Mobile phone Fly FF301: specifications and reviews

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Mobile phone Fly FF301: specifications and reviews
Mobile phone Fly FF301: specifications and reviews

In the era of sophisticated and complex gadgets, push-button phones still do not lose their relevance. The Fly FF301 model is intended for people who, first of all, call calls in a mobile device, and then everything else. This device fully meets these requirements: a nice design, comfortable keys, minimal functionality and, most importantly, a low and affordable price make it very attractive for undemanding users.

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In the box with the device, in addition to the device itself, a headset is supplied, which is also an antenna for the FM receiver installed in the gadget. Here are other accessories that the Fly FF301 phone contains: instructions, certificate and charger.


The case of the device is made of plastic and has a strict and attractive appearance. The user will be able to choose one of two color options: black or white. The assembly of Fly FF301 is very high quality, the design does not play or stagger, it is also worth noting the minimum gaps.

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On the front panel there is a display,speaker for calls and keys. The buttons came out large enough, so the risk of making a mistake when typing is minimal. The navigation joystick and the keys responsible for the main control turned out to be quite convenient.

On the back of the device is a camera, a flash that also plays the role of a flashlight, and a music speaker. There are no side keys in the gadget.

The top of the phone is empty like the sides, the bottom is a micro-USB jack, a microphone and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Total dimensions of the device are 56.8x129x11.8 mm, weight - 104 g. The Fly FF301 cell phone fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip, and there are no fingerprints on the matte surface of the case.


The size of the Fly FF301 TFT display is 3 inches, the resolution is 240x320 pixels. With such a number of pixels, you should not expect any miracles in terms of color reproduction. The settings allow you to adjust the backlight level - useful when the brightness needs to be lowered to extend battery life.

Viewing angles turned out to be very bad: when looking at the screen from the side, it is almost impossible to make out the contents. The colors are very pale and inconspicuous, so you won't be able to fully enjoy the video or picture.

As for the screen proportions, they are matched almost perfectly for such a phone. The display looks quite large, it fits a large amount of information. This will be a plus when browsing the Internet or any document.

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Fly FF301 features and specificationsOpportunities

Since the Fly FF301 mobile phone is not particularly designed for any extraneous tasks, except for calls and SMS messages, the processor is also very modest: its clock frequency is only 312 MHz. However, navigating through the menu items and using certain standard options is quite simple and convenient: the system does not slow down or freeze. The processor quickly processes the photos taken by the camera. If the user still decides to access the Internet using this device, he will have problems downloading heavy resource-intensive web pages.

As for the memory for storing data, the device has only 32 MB installed by default. With such a hard drive, you won't even be able to take a photo with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. A memory card will help to correct the situation, the slot for which is located inside the phone under the battery. The gadget is able to recognize flash drives up to 32 GB in size. Fly FF301 has Bluetooth for data transfer.

A nice feature is the ability to connect two SIM-cards at once. Their connectors are located next to the memory card slot. This will allow you to use the phone for communication even more efficiently by installing, say, two cards of different operators or different tariffs.

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You can't really count on the quality of optics: what is 1.3 megapixels nowadays? If the developers endowed the device with autofocus, then on the street in good lighting it would be possible to take not the worst pictures, but due to its absenceimage quality looks terrible. Only portraits and panoramas are tolerated, and even then only for viewing on a small screen.

The flash is more suitable as a flashlight, since this LED is unable to properly illuminate the area where the shooting is being done. The image always turns out dark and of poor quality, so if you are going to take photos with this camera, it is best to do it outdoors on a clear sunny day.

Also, the phone is capable of shooting videos with a resolution of 320x240, but their quality clearly leaves much to be desired.

Other camera functions include settings for brightness, contrast and various filters: black and white, sepia and others.


Fly FF301 boasts a very loud and clear speaker. Thanks to this, it is almost impossible to miss an important call or oversleep at work without hearing the alarm. The audio system functions soundly and produces quite decent sound quality for a budget category device.

The audio player plays MP3, but to download tracks, the user needs to purchase a memory card, which, unfortunately, is not included. Music played through the headset is standard sound.

