Remote Camera for Smartphone: Overview

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Remote Camera for Smartphone: Overview
Remote Camera for Smartphone: Overview

In our time it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a phone. The usual one with a small number of functions and capabilities was replaced by a “smart” phone - a smartphone. Since it is in great demand, the number of devices created for it has increased. A smartphone is often compared to a remote control: with its help, you can communicate with friends, listen to music, watch movies, take pictures, and also observe hard-to-reach details of various mechanisms.

What is a smartphone?

The word itself is borrowed from English and means "smart smart phone". A smartphone differs from a regular phone by having an operating system, thanks to which you can use several applications at the same time. Simply put, this is the same computer, only it is more convenient to work on it due to its compactness.

For several years, the following types of operating systems have been leading: Android, Apple iOs and Windows Phone. Regardless of their type, every smartphone can be improved a little with third-party devices. The following devices are connected to the phone via the USB output: mouse, keyboard, flashlight, speakers, flashdrive, camera, etc. For example, remote cameras for smartphones are used to improve the quality of photos and videos. We will consider some of their varieties later in the article.

Wired camera to smartphone

How does the camera work?

Over the past few years, the quality of photographs taken on digital devices has improved significantly. Remote cameras for smartphones allow you to shoot at night, under water, as well as independently adjust the shutter speed. There are many other useful features as well.

What does the camera device consist of? Maybe from megapixels? Partly yes, but in reality it's much more complicated. The ordinary-looking plastic eye of the camera is a multi-component system that performs complex processes. The basis of the work is the lens and the matrix. As an addition to them, there are all kinds of flashes, autofocus stabilizers, RGB sensors, laser rangefinders.

Remote camera for smartphone allows you to work in tandem with the control device. Now most phones are equipped with a camera, and the more expensive the device, the higher the quality of the images. But even the most expensive smartphone is not able to take pictures like a digital camera. What is it about?

Remote camera specifications

Main parameters and characteristics of a remote camera for a smartphone:

  • powerful zoom lens;
  • wireless smartphone connectivity;
  • photosensitive matrix.
  • Mini camera

In other words, extern althe camera can be controlled from a distance and can perform various functions, for example: bokeh - the ability to focus on the foreground subject, while what is behind will look a little blurry.

Types of remote cameras for smartphones

Depending on the nature of the connection with the control device - smartphone or tablet - the following types of cameras are distinguished:

  • wired (attached via USB port or headphone hole);
  • wireless (does not have a visible connection to a smartphone, but has a connection based on a special application that transmits data via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet);
  • The endoscope has a small eye and is considered a wired camera, but has a longer cord to make it easier to get into tight spaces.

Each kind of mini-camera has its own features and characteristics. After studying them, you can decide on the choice of purchase.

The benefits of a remote camera

Remote camera for a smartphone is needed not only to take pictures with high quality. An important advantage is that some external cameras may not be connected to the device via a cable, be it a smartphone or tablet. This makes it possible to position the camera at a distance from the photographer at a comfortable angle and height.

mini camera lens

This device is used for hidden or remote shooting, for example, video filming to protect an object or photographing shy animals. Pictures are perfect thanks toadditional settings that can be applied depending on the desired effect.

Motorcyclists and cyclists are overjoyed that the wireless remote camera for smartphone is on the market. With its help, the driver can observe the situation behind. The controller can be mounted on the handlebar and the camera can be placed on the seat.

Wired smartphone camera

The first external mini-camera was introduced by Sony. Subsequently, they gained wide popularity. Although they are all different in appearance, there is something in common in their design - external similarity with a lens from a digital camera and the ability to connect to a smartphone. Such a device can be attached to the smartphone itself over the factory one or as a standard webcam for a computer.

Remote wired camera for smartphone acts as a lens. Inside it is a light-sensitive matrix, which is paired with a processor. The wired camera also has a rechargeable battery and a memory card slot.

Such cameras include those that are attached with a magnet to a smartphone, while absolutely no wires are needed, the device works fine anyway. But the main disadvantage of such mini-cameras follows from this - a long transfer of a picture to a smartphone. But after transferring photos, you can perform various actions with them (edit, publish, etc.).

wired camera

Wired camera features

Developers identify 4 main positive properties of wired cameras:

  1. Outer camera endowedoptical zoom, unlike a smartphone camera, which has a digital zoom.
  2. The optical zoom prevents blurring and blurring of the image.
  3. High quality pictures.
  4. Wide viewing angle.

