Smartphone MTS 982T: review and owner reviews

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Smartphone MTS 982T: review and owner reviews
Smartphone MTS 982T: review and owner reviews

MTS has proposed a new budget smartphone model - 982T. Like all other phones produced under this brand, the communicator is blocked for using SIM cards of other operators. Up to ten attempts to unlock the phone are provided. However, with the use of special programs, it is still possible to connect to operators other than MTS. In this case, you get an inexpensive smartphone and do not overpay for often unnecessary add-ons to the device, and you also do not need to invest additional funds in competition and advertising from manufacturers. Mobile phones from carriers are often very successful. Whether the MTS 982T smartphone is such, we can find out if we test it. More details below.

MTS 982T: appearance review

mts 982t

The packing box is made of red cardboard, it is of the usual rectangular shape with the image of a smartphone, the logo of the mobile operator, the name of the phone and a brief description of the characteristics of the MTS 982T. The communicator comes with a charger, a headset and a USB cable. Picking up a smartphone, we can hardly call it thin: the thickness of the case is 12.3 mm. In general, a mobile phone with a four-inchThe display is quite compact. The case is made of inexpensive plastic, but pleasant enough to the touch. To protect the screen from damage, a metal side runs along its entire perimeter. At the bottom of the display are three familiar function buttons on touch controls. On the top of the smartphone there are mechanical keys to lock the screen and adjust the volume. The back of the case is completely made of matte plastic. The speaker and camera of the device are securely recessed into the body and framed by protective metal frames. On the bottom there are holes for charging and connecting to a computer, and on the top we can see a headphone or stereo headset jack.

MTS 982T: quality reviews

mts 982t review

For such an inexpensive phone, quite high-quality materials were used, the assembly does not cause any complaints. The back cover is removable, the manufacturers tried to securely attach it to the case. To open the device, you will have to work a little. But this feature is rather useful, because when using a smartphone, less dust and moisture will get inside.

Performance and features

mts 982t reviews

The four-inch display of a mobile device has a resolution of 800x480 pixels. This is quite enough for daily work, because the text is viewed quite clearly on such a small screen. The brightness can be adjusted independently, when direct sunlight hits the phone, the parameters are displayed to the maximum. Contrast andthe color reproduction of the display does not cause any complaints, it is quite convenient to use the phone.

Smartphone MTS 982T is fast enough when it comes to launching applications, turning pages or using the Internet. With this mobile device, of course, it is impossible to run heavy games, but this is not required for its price category.

The 1400 mAh battery of the MTS 982T mobile phone is removable, without recharging you can do up to fourteen hours of active use of the device (calls, sending messages, correspondence in social networks, web surfing). With continuous video viewing or gaming, the battery will last for six hours of use.

The smartphone supports wireless connection, bluetooth 4.0, radio, can surf the Internet using 3G.

With the maximum allowable load, the mobile device does not heat up, which indicates a good balance of the phone.

The smartphone is programmed to support only MTS SIM cards, but if necessary, using special programs, it can also be adapted to use other operators.


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The camera of the MTS 982T smartphone supports a 3.2 megapixel module and a flash. This is enough to take high-quality pictures for social networks. The interface of the device is simple, without the use of additional built-in functions. There are practically no photo and video settings, you can not bother too much and shoot in automatic mode.

So thisa budget smartphone fully pays for the cost with its functionality.

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