The best launchers for Android: review, selection, installation

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The best launchers for Android: review, selection, installation
The best launchers for Android: review, selection, installation

Sooner or later, the standard Android interface gets boring, and it's not as pleasant to admire it as it was in the first months after purchase. Of course, it is foolish to change the phone just for the reason that the system interface has become boring and boring. There is another way to give the graphical shell a "second wind" - launchers.

There are a huge number of such programs, but today, as part of the review, we will only talk about the best Android launchers that everyone will definitely like, and also tell you how to install and change them in the system itself. It will be interesting!

What is a launcher?

So, before talking about the best launchers, it's worth saying a few words about what it is. After all, not everyone can know about it. The launcher is a third-party application that replaces the standard desktop, application menu and, in some cases, separate programs, such as the stock dialer or contact book.

A huge plus of launchers is that many of themthere is support for a huge number of additional themes, with the help of which icons, fonts, wallpapers, and sometimes even sounds are changed.


Now, in just a few sentences, we will tell you how to install the launcher on Android. In fact, everything here is very, very simple. If your phone has the Google Play app store, you can download the launcher directly from it.

launcher installation

If for some reason there is no store, you will have to search the Internet for the installation file, download it to your phone, and then install it manually by simply clicking on it and following the next steps.

How to change?

Well, in conclusion, a little about how to change the launcher on Android. After the application is installed, its shortcut will appear in the menu or on the desktop. You need to click on it to launch the launcher. At the first start, you will immediately be prompted to replace the standard launcher with a third-party one, for this, just follow the instructions of the application.

launcher replacement

If suddenly the proposal for a replacement did not appear automatically, then you can change the launcher yourself, through the settings of the application itself. That's all. Now you can proceed to the review.

GO Launcher EX

The first launcher to be discussed is the famous Go Launcher. Such an application has been on Google Play for a very long time and has over 100 million installations at its disposal. The application will please users with a huge availability of themes, speed,beautiful design and other delights.


After launching the launcher, the first thing that catches your eye is a nice interface and high speed. Also, the effect of flipping screens, which is made in 3D style, is very pleasantly surprising. The scrolling effect, by the way, can be changed. For this, a separate icon is displayed on the desktop. It is noteworthy that when you select an effect, you can immediately see the flipping animation - this is very convenient.

best go launcher ex

The second thing worth noting is the bottom panel with labels. In addition to the standard dialer, SMS, camera and browser icons, there are also a number of application icons that appear when you swipe left and right. You can customize apps in the GO Launcher EX settings, which is also very convenient.

The application menu also deserves some kind words. It has a quick search for applications, you can set a password, sort by several items, combine a number of applications into folders to save space, etc. In general, the menu functionality is in order here.

Among other interesting points, it is worth noting a huge number of themes, among which there are even paid options, as well as a collection of wallpapers, widgets, including branded ones from the launcher itself and a wide range of settings. You can change and edit literally everything: the desktop grid, the bottom application bar, notification indicators on shortcuts, icons, fonts, screen lock and much more.

go launcher ex review

According to its capabilities GO Launcher,Definitely one of the best Android launchers.


No shortcomings, alas, not done either. Although the launcher is distributed free of charge, ads, as well as banners with offers to purchase the premium version, appear often, and this is annoying. Also, within the free version, a number of functions in the settings are limited. And that's bad too. It is also disappointing that when you connect to the Internet, the speed of the launcher drops a little, because the amount of incoming advertising increases noticeably.

NOVA Launcher

The next Android launcher on the list is NOVA Launcher. This application is resorted to by all those who, for one reason or another, were not satisfied with the previous launcher, which, in general, is logical. NOVA has a simple and attractive interface, support for third-party themes, high speed and, most importantly, no annoying ads.


The first thing every user will see when starting NOVA Launcher is an almost empty desktop. It has only a search bar and a Google folder with related applications.

best launcher nova launcher

The bottom dock bar includes 4 customizable application icons and a menu entry button. The application menu itself is much simpler here. When you open it, you immediately see one huge list of all installed applications, which is not very convenient. There is also a search bar that helps you quickly find the program you need. The disadvantages immediately include the inability to create folders for more convenient grouping.

