"Starline M31": instructions for use, installation and reviews


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"Starline M31": instructions for use, installation and reviews
"Starline M31": instructions for use, installation and reviews

The device is an addition to modern car alarms in the form of a GSM module. With the help of this sensor, the user gets the opportunity to expand the ways of communication with the telematic security complex. Often, such accessories are included in the basic configuration of security systems, but just the example of Starline M31 shows that individual modules perform their tasks much more efficiently.

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General information about the system

The Starline manufacturer offers alarm owners a useful radio module that opens up wide navigation possibilities. In particular, the sensor allows you to determine the location of the car, control the security infrastructure from a distance, receive alarm messages, etc. At the same time, the coverage of the module is almost unlimited, since cellular communication is also supported by the function of the GPS navigation system. The main channel for broadcasting commands is the GSM communication channel. By what signs does the Starline M31 system send a signal? The instructions for installing such systems for more effective threat tracking recommends installing sensors in all critical areas in terms of penetration. Must be installed at leasta shock sensor that, in the event of an unauthorized hacking attempt, will notify the car owner about what has happened. However, the sensor does not send the signal itself, but through the Starline module, having previously sent information to the alarm controller.

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Preparing for installation

The radio module is installed directly into the central alarm control unit. But for this you still need to get to this device, since some manufacturers recommend hiding them deep under the front panel. So, in order to gain access to the alarm controller, it is necessary to carefully dismantle the dashboard - as a rule, it is enough to remove the cover and auxiliary units, behind which the block can be hidden. So, it may be necessary to dismantle the heating deflectors and the lower panel shield along the way. But there are also simplified schemes for installing central controllers, which also facilitates the installation of the Starline M31 device. The instructions for some control units recommend that they also be fixed in a conspicuous place under the dashboard. But in this case, you will have to overcome the barriers of the fixing equipment, which are reinforced with metal profiles and damping materials for reliability.

Installation instructions

When access to the block is open, you can start disassembling it. To do this, you need a screwdriver of the appropriate format. Then you should get the central board of the controller. On its surface it is necessary to find a special groove, which is usually attached to the central part. to this socket andthe Starline M31 module should be integrated. The installation is carried out on the basis of the diagram in the instructions, in which special grooves for auxiliary fittings are marked. But you can do without documentation, since the module is structurally identical only to its own connector on the central unit board.

Preparing the module for work

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First of all, you need to provide the device with a SIM card. It is important that its format initially fits the connector. Then you can close the alarm control unit. The previously removed board is installed in the controller unit in reverse order. In this case, errors are also excluded, since all the structural elements of the Starline M31 complex and the alarms suitable for it allow only one possible assembly method. Next, the wiring from the sensors, relay, battery pack and auxiliary devices for maintaining the security function is connected. Do not forget that telematics systems are also associated with the engine autostart complex, the connection of which should be approached with extreme caution. The final stage of the operation will be the reverse installation of the car dashboard. Here it is important not to forget to hold the external buttons for setting and controlling the signaling module.

Operating instructions

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Basic setup operations will be related to module programming. Just for this, the buttons left on the surface of the dashboard from the controller can serve. To enter the mode,you must press the corresponding activation button 7 times. Next, the ignition is turned on, after which you need to wait until the unit itself starts the selected setting mode. When the controller activates the programming function, the corresponding indicator in the form of a satellite should light up on the key fob. You can check the quality of communication with the module using a direct call to the Starline M31 module. The instruction manual also notes that the system will require a password, the entry of which will mean the full activation of the telematic security function. As for the programming capabilities, they allow you to configure the system to control the functionality through the most convenient buttons on the key fob, specify the alarm intervals and other ergonomic parameters.

Positive Feedback

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Outwardly, the kit looks modest, but its functionality and operational capabilities show high performance. Motorists, for example, point to a stable signal support in conditions of remoteness over long distances, and the reliability of the electrical basis, as well as a rich range of communication tools. The owners of Starline M31 also note differences from competitive models. The difference is due to a whole set of additional options. In particular, the user of this module has access to the ability to remotely control the autostart of the engine, the function of listening to the cabin and control of some heating systems. But for the last option, it is necessary to arrange in advance one more connection line to the unitcontrol from the target heater. Actually, the same applies to optical systems.

Negative reviews

The complex, although it has a wide functionality, but it is not possible to implement it on all cars. Many point to this shortcoming as the weakest point of the system. Of course, the module is organically included in the infrastructure of models from its own manufacturer, but there may be problems with competitive security devices. This is not a rule, but the incompatibility of electrical devices is emphasized by many Starline M31 users. The price of the module, which is 5-7 thousand rubles, also pleases a few. For comparison, typical navigation and radio communication sensors on the market are available for 2-3 thousand, and in high quality. Another thing is that the device in question is specifically focused on alarm systems.


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With all the shortcomings in terms of the quality of performance of direct operational tasks, this model is one of the best solutions in the segment. The question of an alternative can only be in the key of acquiring a ready-made telematics complex with an integrated module of the same type. But, as already mentioned, individual sensors like the Starline M31 initially win in terms of their characteristics. They show a higher level of reliability, both in the physical assembly and in the wiring and cable connections. As for the navigation capabilities, according to users, the coordinates are determined with an accuracy of 2-5 m.

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