Alarm "Starline A91": reviews. StarLine A91 - car alarm


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Alarm "Starline A91": reviews. StarLine A91 - car alarm
Alarm "Starline A91": reviews. StarLine A91 - car alarm

For car owners, a high-quality and reliable alarm system with wide functionality is literally worth its weight in gold. One of these unique systems is the Starline A91 alarm system.


Car alarm Starline A91 has wide functionality. Options can be activated either by pressing the key fob keys or in automatic mode.

The functionality of the key fob with a liquid crystal display includes not only managing the system commands, but also displaying on the screen information about the state of the security system, engine and car temperature, time and setting an alarm. The keychain is convenient to use in the dark thanks to the built-in backlight. Sound notification option available.

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Protected areas

When the Starline A91 alarm sensors are triggered, an alarm is activated, and the corresponding information is displayed on the key fob display. The protected areas of the complex are controlled by certain elements of the system:

  1. Limit switches are responsible for the hood, doors, trunk and brake.
  2. Sensorimpact reacts to impact on the car body.
  3. With an additional sensor, the interior can be monitored.
  4. The ignition circuit control input controls the ignition.
  5. The relay controls the motor.

Alarm "Starline A91" is equipped with a switchable anti-robbery function with the option of switching to ste alth mode. When you press the key combination on the key fob, the car's engine is turned off, followed by the activation of the alarm. The immobilizer mode allows you to turn off the engine of the car if there are no keys in the ignition for 30 seconds. The turbo timer keeps the engine running after the ignition is turned off.

Car engine blocking is programmed in two stages. Emergency deactivation of the alarm is carried out by means of an individual code.

alarm system starline a91 reviews

Remote control

The remote engine start/stop function is highly configurable:

  • Select engine and transmission type.
  • Increase the life of a running engine.
  • Starter overwind protection.
  • Automatic engine start based on temperature, timer and alarm.

Control of the car engine is carried out on the basis of data from the tacho sensor and voltage changes in the on-board network. The key fob display shows the engine running time.

Crypto strength of the system

Alarm "Starline A91" has a good level of cryptographic resistance. Keys to the dialog code givenuser, do not allow the system to be hacked. All settings of the security system are saved after power off, which allows you to avoid reconfiguration.

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LED lighting

LED indication notifies driver of system status and possible problems:

  • Faulty security sensors.
  • Alarm zone and alarm activation reasons.
  • When armed, about inactive zones.
  • General condition of the car alarm.
  • Status of limit switches.

Service functions of the security complex

Starline alarm service functions include 25 settings and modes of operation, the most important of which are the following:

  • Guard with engine running.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Car search.
  • Panic.
  • Silent arming and disarming.
  • Service mode.
  • Call a car.

Users in the reviews of the Starline A91 alarm note the possibility of the most flexible and convenient system settings due to a wide range of parameters and modes.

alarm starline a91 instruction

Key fob programming

In the memory of the security complex, information about four different key fobs can be simultaneously entered. Connecting remote controls to the car alarm is as follows:

  1. When the engine is offcar, the Valet service button is pressed seven times in a row, which starts the process of activating the key fobs. The button itself is placed in the passenger compartment in a place accessible to the driver during the installation of the alarm.
  2. After starting the engine, the system should emit seven beeps in a row, which informs that the complex is ready to memorize key fobs.
  3. On the remote control, buttons 2 and 3 are simultaneously pressed. The keys are held until the siren sounds, indicating the activation of the key fob.
  4. A similar process is performed with the remaining key fobs, after which the engine is turned off.

The car alarm is a very sensitive system, which is why many car owners are faced with frequent unreasonable operation of the siren. In the case of the Starline A91 security complex, the reason lies either in the poor mounting of the shock sensor and the central control unit, or in the incorrect sensitivity settings.

The instructions for the Starline A91 alarm describe a method for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors using the control unit to which the service button is connected.

Setting the time is carried out only with a key fob. To do this, key 3 is held until the clock icon starts flashing on the screen. Hours and minutes are set by pressing buttons 1 and 2. To save the set time, just press the button 3 again.

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Starline F91 4x4 alarm model

Limited versioncar alarm A91 4x4 is intended for SUVs that are not equipped with a CAN bus.

A distinctive feature of this model is not only the provision of full protection for crossovers, but also a completely new key fob with blue backlight and a special Soft Touch coating that protects it from moisture and dust.

Advantages of the Starline security system

Car owners in their reviews of the Starline A91 alarm note the following advantages:

  1. Easy to install, configure and manage. Installation of the system does not require special skills, control is carried out using key fobs with an interactive and intuitive menu.
  2. Reliable car protection. Protection is carried out due to the division into several zones, the presence of an anti-theft mode and a wide range of functions.
  3. Flexible setting: the service menu of the system includes 25 parameters.
  4. Maintaining performance in extreme conditions in the presence of strong radio interference.


The Starline A91 alarm model comes with an extended package including:

  • The central unit of the system.
  • Two key fobs with two-way communication, one of which is equipped with a liquid crystal display.
  • Two-level shock sensor.
  • Transceiver.
  • Engine temperature sensor.
  • Valet service button.
  • Hood buttons.
  • LCD key fob case.
  • LED.
  • Operating instructions and user manual.
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Possible alarm malfunctions

Car owners most often face the following problems:

  1. False positives of the system. The reason is incorrect sensor sensitivity settings.
  2. Lack of alarm response to commands from the key fob. Eliminated either by replacing the batteries in the key fob, or by purchasing a new remote control.
  3. Car doors are not blocked. The causes of the malfunction can be different - from malfunctions in the system to problems with door locks.

Starline A91 alarm price

The average cost of the Starline security complex is 7,000 rubles. Buying a new key fob will cost 2 thousand rubles.


Favorable combination of reliability, quality and affordable price alarm "Starline A91" makes it one of the most popular security systems.

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