IMTCPay: how to disable "easy payment"?


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IMTCPay: how to disable "easy payment"?
IMTCPay: how to disable "easy payment"?

It happens that the once chosen tariff offered by MTS does not quite meet the needs, and then you have to change it to another one. Some customers eventually ask the question: "How to disable iMTCPay?", which for some reason does not meet their needs.

how to disable imtcpay

Convenient tariff

From the "easy payment" service, users expected many convenient features. But in fact, not all MTS customers will be able to answer the question: “What is SMS iMTCPay?” This service provides busy people with the opportunity to pay for various services using mobile communications, including utility bills, payment for a purchase made in a shopping center or via the Internet, MTS bills, and various other payments.

Financial infusion occurs by replenishing the phone balance, but thanks to the available bank card, the issue of payment can be resolved.

What is convenient - the financial procedure does not take much time, since the service is open for use at any time of the day, there are no breaks here, just like weekends. Atpart of the payments, no commission is charged or it is less than in any bank or payment terminal. It is possible to create payment templates.

This service also has compatibility with a huge number of different phones, flexible settings.

Possibility of use

This service was made available thanks to:

  • special mobile application;
  • ussd commands. It is enough to dial code 115. This portal is considered the most universal in terms of access to "easy payment";
  • special web portal.

To make payments from a personal account, you can use one of these methods, but if we are talking about a bank card, then this can only be done through a mobile application.

Regardless of how the function is used, before the payment should go through, a message is sent to the phone with a request to confirm the financial transaction, where all the payment parameters and the service fee are indicated. In response, the client sends a message confirming or rejecting the operation.

how to disable imtcpay on mts

If a bank card is involved, the bank receives information from the mobile application that an iMTCPay payment is required. This automatically includes the card number and payment amount.

Is the protection reliable?

Access to this mobile app is password protected. It should be known only to the user who switched to the "easy payment" tariff, therefore the formation of any request by third parties must be completelybe excluded. When the money is debited, the iMTCPay payment is completed, the transaction is completed, an SMS notification is sure to come, from which it is clear that the payment has been made, and if the commission was withheld, its amount is also announced.

Security was promised thanks to a closed password and an automatic check of the service, which is able to find out if the addressee and the specified payment match. All this is done to avoid any kind of fraud, so that there is no substitution of the recipient of the payment transaction.

This mobile system has received a certificate that legally complies with banking standards - PCI DSS, and therefore constitute equal rights in terms of security level for various types of payments that are made with bank cards.

Spending limits

If an MTS client uses a bank card, requests are charged - for service management, reports, messages, etc.

The tariff has restrictions, and quite tough. For example, you can pay a personal account up to a certain amount, and financial transactions performed per day should not exceed the amount of 15 thousand rubles, and per week - no more than 50 thousand rubles.

imtcpay how to disable 6996

If a bank card is involved in payments, it is not valid for all banks, including corporate card holders who cannot use the service to make expenses on the production part, and no more than seven transactions can be carried out during the day.

If the next payment cannot be made due to the fact thatthere is enough money in the account, there is an option to still make the payment, but the money will be withdrawn from the bank card. This is where the mobile app comes to the rescue.

Personal account

The personal account will help you find out all the information about how bank cards were used in the "easy payment" service, check the payments made, and clarify whether the tariffs have been changed. After the program is launched, all the terms of the contract are accepted, a password is set, access to all programs is opened after updating the necessary parameters.

How to disable iMTCPay?

Not all users were satisfied with the work of this service, although it was conceived as a very profitable and simple function that makes life easier in many cases and significantly saves time.

Someone did not agree to overpay for the services provided by the service, or the commission fee seemed more than we would like, someone had contradictions and conflict situations with the service representative.

If you still have a question: "How to disable iMTCPay "Easy payment"?", There are several options for how to do this.

Change password

But first, operators, if the user hesitates whether to refuse the service, they may advise changing the password. To do this, use the previously configured "personal account" function and change the access code. In this case, the updated menu is loaded, a list of available payments is displayed, and the number of those payments that are already included in the history is set.

imtcpay what to do if money is stolen

You can reset your password here. If it has been forgotten, then it will be more difficult to solve this problem, since for security, all applications - bank cards that are connected are deleted. Everything will have to be reconnected.

If there is a cancellation of the tariff, a message about the successful cancellation of the package should come.

Danger from scammers

But if a significant amount of money has disappeared from the account before, and it is impossible to determine how this happened, you will have to seek a refund. Sometimes this happens because of scammers who managed to make a so-called clone of the SIM card, and the debiting of money continues.

