Cryptocurrency exchanges: ranking of the best

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Cryptocurrency exchanges: ranking of the best
Cryptocurrency exchanges: ranking of the best

The article presents the 2017 rating of cryptocurrency exchanges available for Russian-speaking traders. Let's try to find out which cryptocurrency exchange is better, and who definitely should not be trusted.

Among all the existing Russified trading platforms, experienced Internet merchants especially single out the exchange located on the website.

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges available for Russian-speaking traders

Until now, the Russified exchange is at the top of popularity, allowing traders to sell and buy rubles. We are talking about Exmo. According to the creators of the exchange, Exmo was launched after a thorough study of the miscalculations made by potential rivals. As a result, the goal was achieved: traders work in conditions close to exemplary.

Commission fee for purchase and sale transactions is 0.2%. The deposit of funds is made without charging a commission fee. The procedure for confirming personal data can be omitted, however, in cases where the user is going to cash out funds through a bank, verification is required. A Russian-speaking user who fills out his profile and confirms the accuracy of the specified information receivespriority right to withdraw dollars and euros.

The following Russian-language cryptocurrency exchanges in the 2017 ranking enjoy no less confidence.

The simple interface of the C-Cex exchange allows traders to trade using almost 200 types of cryptocoins (even though the number of sellers simultaneously present on the trading floor often approaches 200 thousand people).

cryptocurrency exchange reliability rating

Other benefits of the C-Cex trading platform:

high security and two-factor authentication capability;

prompt processing of purchase and sale orders, as well as the ability to quickly withdraw funds;

transaction fee is 0.2%, there is no service fee for deposits and withdrawals;

three-level affiliate program;

the possibility of free transfer of funds within the trading platform;

support for QR codes;

an active chat through which traders can share experiences, talk about personal experiences and discuss various strategies;

the introduction of a new currency is carried out only after the general vote

The Livecoin exchange provides an opportunity to exchange and store bitcoins and altcoins inside the system. The new currency is introduced to the trading floor after a general vote or by selling trading places. About 60 currency pairs are involved in trading.

Distinctive characteristics of Livecoin:

With an increase in turnover, the amount of the commission fee for depositing and withdrawing funds is reduced by 0,2-0.02%, with fees only for transactions. Funds are withdrawn to virtual wallets for free

Representatives of different countries can be on the exchange at the same time - the site is translated into many languages, which makes it understandable and accessible to the world community

YoBit trading exchange closes this list, but not the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges. YoBit works with all known types of cryptocurrency and unpopular ones. About five hundred active trading pairs are used on the trading platform. The bitcoin exchange rate on this exchange often exceeds the price set on other sites.

The amount of the commission charged for transactions depends on each specific case, but does not exceed 0.2%. In addition, the site is actively distributing bonuses, giving away coins and holding sweepstakes.

In order to protect user accounts, the site uses two-factor authentication.

The quantitative composition of cryptocurrencies allows the YoBit platform to compete with sites such as Poloniex and C-Cex.

cryptocurrency exchange rating

The most visited cryptocurrency exchanges. Ranking 2017

Poloniex. Users whose transaction volume exceeded 120,000 BTC are exempt from the commission fee here.

Bittrex. Any trader working on this exchange can request the provision of paper copies of emails. The cost of the service is 10 US dollars. For a surcharge of $1, residents of the United States will be able to get the correspondence they are interested in in their own hands. Outside USAmail is delivered at an additional cost. Bittrex fee - 0.25%.

The rating of cryptocurrency exchanges that accepted the largest number of Russian-speaking users in 2017 is closed by the Exmo exchange. Traders here are charged a 0.2% commission fee, and part of this money will be returned to the merchant's account if the volume of his transactions increases.

Exmo provides Russian-speaking merchants willing to pay 2% commission with the ability to withdraw funds to Yandex.Money.

3% fee will be paid by those wishing to withdraw their earnings to a Paypal wallet. When transferring funds to Visa / MasterCard, 7.5 USD is added to the 3% commission fee, when transferring funds to Webmoney, 2% is charged. Those wishing to withdraw their earnings to an AdvCash or Perfect Money card account will also pay a 2% commission.

