Car alarms "Sherkhan" - really high quality


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Car alarms "Sherkhan" - really high quality
Car alarms "Sherkhan" - really high quality
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Car alarms "Sherkhan" have been produced for many years at modern factories in South Korea and have rightfully earned the title of one of the most popular brands on the Russian market of security systems. Most official dealers prefer devices of this particular manufacturer for installation in their service workshops. This is due primarily to the high level of reliability of the Sherkhan signaling, ease of use, unpretentiousness and wide functionality. Thanks to all these characteristics, as well as due to the powerful protection algorithm and communication range, car owners have long called the equipment manufactured under this brand "smart".

Key Benefits of Signaling

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Speaking ofThe main advantages that Sherkhan alarms have, for starters, we can note the built-in intelligent data transmission system over a special radio channel, which is a unique development of the company and allows you to completely eliminate intellectual hacking. In addition, special attention should be paid to the turbo timer, designed to work with turbocharged engines, and a special mode that allows you to turn off the alarm for a specified period and thus prevent unexpected operation. In addition, the Sherkhan alarm system, reviews of which are only the most positive, has a reception range of about eight hundred meters, as well as the possibility of programmable arming. It is impossible not to mention such a built-in function as operation in parallel with a running engine, and a five-year warranty period.

Alarm functionality

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As for the functional characteristics of the equipment of this brand, we can note the possibility of a two-step disarming, a turbo timer mode associated with a variable cooling period for the turbine of an automobile engine, and the ability to connect both positive and negative door sensors. Among other things, experts emphasize the presence of two independent control outputs, the so-called blocking relay and an independent input of an additional sensor. Also, the Sherkhan alarms have the ability to track the intensity of the work of the automobileengine by tachometric signal.

Purchase and installation

You can buy equipment of this brand in almost any salon specializing in the sale of cars, or at service stations. At the same time, both in the first and in the second, as a rule, a fairly wide range of models is presented, which is constantly updated. In addition, the installation of the Sherkhan alarm system will be offered to the car owner on the spot. This task is far from the easiest, especially in the case of devices with an autostart function, but with the help of qualified specialists, it should not take much time to complete.

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