSB connector hit the bottom end, as did the input for connecting the charger (2 mm). The assembly of the device and the quality of materials are at the highest level and do not cause any complaints. There is no backlash. The performance is very reliable. It is convenient to compare the phone with the 8800 Arte model, it uses similar body materials, and it can be called similar in aesthetics.

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The screen of the "Nokia 6700 Classic" - QVGA with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Displays a display of 16 million shades, the colors are rich and bright. The light indicator is able to change the backlight based on external conditions. CABC technology debuted in this device. Thanks to it, the brightness of the backlight changes based on the ambient light andwhat is currently displayed on the phone screen. For example, when viewing Internet resources with a large amount of text, the screen becomes muted, the text becomes more contrasting. As for games, here, on the contrary, the brightness increases, unless the user is in absolute darkness. Thus, you can significantly save battery power. Ideally, 50% of energy can be saved in this way. At the same time, working with the screen remains just as comfortable. There is no forced brightness control in the phone. The screen displays 9 text lines and 3 service lines. The font is readable and of good quality. The phone can display up to 16 text lines in special operating modes.

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The key block of the Nokia 6700 Classic is slightly buried behind the edge of the case. One piece of metal plate is used for the keyboard. The buttons have good travel and are easy to press. The feel of the keyboard can be compared to that of the Nokia 6300. You can quickly get used to it. The backlighting of the keys is white, bright and uniform. The navigation key is convenient, it has a built-in light indicator. In case of missed events, it flashes. It is curious that with active backlighting, characters on the screen are created from dots with different brightness. This design looks nice.

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The Nokia 6700 Classic phone model received a BL-6Q lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 960 mAh. The manufacturer guarantees 5 hours of autonomous communication or 300hours of waiting. Music playback is possible up to 22 hours, video recording at maximum quality is about 140 minutes, video playback is 210 minutes. The average working time of the phone is 3 days. The battery is fully charged in approximately 2 hours.


The user has access to 170 MB of free memory, which are provided directly by the device itself and are provided for storing any data. Implemented support for microSD memory cards. The corresponding slot is located under the cover and requires the removal of the battery to replace the media. In the kit, the user receives a 1 GB card.

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USB, Bluetooth

As for the universal port for connecting to a PC, its setting provides 3 modes of operation. In the Data Storage conditions, the phone's memory and the drive are visible, no drivers are required, the OS recognizes the phone itself. A special PC Suite mode provides work with a proprietary application, in this case, access to various functions of the device is available, among which information backup is provided. Finally, Printing&Media is required for photo printing and MTP mode. It should be noted that the information transfer rate is approximately 1 Mb / s. While connected, the battery is charging. Bluetooth version 2.1, EDR support implemented. The specified wireless interface is capable of transmitting data at a speed of 100 Kb/s.

Camera and software

The Nokia 6700 Classic model uses a 5-megapixel module, supplemented with autofocus, as well asLED flash. There are options for the shortcut panel during shooting, it can be formed as you wish. The interface is horizontal. The time to save a photo in any resolution is about the same and is 3-4 seconds. Waiting is necessary if you intend to view the picture immediately after shooting. When there is no such need, the storage period is reduced to 1-2 seconds. Implemented a variety of color modes. There are 3 effects - Negative, Black&White and Sepia. As for the white balance, the default camera works well, but it is possible to set Fluorescent, Tungsten, Daylight.

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The device can create videos in several quality options. As for the maximum, it provides a speed of 15 frames with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The file format is MPEG4, audio is recorded simultaneously. Initially, the video is saved to external media, although you can use the memory of the device itself. The maximum duration of one video is 60 minutes. The video recording mode is characterized by maximum power consumption. You can use digital zoom when shooting. The sound can be turned off if desired. White balance options and color effects are available. Scene selection includes auto shooting and night shooting.

The phone received the S40 platform of the sixth edition. The features include the presence of links to FaceBook and other social services. The Nokia Maps 1.2 platform is installed, maps for each region are placed on a memory card. The package includes a license for a monthlynavigation that includes voice prompts. The work of GPS does not raise questions. The phone offers various branded services, including Share, mail, contacts. Windows Messenger and Flickr services are also available. By default, the device has several games and applications, as well as familiar tools such as unit conversion and world clock. Each fan of push-button devices can purchase a Nokia 6700 Classic phone, its price is about 8 thousand rubles.

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