How to disable paid MTS services


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How to disable paid MTS services
How to disable paid MTS services

Mobile phones have long ceased to be an indicator of the high status of their owners. Now they are essential items, and each member of the family has his own “pipe”. Phone prices have come down, tariffs have become more diverse and profitable, which allows you not to limit communication with friends and family.

However, in pursuit of profit, mobile operators began to offer additional paid services, and every day there are more and more of them.

disable paid MTS services

Subscriptions and paid services from MTS

One of the leading mobile operators is MTS. The list of paid services from this company is extensive: “Beep”, “You got a call”, “News”, “Jokes” and about two dozen different subscriptions or options. If you connect any paid service, then automatic payments begin from the balance account in favor of MTS. And so it will continue until the subscription or option is disabled.

Disabling paid MTS services

Many users think that if they have not connected anything, then there is nothing to worry about. But it's not. MTS very often holds special promotions: the client receives an SMS message about the free connection of someor a service that will not be charged for a specified period, such as one month. And then for a subscription, money is regularly written off from the balance. That is why most customers are interested in how to disable paid MTS services, and not in how to get additional applications and options.

Fraud or business

In fact, mobile operators, and in particular, MTS, impose paid services on us. The calculation is very simple: the client will like the new features, or he will safely forget about them, but the money will still be debited from the account. Can this be considered a scam? From the point of view of the company's lawyers, no. When concluding an agreement with a mobile operator (purchasing a SIM card), the client agrees to certain conditions, and linking to an additional service number complies with these conditions.

mts list of paid services

Users also need to learn to distinguish between subscriptions and "subscriptions". There are additional services provided by mobile operators, and there is a newsletter from paid Internet resources. In the latter case, MTS is only an intermediary, and finances are written off for providing weather forecasts, a daily diet menu, complex methods for pumping the press, etc. Internet subscriptions are more suitable for the definition of "fraud", but not always. There are normal resources where the user can immediately get acquainted with the list of services and prices and make an informed choice.

Where to learn about subscriptions

Before you disable paid MTS services, you must accuratelyfind out which of them are tied to a specific SIM card. To do this, you need to send an SMS message to the short number 8111 with the number 1 if you need a list of paid services, and with the number 0 if you need a list of free subscriptions. When sending an empty message or SMS with any other text, a list of all additional applications and options is sent to the number.

This is not the only, but the fastest and most convenient method.

Ways to disable paid services

There are several ways to disable paid MTS services:

1. Direct contact with the operator. To do this, you need to call 0890 (the call is free) and wait for an answer, and then ask to unsubscribe from all paid services. Cons of the method: a long wait, the need to double-check the actions of the operator. Pros: You can unsubscribe from the comfort of your home or office.

2. Through USSD commands. To do this, dial the following characters: "111 - a special code for canceling a specific service - a lattice - a call." Pros: fast, convenient, reliable. Cons: you need to know the special code first.

mts subscriptions

3. Appeal to the salon MTS. This method is ideal for people who are not friends with modern electronics. The essence of the method: the client describes his problems, and the consultant solves them on the spot. Pros: no need to figure out what to do and how to do it yourself. Cons: you will have to look for an MTS salon, and the consultant can not only dissuade you from turning off existing subscriptions, but also impose a couple of additional ones, of course, not free.

4. Shutdown afterelectronic terminal. Pros: you can unsubscribe from services on the way to the store, as there are terminals in almost every store or trade pavilion. Cons: Getting it right the first time can be difficult and therefore more time consuming.

5. Through the official website of MTS. In order to access your personal account, you need to enter your phone number and password. Pros: convenient, fast, a lot of information. Cons: For those who do not have internet, it will be difficult to use this service.

6. Disconnection via SMS messages. Each service has its own short number. Pros: fast, convenient. Cons: need to know the special number.

MTS subscriptions

Disabling paid MTS services via USSD commands

Service name

USSD commands




1114752 call

MTS chat

11112 challenge

Internet Plus

11122 challenge


1114753 call


1114756 call


11145 challenge

Mobile Office

11151 challenge


11129 challenge

You got a call

11139 challenge

The table shows the most popular paid services. The full list of subscriptions can be viewed on the official website of MTS.

A few tips

No need to lose your temper and turn off all subscriptions at once (this can be done through the operator), as in this case, services for which no fees are charged are also lost. These are functions such as "I'm in touch", "Mobile assistant", "Video call" and some others.

Before turning off MTS paid services, you need to think about whether it is worth doing it. Perhaps some of them are really needed, and it will be hard to do without them? Keep in mind that the next connection will most likely not be free.

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