Launcher settings are veryextensive. Here you can change many options, for example, it is possible to change the desktop grid, enable infinite scrolling, select the swipe animation, adjust the icon size, etc. The applications menu also has its own settings, but for the most part they are similar to the previous options.

The bottom panel on the desktop can also be changed. In particular, it is proposed to increase or decrease the number of icons in the dock bar, select icon sizes, set the background color and much more.

nova launcher review

Among other interesting points, it is worth noting the ability to change the appearance of the launcher using third-party themes, support for quick gestures, backup settings, and more. In general, thanks to its capabilities, speed, lack of ads, low RAM consumption and other parameters, NOVA Launcher is considered one of the best launchers for Android today.


As for the shortcomings of the applications, these include the unavailability of some functions in the free version, the inability to create folders in the menu, a small number of themes and transition effects.

Evie Launcher

Another very popular Android launcher app is Evie Launcher. Although it is a relatively new app in this category, it has already gained a lot of positive reviews and has been ranked as the "Best Launcher of 2017" by several authoritative sources.

App description

Evie strikes with hersimplicity and minimalism. The launcher has one desktop by default, but additional screens can be added if necessary. On the main "table" at the very top there is a line that pleasantly surprises with its functionality. You can not only search for words on the Internet, but also search through installed applications - this is convenient.

best evie launcher

The application menu is conveniently hidden and you can access it with a swipe from the bottom of the screen up. The menu itself is simple and more like a contact list on your phone. Navigation can be done either by normal scrolling or through alphabetical navigation. The display mode in the form of a list can be changed to the usual "tiles".

Launcher settings are in no way inferior to the previous options. Here you can customize the desktop, change the grid, icon size, you can turn on the dock bar and also customize it. Separately, there is an item for changing icons, gesture support, folder management, etc.

What can you sum up for Evie? This is truly one of the best launchers for Android. It has everything you need for comfortable use, and you don’t even want to add any additional functions. In addition, Evie is completely free - it has no ads and absolutely all features are unlocked.

evie launcher review

Launcher cons

Surprisingly, it is very difficult to find fault with Evie even with a strong desire. There are no obvious flaws here, so perhaps it can be quite called ideal.

Microsoft Launcher

And in conclusion, the last one for today and one of the most beautiful launchers for Android is Microsoft Launcher. Such an application will obviously appeal to those who appreciate a beautiful and elegant interface. But do not think that, apart from beauty, there is nothing else here, on the contrary, the launcher has a very good functionality. However, everything is below.

App Features

Microsoft Launcher is very similar in its capabilities to the Windows operating system. You can also choose Bing's Image of the Day as your wallpaper here. You can customize the appearance of the current theme, like the same personalization in Windows, etc. It's great and I'm sure many people will like it.

best beautiful launcher

By default, the launcher creates 2 desktops. One has a folder with Microsoft apps, the other has a very handy feed, with news, calendar, frequently used apps, etc. The feed can also be fully customized.

As for the application menu, you can enter it through a separate button on the dock panel. Sorting and display options are changed through the settings. There is a search bar and an alphabetical index for faster navigation to the desired application. Folder creation is supported which is a big plus.

The application settings are very interesting and extensive. In addition to changing wallpapers and themes, here you can customize folders, desktop grid, bottom dock bar, application menu, activate notification icons, customize gestures and much more. Also worthnote one very useful feature that is useful for weak devices - "High performance mode". With it, you can turn off visual effects, thereby increasing the performance of the launcher.

microsoft launcher review

The unequivocal advantages of the program include high speed, beautiful and user-friendly interface, wide customization options, complete lack of advertising, no paid features, branded widgets and much more.

Launcher Disadvantages

As in the previous case, this launcher has no serious disadvantages. The performance is good, the interface is convenient and pleasant, there are no ads and paid features. The only thing that might be a disadvantage for someone is the ability to install third-party themes and change icons, but this is not such a big minus to refuse a wonderful and one of the best launchers on Android.

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