The only downside is the lack of high-quality flash, which leaves much to be desired when shooting at night.

Wireless camera

Remote wireless camera for smartphone is also called standalone Wi-Fi camera. Pictures are uploaded via video signal, with a maximum transmission distance of up to 80 meters. The camera is more commonly used in surveillance mode.

The appearance of the wireless camera is similar to a hockey puck, only larger. There are no holes, antennas or lens on its surface. Inside the so-called puck is an ultra-sensitive microphone, the camera itself and a Wi-Fi transmitter. It should be noted that the transmission range of such cameras depends on the presence of obstacles in the path of the video signal. Therefore, it is recommended to use such a device indoors only taking into account the number of obstacles, their thickness and absorption capacity.

Which device can receive video from a remote camera? For a smartphone on Android and on the iOs operating system, this is not difficult. Due to the wide functionality of the wireless camera, the scope of its application is practically unlimited.

Flexible camera endoscope

The most common uses of a mini camera are:

  • to control subordinates (employees inoffice, construction site workers, shop assistants, etc.);
  • to monitor the situation near the front door of an apartment or house;
  • as a “baby monitor” to look after a child who is in another room.

Remote wireless camera is suitable not only for entertainment, but also as a serious household helper.

Wireless camera features

Features of the external and internal parameters of the wireless mini camera:

  • nice and stylish appearance;
  • compact size;
  • support for all Wi-Fi networks;
  • remote view function;
  • battery operation;
  • convenient opening and closing of the lens;
  • application at a distance of 30-80 meters, depending on the presence of obstacles.

When buying a wireless camera, please note that not all models have a memory card.

Flexible chamber

When you need to look into hard-to-reach places, such as an engine motor or a sink drain pipe, a flexible endoscope camera for a smartphone will come to the rescue. USB is a universal port for connecting various devices, including a camera with a device.

This is a device that allows you to see what is happening in a place that is hard to reach for the naked eye of a person. She was appreciated:

  • dentists;
  • radio amateurs;
  • auto mechanics;
  • plumbing;
  • housewives.

Using a flexible camera just to make things easier is boring.Therefore, many use it for other useful or pleasant purposes. For example, for fun, as well as to get unusual and interesting shots.

Flexible chamber

By connecting a flexible camera (endoscope) to a smartphone's USB port, you can immediately display the image on the screen. A person who understands the trends of such technology may be surprised at the level of resolution of the device, which is 1280 × 720 (HD). Shooting with such a camera will allow you to see even the smallest details.

Usually, adapters for a computer are included with the device. With their help, you can upload video footage captured on a flexible camera. If the owner of the device works as a car mechanic, then he can record a video showing the cause of the breakdown, and then show it to the owner of the car.

The package also includes a special mirror. With it, you can see what is on the sides of the eye of the device. Thanks to the mirror, the viewing radius is increased.

Some flexible smartphone cameras can attach a magnet and a hook. With the help of this equipment, it becomes possible not only to look into the drain pipe, but also to eliminate the cause of the blockage. For example, if metal objects fell into the sink, a magnet will help to get them out, and if there is other garbage, then it can be hooked and pulled out using a hook.

Wired camera endoscope

Flexible camera features

Among the advantages of the device are the following:

  1. Water resistant. Statistics say that the device is most often used forpenetration into plumbing pipes, that is, where humidity is high.
  2. The ability of the device to work at different temperatures (from -18 to +80). The temperature range is quite large. Thanks to this, a person who does not have special equipment, but who decides to repair the car on his own, will be able to look at the engine up close and identify the cause of the breakdown. Even if the vehicle is in working condition and the parts are hot and in motion.
  3. Ability to connect to a tablet or smartphone. Thanks to this important function, it becomes possible to view a particular space in real time. The flexible tube can be used not only for fun, but also to solve problems with a clogged pipe.
  4. Wide viewing angle (60-66 degrees). For a long time, the flexible camera had a maximum of 50 degrees of view, which significantly worsened the experience of using it.
  5. Portable and compact. It is important to note that the small dimensions of the device do not affect the quality of shooting.

After reviewing remote cameras for a smartphone and having studied the above characteristics, you can accurately determine the choice of the design you need. The main thing is to know for what purpose you will use it, take into account your budget, determine the possibility of connecting the camera to a smartphone. And you can safely buy your favorite device.

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