Multi split system: specifications, installation, reviews


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Multi split system: specifications, installation, reviews
Multi split system: specifications, installation, reviews

With the onset of summer, many of us are thinking about where to hide from the heat. This issue has become especially relevant in recent years, when anomalously high temperatures are observed. Work or lack of money will not allow us to wallow somewhere on the beach for days by the sea, and we get tired of such a pastime quickly, so we suggest thinking about a very useful invention - an air conditioner that will make it easier to stay indoors in any heat.

Important steps for choosing the "right" air conditioner

Before you run to the store and choose the air conditioner according to the popularity of the brand, it is worth additionally preparing. What is this preparation? Of course, it’s not about memorizing which is cooler: Daikin or Mitsubishi air conditioners are brands that are in high demand, although the manufacturer’s fame is also important, and products from more famous brands are usually better and more durable. For the right choice of climate technology that will serve your home for a long time and at the same timewill maintain a favorable climate, there are a few things to be aware of before purchasing a cooling unit.

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Air conditioner price

To begin with, soberly assess your financial situation and decide on the budget, that is, choose the maximum and minimum that you are willing to spend on climate control equipment. This will help you narrow down your search and choose an air conditioner that suits your needs. At the same time, when thinking about the budget, consider not only the cost of buying the air conditioner itself, but also the cost of installing it, which we will discuss below.

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Correct choice of power

When you have decided on this, proceed to accurately measure the square meters that your new multi-split system will cool. The power of the required product directly depends on this. To correctly calculate the power of the air conditioner that will suit you from A to Z, the sellers in the store will help you. If suddenly they cannot do this, do not be discouraged. The simplest formula for selecting an air conditioner: if its power is multiplied by 10, we get the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, the air conditioning of which the model you have chosen can easily handle (for example, if the cooling power of the air conditioner is 3.5 kW, then 3.510 \u003d 35 sq.m - the area of ​​the room in which he can easily cope with the task).

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Additional features of the air conditioner

Next you will need to understand what kind of tasks you will solve with the help ofconditioner. Should it be heated? Should it have an anti-icing system? How many rooms should your air conditioner cool? How much space can you allocate to it (after all, some models take up quite a lot of space)? A multi-split system will help save it. She has one external unit, but there can be several internal units, which saves your money, reducing the cost of both purchasing additional external units and installing them.

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Air conditioner installation

Any multi-split system requires professional installation, which, of course, requires a specialist. The cost of installing air conditioners in Moscow today varies in the range of 5 thousand rubles of the Russian Federation, depending on the power of the device, the complexity of the connection work, the number of external and internal units and the installation height. Of course, if you are not a professional in installing air conditioners, then you should immediately take into account the amount of costs for installing / installing a split system, which, as a rule, can be calculated upon purchase, but the installation of a multi split system can be ordered both upon purchase and and after.

There are a few issues that need to be resolved before starting the installation. Where should the outdoor unit be located so that it does not damage the facade of the building, does not interfere with the noise of the neighbors, and the discharge of condensate does not fall on passers-by? How to fit indoor units into the interior? Will there be obstructions to the air flow to the air conditioner units? How accessible is the possibility of installing cables and pipelines connecting the external and internalblocks? At the same time, if there is a bed in the room, it should be taken into account that the air direction should not be in its direction.

After resolving these issues, the installation process itself, of course, with the necessary tools, will take a little time. Holes for the pipeline will be drilled, communications will be laid, blocks will be fixed and connected. After that, commissioning and test run are carried out. Of course, the whole process looks so simple only if you involve the services of a team of specialists who have a set of professional tools in their arsenal and experience in carrying out such work.

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Duct and cassette air conditioners: what are their advantages

If you are concerned about the noise level, it is better to choose a duct or cassette air conditioner, but this option is only suitable if your home has false ceilings. Only such air conditioners are attached to such a design. The first block supplies cold through the air ducts, the second redistributes it with the help of a grill. Thus, you can forget about the directed flow of cold air, as is the case if you use an air conditioner, a multi-split system or a window cooler. The directional flow of air from the air conditioner, as you know, can lead to at least frequent colds. There are also options for installing equipment when you can cool the entire apartment with one air conditioner. This eliminates the need to install several multi-split systems to cool a large area. In this case, more powerful options are used.or even industrial.

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Reliable and economical - what kind of air conditioner?

Equally important than the price of an air conditioner when choosing a model is the level of electricity consumption and durability. To provide both, we recommend buying an inverter air conditioner. The fact is that the compressor consumes most of the electricity at startup, and it also wears out faster if it constantly turns on and off. In the case of an inverter air conditioner, it will not constantly turn off. It's just that when you set the desired temperature, it will work at maximum speed, and then at a minimum, maintaining the set temperature.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of air conditioning products to choose from. Daikin air conditioners today meet all of the above requirements. The line includes equipment for wall, ceiling, cassette, channel, floor types, as well as universal models.

Multi-split system: issue price

Thus, not only the manufacturer, which has established itself in the market as a high-quality and reliable supplier of climate equipment, is important, but also, first of all, the technical characteristics and performance of the selected model.

At the same time, if we consider air conditioners, for example, Mitsubishi brands, multi-split systems from this manufacturer have proven themselves from the best side: as reliable, practical and versatile models that meet international quality requirements and have in their lineupa wide variety of options that can ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of the air conditioning system both in a city apartment and in a country house. To date, the average price for a reliable air conditioning system for a one-room apartment with installation in Moscow varies from 30 to 50 thousand rubles of the Russian Federation.

So, we advise you to rely on all the data given in the article when choosing. This will help you buy an air conditioner inexpensively, but with all the functionality you need for your situation.

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