HTC (headphones): review, types, specifications and owner reviews


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HTC (headphones): review, types, specifications and owner reviews
HTC (headphones): review, types, specifications and owner reviews

HTC brand launches a great headset that is small, light, comfortable and compact. Although the range of the company is small, it still offers excellent liners and plugs. Some of them are not compatible with phones from other brands, but they are all universal for HTC Desire. The company's headphones on this device work just fine, with every model available.

Company Brief

The described brand has long been considered the leader in the domestic market. Previously, the company produced only one smartphone, but now it also produces headphones, which are discussed in the article. In 2012, the brand owned over 50% of Beats. The latter, due to its unprecedented success, has become synonymous with great sound. Back then, HTC did not even hint that someday its phones and smartphones would be released with a related headset. Many buyers and experts believed that in this way the company "showed" that the DAC and device software can unlock the good potential of more expensive and high-quality headphones than bundled ones.

Although now the company with Beats has already reduced cooperation to nothing, from the previousrelationship has been learned. The sound in HTC smartphones has become much better, it has more colors. It should be noted that it is better than in iPhones and Sony. And BeatsHTC headphones are in demand.

htc headphones

HTC Earbuds

Before you choose a model of headphones, you need to decide what form factor they need. The inserts are very popular, there are practically no complaints about them. By themselves, they are quite specific. However, this does not concern HTC management at all. Headphones of this type do not have sufficient sound insulation, and this allows us to say that such devices at the output give a sound worse than earplugs. However, many vacuum devices are not suitable for any reason, so this option will be quite tolerable.

Headphones HTC RC E160

This option is suitable for those who want to get a normal headset for little money. This device is simple, affordable and one of the best devices in this price range.

HTC Headset - headphones with good sound. It is soft enough, for the money they cost, the buyer gets a very worthwhile reproduction. "Light" genres are well perceived by headphones. We are talking about jazz, classical and electronic music. Passable bass is easily reproduced without the slightest distortion, which cannot be said about rock tracks. The implementation of the sound is done as well as it is possible to achieve from the earbuds. The ear pads are made of foam rubber. Discomfort with prolonged wear does not occur. Microphonehas a static location, which does not interfere when talking on the phone.

Average cost: 500 rubles.

htc desire headphones

Reviews about RC E160

The above RC E160 headphones are included with the HTC Mozart phone. The pros that buyers bring are as follows:

  • the sound is of sufficient quality, as the manufacturer promises;
  • medium volume, that is, it does not hurt the ears;
  • built-in microphone.

However, the device also has disadvantages. Headphones are sometimes pressed, and there is pain, they quickly break. An inoperative earpiece in this headset is a very common problem. First, the wire responsible for the operation of the microphone breaks, then it breaks at the plug.

HTC vacuum plugs

The company was able to create quite high-quality vacuum headphones through the use of an improved type of construction. Especially if you compare them with liners. Soundproofing and sound are good.

Due to the design, the supply of waves occurs directly deep into the auricle, which means that the bass and sound volume are deep and clear. If a person likes good playback, then HTC earplugs are quite suitable headphones.

htc headphone jack

Headphones HTC RC E190

These headphones of the company are a budget option. They are quite possible to purchase if those that came with the kit are broken or lost. The RC E190 headphones are a convenient and comfortable device that fits perfectly in your ears andlooks good enough. Noise isolation at an excellent level. As a headset, the headphones work great. Many say that HTC met all the expectations of buyers with this device. Headphones have a small "remote", which allows you to change the sound and flip through the songs. Absolutely any styles are reproduced well. Wearing headphones for a long time does not affect the condition of the auricle. They do not cause discomfort or pain.

The average price is 400 rubles.

headphones with microphone htc

Reviews about RC E190

The headphone data wire is thick, so buyers consider it a plus. He doesn't get confused. There is a set of ear pads. The sound is powerful and of high quality.

Of the minuses, they highlight the fact that the device breaks after six months or a year. Often, wire breaks occur at the plug, which causes the “death” of one of the headphones. The switch does not work well and is a bit slow.

HTC RC E240 device

The described model most often comes with the One smartphone from HTC. The headphone jack is standard, which means 3.5 mm. It is universal for all phones of this company. The sound in them is good, does not cause negative emotions. The quality of the headphones is a level higher than the previous ones described, however, they are more expensive.

The RC E240 has a beautiful design that is dominated by minimalism. They are quite comfortable to wear, and the sound will impress not only amateurs, but also professional musicians. Anyone who is a connoisseur of tracks with deep bass will be incredibly shocked. So smooth and cleanreproduction is difficult to achieve in this price category. Sound nuances will let you hear every detail of every song, no matter how complex and intense it may be.

Average price - 650 rubles.

htc earphone not working

HTC Wireless Headphones

Unfortunately, there are no wireless headphones from HTC. In this case, if you want to buy such a device for your phone from a Taiwanese manufacturer, you can pay attention to universal devices. So far, HTC has no plans to create wireless headphones.

Problems with not working headphones

If the HTC earphone does not work, there are only three solutions to this problem. Consider them.

  • Should be taken to a service center. Often one earpiece does not work if the wiring has been broken. Depending on where it happened, the chances of "rehabilitation" increase or decrease accordingly. In the service center, if the breakdown is repairable, they can fix the earpiece. However, this method only works in 5 cases out of 10.
  • Try to understand what's wrong with the headphones at home. Now it is not difficult to find information on an independent solution to this problem. Again, if a wire has been broken, there is still a chance to fix it by resorting to the use of electrical tape and other items.
  • Purchase a new device. An inoperative earpiece is a common problem with budget models of devices. Some devices break down in just a week, while others can work for more than a year. It all depends on the relationshipheadphones, build quality and materials. Often, users simply buy a new headset.
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HTC Headphones with Mic is a headset that will impress any customer. In addition to the sound quality and assembly, the devices are distinguished by a pleasant price. Thanks to this review, you can decide which HTC headphones are better and more satisfying to the requirements of potential buyers.

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