For the transfer of earned funds to hryvnia accounts, users from Ukraine pay 3% when withdrawing to Visa/MasterCard and 0% when withdrawing to AdvCash. Withdrawals to Privat24 are not possible.

cryptocurrency exchange rating 2017

Bitfinex exchange: good, but hazy

Negative reviewers almost always refer to the tricky and not entirely transparent concept of fees implemented on Bitfinex. For example, when replenishing an account with the electronic currency z-cash (the creator is Zerocoin Electric Coin Company), the Bitfinex system charges a commission for completing a sale and purchase transaction, plus a commission fee for replenishment. Traders pay for trading operations separately, in the form of a monthly fee.

ExchangeBitfinex could certainly influence the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges if its creators listened to the opinion of experienced Internet entrepreneurs.

One of the most profitable, but…

Poloniex. This trading platform is visited by "sharks" of the virtual-trading crypto-society. There is an opinion that Poloniex could lead another rating of cryptocurrency exchanges - in terms of money turnover. It is known that not so long ago the daily turnover of the exchange reached 68216 coins.

But, unfortunately, this exchange has one significant "minus" - the sluggishness of technical support. According to users of this site, there were cases when the staff responsible for technical support did not get in touch until several months later.

Most trusted trading platforms frequented by Russian speaking traders

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange whose reliability rating is not inferior to other trading platforms actively visited by Russian and Ukrainian Internet entrepreneurs.

ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges by volume

On the Bittrex trading platform, you can meet traders whose expectations were not met by the Poloniex exchange. Bittrex provides a much larger selection of currency pairs, with bitcoin often being one of the components.

Exmo is an exchange whose daily turnover is about to reach one and a half thousand BTC. It allows trading in fiduciary currencies - the euro and the dollar. It is also possible to conclude ruble and hryvnia transactions (provided that the hryvnia is an integral part of the hryvnia-bitcoin currency pair).

Bitfinex marketing ploy

Bitfinex stands out from other marketplaces with app downloads for Android and iOS. In addition, funds earned on Bitfinex are protected by a multi-step payout confirmation system

Cryptocurrency exchanges that failed to justify the trust of online entrepreneurs

At the top of the list is the BTC-E trading platform. In February 2014, the exchange suspended work with the Russian currency, and at the beginning of 2017 this trading platform was completely closed in order to “register” at a new address after some time.

Russian-language cryptocurrency exchanges rating 2017

Not happy with BTC-E and English-speaking users. So, information was leaked to the Internet about a hacked account, which allegedly stored no less than 40,000 dollars, stolen right from under the nose of the owner. According to the victim, the attacker should be looked for among the employees serving the trading platform.

To be fair, BTC-E has a lot of defenders who claim that the site in question is one of the most reliable.

Also, the trading platforms Coinmat (suspicion of fraud), Cryptsy (theft of a large amount), Bleutrade (withdrawal of funds stopped) and some others were also on the list of dubious ones.

The Ace of Finance is back. Will he be in demand as before?

The BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange appeared in 2011 and until 2014 was considered one of the largest Russian trading platforms. The creators of this site are from Russia, so here again allowedtransactions with rubles. At present, the activity of the trading platform, which has settled on the Wex portal, has resumed.

cryptocurrency exchange rating 2017 reviews

Reputable traders, for whom transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges have long become a source of income, believe that BTC-E will not be as successful as in the past.

Who is the best?

Which cryptocurrency exchange is better, only professionals know. Cooperating with a huge number of electronic payment systems and banks, the founders of the Exmo exchange developed a kind of "chip", the purpose of which is to attract Russian-speaking traders to the site. Now anyone can withdraw earned funds to their mobile device.

what is the best cryptocurrency exchange

Technical support and Exmo online chat (where you can also ask a technical support question) are available 24 hours a day. In addition, the site has an affiliate program, active participants of which receive a quarter of the profits of the trading platform.

The site's central office is located in Spain (Barcelona) and has a staff of lawyers who ensure that all actions of traders do not go beyond the legal field.

One of the leaders in the 2017 rating is a cryptocurrency exchange, reviews of which often contradict each other. This is BTC-E. If some Internet entrepreneurs accuse BTC-E employees of stealing, others call this trading platform one of the most reputable, and the story of the theft of $ 40,000 is too bold an assumption of an amateur trader.

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