The 1N4007 diode is an ideal tool for building powerful rectifier bridges


The 1N4007 diode is an ideal tool for building powerful rectifier bridges
The 1N4007 diode is an ideal tool for building powerful rectifier bridges

The 1N4007 diode is a powerful semiconductor device most commonly used in power supplies. To be more precise - in their rectifier part, that is, in the diode bridge. Its main task is to convert AC voltage to DC, which is used by most microelectronic components today. The principle of operation of the diode is as follows. In one direction, it is open, and a signal passes through it without problems. If you change the polarity of the signal, then it will close and practically nothing will pass through itself.

Diode 1n4007

1N4007 diode produced in Taiwan. At the same time, the production facilities of DIODES and RECTRON SEMICONDACTOR companies are involved. There are products of other brands, but much less frequently.


The main characteristics of the 1N4007 diode are as follows:

  • weight 0.35g;
  • maximum soldering temperature 250 degrees Celsius no more than 10 seconds;
  • cathode is indicated by a special ring, which is applied to the body;
  • maximum (also called "peak") voltage - no more than 1000 V;
  • operating temperature range is -55up to +125 degrees Celsius;
  • the highest value of current through the device should not exceed 1 A;
  • maximum voltage drop with an open p-n junction is not more than 1 V at a current value of 1 A.

If you pay attention to the highest allowable potential value, you can understand that this is a powerful diode that will easily work with 220 or 380 V. Based on this, we can say that it was originally developed for power supplies. Diode 1N4007 is most often found in the rectifier part of the circuit.

1n4007 diode


The main scope of 1N4007 is diode bridges. Another, less common area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir use is power electronics. It can be various analog amplifiers. In this case, their implementation can significantly improve the characteristics of the end device. You can also use them in regulated power supplies, where he managed to prove himself perfectly.


1N4007 is just one of the representatives of a whole family of this class of devices. This also includes 1N4001-1N4006. That is, the last index changes in this series. The smaller it is, the less powerful semiconductor element is used. With great confidence, we can say that 1N4007 is the most versatile and can replace any member of this family, since it is the most powerful.


A complete analogue of the 1N4007 diode among domestic semiconductor products is KD258D. In turn, similar characteristicspossess:

  • 10D4, 1N2070, 1N3549 - products of Diotec Semiconductor;
  • Diode analog 1n4007
  • BY156, BYW27-1000 - from Thomson;
  • BYW43 - from Philips;
  • HEPR0056RT - by Motorola.

The possible list of analogues does not end there, but these are the most common replacement options.


1N4007 semiconductor element is widely used for various modifications of power supplies. A diode of this class is simply indispensable for the creation or repair of most devices of this type. He can easily replace any unit of his family. 1N4007 is highly reliable, low cost, and versatile. It is due to these factors that it has found wide application.

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