If such suspicions arise, operators are advised not to respond to SMS messages sent from unknown numbers, not to answer those calls whose subscribers are unknown. It is not recommended to send messages from your phone when advertising mailings arrive or unknown subscribers ask you to provide all possible assistance to someone by transferring some amount to an unknown number. As statistics show, in most cases, such actions are carried out by scammers, therefore, in the future, the subscriber will be forced to lose significant amounts without understanding where they disappear from the accounts.

Even if it is very interesting to know what kind of sms iMTCPay received, it is better to restrain curiosity, and turn off "easy payment" faster.

Fight for refund

It is also not recommended to enter codes via SMS messages if iMTCPay money was stolen, and what to do is not yet clear. You will most likely need to contactthe nearest service center of the operator with a written application, which will set out the request to terminate the tariff. You must have your passport and a copy with you.

imtcpay payment completed transaction

If fraudsters are guilty of withdrawing money, you will have to contact law enforcement agencies to help resolve the conflict situation, return the stolen money and punish the criminals. Again, you need to bring identification documents with you.

Short number off

It is possible to disable the service through an existing smartphone running on the Android or iOS platform.

There is a way to suspend the "easy payment" service using a short number. To find out how to disable iMTCPay, 6996 is the number to call and follow the instructions. This number is used during the validity of the tariff, when a request is required that confirms any payment being made. This function is paid during the validity of the tariff, and its cost depends on the region where the subscriber is located.

In order for the transaction to be completed, a message must be sent to this number. The text can be of any content. In order for the message to be eliminated, it is enough to enter the sign "0". All messages are processed and the sender is eventually notified accordingly.

If there is a desire to disconnect from the tariff, then after dialing the short number, press "0" on the keyboard and then you need to perform all actions according to the instructions. After the rate has becomeinvalid, the short number will automatically stop working.

Special trip codes

A short number is included in the services of the standard "easy payment" service and is connected to many tariffs that MTS has by default. The short number does not have a subscription fee, payment is included when something needs to be paid. For each payment there will be a percentage, which is laid down in various organizations individually.

MTS does not have a special service deactivation code “6996”, but if it is not needed, it is possible to contact the operator or go to the service center, always with a passport, and ask the employee to deactivate the service. You can contact the operator by phone by dialing the number "0890", then following the instructions of the autoinformer, in order to get in touch with an employee of the company, you should press the number "0".

Service Center

As users advise, for faster resolution of issues related to the services provided by telephone companies, it is better to contact service centers for help. The service there is good, you can get answers from specialists to all your questions.

An interactive menu will also come to the rescue. To do this, the usual combination “1111” is dialed, and all operator prompts are performed through the voice menu.

imtcpay payment

If the need to disconnect happened while the user is roaming, you can use the services of a telephone number - + 7-495-766-01-66. This number is dialed in international format, afterconnections will need to be carefully listened to, and instructions consistently followed.

Disconnect using the "personal account"

In the "personal account" the problem of how to disable iMTCPay will be solved almost instantly, but the password and login entered earlier will be required.

It is the phone number that is the login, and the password is the ability to order. There is a specific link for this, you can get it through a special SMS message.

If you have a tablet, in the case when you need to find out how to disable iMTCPay on MTS, or it's an MTS connection modem, you can enter your "personal account" automatically. When authorization has occurred, then by entering the "personal account", it is turned off, but it is also possible to untie a bank card.

There is one more short number - 7763. If the transaction and payment are completed, how to disable iMTCPay is still not clear, then it is enough to cancel the options, and this number ceases to be valid. If, however, messages continue to arrive, you must use a service such as "content ban". You can connect it using your "personal account" or using the following combination - "1522". When the deactivation of the tariff takes effect, both paid and free subscriptions that were carried out from short numbers will disappear.

In the MTS service department, any operator of the center knows how to disable iMTCPay, and therefore he will be able to deactivate the service as quickly as possible.

Authorization on the site

The official website will also help you opt out of the "easy payment" service. To do this, you must be authorized Some users who have not previously visited this site can also take advantage of its capabilities. To do this, you need to enter your own mobile phone number, and using an SMS message, ask for a password for further actions.

If manipulations are carried out on a tablet or modem from MTS, the entrance will be performed automatically. No credentials needed.

In the section where services are displayed, there is an "easy payment" panel. Here you need to run the “disable” command, and here, more precisely, in your personal profile, the bank card is detached.

what is sms imtcpay

The "easy payment" service was supposed to become a universal service. At first, it was a micro-code placed in a special SIM card, which contained the mtcpay service and the transaction was carried out only when the SIM card was changed to a special one. But only after a while the service itself was introduced directly, which could be carried out immediately from the phone or from the site. Whether it is convenient or not, only users of this service can decide.

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