How to call Ukraine from a landline? How to call Belarus and Kazakhstan from a landline phone?


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How to call Ukraine from a landline? How to call Belarus and Kazakhstan from a landline phone?
How to call Ukraine from a landline? How to call Belarus and Kazakhstan from a landline phone?

As part of this article, it will be described in detail not only how to call Ukraine from a city telephone, but also to Belarus and Kazakhstan. If in the days of the former Soviet Union there were no problems with this operation, since everything was unified, now everything has changed, and this is really not so easy to understand.

call Ukraine from a landline

How was it before?

In the USSR, a call to all long-distance destinations was made according to the same scheme, which was convenient. Its order was as follows:

  • Intercity exit code - "8".
  • Next, it was necessary to wait for the appearance of a continuous beep. This meant that the connection was successful. Otherwise, it was necessary to do everything again.
  • Then the area code was dialed. It consisted of three numbers.
  • Then you had to enter the extended code of the locality.
  • At the final stage, a local telephone number was dialed.

Now it is no longer possible to call Ukraine from a landline phone like this.

call Ukraine from landline

Modern Dialing Order

Now international standards apply in the field of telecommunications. According to them, the order of dialing a phone number is as follows:

  • Exit to the international line. "+" or "00" can be used for this. If there are no problems for mobile phones, then this is not suitable for a stationary device. Therefore, you have to change “+” to “8”, wait for a continuous beep to appear (if it does not appear, then reset and start all over again), then dial “10”.
  • Next you need to enter the country code. It can be of various lengths. For example, for Kazakhstan it is 7, and for Belarus it is 375.
  • Then you need a mobile network or region code.
  • Now dialing the subscriber's phone number.

Using this dialing order, you can not only call Ukraine from a landline, but also to any other point on the globe. You only need to know the country code, region and phone number of the subscriber. Now let's look at specific examples of making calls to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Let's start with Ukraine as the country to which the most demanded destination in this case. Calling to Ukraine from a landline phone in accordance with the previously given algorithm should be as follows:

  • call to Ukraine from landline

    Exit code to make an international call. In this case, we dial "8". We are waiting for the appearance of a continuous beep in the handset of a telephone stationary device. Then dial "10".

  • Then the international country code is entered. For Ukraine, it is equal to "380".
  • At the next step, you must enter the code of the operator or region. It consists of 3 numbers. There are three main operators in the country. These are Kyivstar (its codes are 67, 68, 96, 97 and 98), MTS (99, 95, 66 and 50) and Life (63 and 93). Also much less common are Trimob (92) and (91). The numbering of regions by codes starts from the western part of the country, and it has not changed since Soviet times. The first is the Transcarpathian region, for which this value is equal to 31. The Luhansk region closes this list with the code 64.
  • Next, you need to enter the extended dialing code and the subscriber's number itself. For mobile operators, only the number is entered. But for landlines, you have to dial a double combination. The regional center in this case has the code "2", "3" or "7". All other figures are reserved for all localities in the region. In any case, this part of the number must consist of 7 numbers.

Next, consider practical examples. For example, you need to call Ukraine from a landline in Zaporozhye. To do this, we dial "8-continuous beep-10-380-61 (region code) -2 (or 7 - extended code of the settlement) -XX-XX-XX (6 digits of the city number)". But for Melitopol, only one number will change in the first part of the set. In this case, the dialing order is as follows: "8-continuous beep-10-380-61-9 (extended code of Melitopol) -XX-XX-XX". If you need to make a call to Ukraine from a landline to a mobile phone, then, for example, for Kyivstar, you need to dial the following number: “8-continuous beep-10-380-39 (67, 68, 96, 97 or 98, depending on the number code) -XXX-XX-XX (the last 7 digits are the subscriber's number in the mobile network).

Republic of Belarus

For calls to Belarus, the same dialing procedure is used. The difference is that now you need to use other codes. In this case, the order is:

  • Exit to an international line using the same combination "8-continuous beep-10".
  • International country code "375".
  • Code of region or mobile operator. For example, for Minsk we dial "17", and for mobile operators "29" or "33".
  • Phone number in local format (7 digits required). For small settlements, an extended code may be used. It, along with the phone number, should still be 7 digits.

For example, to call Minsk from a city fixed-line telephone, you need to dial the following sequence: "8-continuous beep-10-375-17 (area code) -ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ". For mobile operators, only two numbers will change in the first part: instead of “17”, you need to dial “29” or “33”.

call Minsk from a landline


If a three-digit numeric code is used for Ukraine and Belarus (380 and 375 respectively), then in Kazakhstan only one number is provided for these purposes - 7. The dialing order will remain the same, but the distribution of numbers between its parts will change. Therefore, in order to call Kazakhstan from a landline, you need to dial the following combination:

  • We go to the international line by dialing a combination"8-continuous beep-10".
  • The international code of Kazakhstan is 7.
  • Then you need to enter the code of the region or mobile operator (in any case, these are three digits). For example, for the Kostanay region, you need to use "714". But there are only two mobile operators in this country: Kar-Tell and K'Cell (their codes are "705", "777" and "701", "702", respectively).
  • At the end, dial the number in the format ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ (7 digits are required).

For example, to call Kostanay region dial “8-continuous dial tone” -10-7 (Kazakhstan code) -714 (area code) -ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ (local number). When calling a mobile phone, the dialing procedure is the same. Only instead of "714" you need to use "705", "777", "701" or "702".

call Kazakhstan from a landline


This article describes not only the order of how to call Ukraine from a city telephone set, but also to any other part of the world. For example, using the previously given recommendations, you can easily make a call to Belarus or Kazakhstan. There is nothing complicated in the above algorithm, and each subscriber can cope with such a task, regardless of their level of training. So feel free to take and call.

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