For those who like to spend time enjoying radio stations, the developers have installed an FM receiver. The antenna for it is a headset, so without connecting it, the activation of the radio is impossible.


The set of pre-installed applications is very poor: we only have a calculator at our disposal,flashlight and converter. The flash, although unsuitable for lighting pictures, does a good job as a flashlight that can illuminate a small area. So in those cases when you need to find the keys to the apartment in your bag, being in a dark entrance, you can count on the phone.

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In the "Services" section there is an option to access the Internet. It will not be possible to fully access the World Wide Web on such a device, but it is quite possible to flip through some simple pages that do not require a large amount of system resources.

Mobile phone Fly FF301 black has three alarm clocks for which you can set ringtones yourself, there is also a timer, world time and other unimportant options.


One of the strengths of the gadget is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1450 mAh. In talk mode, it can work up to 5 hours, and in standby mode - up to 400 hours. Music lovers will appreciate the fact that it is possible to listen to songs in the device's player for up to 35 hours without additional recharging. The modest screen "eats" the battery very slowly, so it is extremely unlikely that at the most unexpected moment you will find yourself with zero charge.

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Model and firmware price

The average cost of a phone starts from 1990 and goes up to about 2390 rubles. If there were any problems with the system of the device (it started to work unstably, fail, or the device failed altogether), then in special workshopsfirmware for Fly FF301 will cost about 1000 rubles. The time of work in each service depends on the degree of employment of specialists. Another question: does it make sense to pay almost half the cost of a new device for firmware? After all, it is not a fact that after it the phone will work like a new one. In such cases, it is easiest to purchase another device.


Another budget device with modest specifications. Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting an attractive design, high-quality assembly, a capacious battery, a low price, a loud speaker and the ability to work with two SIM cards at once. The disadvantages include a frankly weak camera, a faded screen with poor viewing angles, low resolution and a negligible amount of the “native” memory of the device, due to which, in addition to the device, the user is forced to immediately purchase a memory card.

Fly FF301: customer reviews

Almost all users praise the body of the device: they consider it quite attractive, thin and comfortable. There are no complaints about the design of the device.

About the screen, opinions are mixed: some believe that the display is quite tolerable for the money, others scold the small poor-quality font and poor viewing angles.

The sound of the device impressed many owners. Users admit that they did not expect such a high-quality speaker from a budget category model. There is also a good conversational speaker: it does not wheeze and produces a loud sound, so the interlocutor is heard clearly and clearly.

The lack of T9 and Java support has confused some customers, but if they think sodisadvantage, then small.

firmware for fly ff301

The camera is criticized by almost everyone. There are not enough pixels at all to take a decent picture, besides, the poor quality of the photo is due to the lack of autofocus. However, there are those who believe that for 2000 rubles it is not worth expecting more from a camera, and it makes no sense to attribute it to a clear disadvantage.

Many people are satisfied with the set of pre-installed applications that allow them to cope with the simplest tasks. The browser seemed to the owners too slow. In isolated cases, incorrect operation of the alarm clock was noted: in some cases it rings, in others it does not.

Battery life users unanimously consider the indisputable advantage of the model. You can listen to the radio and the player all the time without fear of losing the charge at the most inopportune moment. In standby mode, the phone lives up to 400 hours.

Users praise the ability to work with two SIM-cards at once. Some swap cards from two old phones to this model and claim that making calls is much easier and more convenient.

There is a good interaction between the phone and the PC: it connects quickly, data is transferred without problems, Bluetooth also works properly.

There were also those owners who love the Fly FF301. Their reviews say that the price-quality criterion not only justified itself, but also exceeded all expectations. The amount of the phone suits, the necessary set of functions is present, the battery lasts a long time, the speaker is loud - what else can you demand from an ordinary dialer?

Owners are advised to purchase a screen protector immediately when buying a phone, as it scratches heavily and the marks remain very noticeable. But as for the case, the matte surface virtually eliminates the visibility of fingerprints and scratches badly.

They criticize the small capacity of the phone card: only 100 numbers, each of which can only be linked to one number. In addition, users are confused by the lack of an MMS function.

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