Cash Back - what is it? Return of cash to the buyer

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Cash Back - what is it? Return of cash to the buyer
Cash Back - what is it? Return of cash to the buyer

In the field of trade, much attention is paid not just to quality services, but to the psychology of the buyer, to convince him to make a purchase or order. This is much more difficult than offering a quality product, because in this case you need to know how to present this or that product in a favorable light for the client and thus make a sale at the expense of it.

In today's article we will talk about one of the tools that actively increases the number of sales of goods and services. We are talking about the Cash Back option. What it is, where it is used, and who actively uses this tool in their business, read in this review.

Cashback what is it

What is this?

Let's start with the basics - a simple explanation of what a cashback service is.

This term, as you might guess, comes from English. It is formed from two words: cash - "cash", "money" and back - "return". The literal translation allows us to call cashback (emphasis on the second syllable) an opportunity to get our money back. To understand how the service works, let's take a simple example.

You made a purchase, butthe seller offers you such an option as a refund of your funds. If the cashback level is 5%, then for every 100 rubles spent, roughly speaking, you will get 5 back. Thus, the final cost of services for you will be lower than if you made a purchase without this option.


Of course, Cash Back (what we are sure you understood or even knew before) allows us to talk about stimulating the client's desire to place orders. It is supported by simple calculations and the benefits that this service promises.

Cashback "Sberbank"

After all, if you make a purchase with this option, you will be able to save a certain amount of money by returning them. The more you buy, the more you get back. This does not compare at all with the classic form of shopping, when no one returns anything. And this cannot but please the buyer.

Where does it apply?

As we have already noted, Cash Back is used in different areas. It’s easy to guess what these business segments are: the money you spent can be returned in trade. It is there that one store can be more attractive in the eyes of the client than another, just due to the connected cashback system.

Also, banks often take advantage of the buyer's weaknesses. A number of the largest financial institutions have launched programs under which everyone who makes orders in certain shops can receive their legitimate Cash Back. Reviews note that such a scheme makes it possible to return part of the invested funds only after a person pays with a card of one orother institution.

And this is obviously a mutually beneficial, stable interaction scheme: a person who makes purchases on special terms can return part of the money spent, and the bank increases its customer portfolio and earns on transactions carried out by them using cards. The benefit of the store is that it gets sales.

Sberbank program

Here, for example, the action "Thank you" from Sberbank. The largest institution in our country provides (on an ongoing basis) a special offer to its customers. Those who make purchases in certain stores and services (which are partners of the bank) and pay with their card receive a certain percentage of the invested amount back. Sberbank called its Cash Back the “Thank you” program. At the time of writing, several million people have already participated in the program.

Cash Back cards comparison

All of them can make purchases in hundreds of stores, and in each case, the member's card will receive a refund in the form of bonuses. The rate here “floats” depending on where you make the purchase. Some partner stores have a 50% refund of the amount deposited.

In the future, having accumulated a certain amount, you can pay with them. It is very easy to understand and commercially beneficial to participate in such a Cash Back program. Sberbank, known for its reputation and backed by government bonds, acts as a guarantee that your money will actually go to the card.and will be available for use.

Alfa-Bank program

Not only Sberbank has introduced such a promotion for its customers. It also runs the Alfa-Bank Cash Back program. The essence is similar to that described in relation to the largest bank above.

cashback service

When paying with Alfa cards at gas stations and restaurants in Russia, you get a refund of 10 and 5 percent, respectively. Money becomes available after a certain period (once a month). Such a promotion provides not only the benefit of customers, but also an increase in demand for banking products, as well as the generation of sales for the service where the customer buys goods.

Tinkoff Bank Program

Tinkoff Bank does not lag behind those described above. In particular, a return program was launched here for those who make purchases of goods in certain categories (the rate is at the level of 5%). In addition, the bank offers to make a payment of 10% of the amount of the deposit made (if we are talking about a balance of up to 200 thousand rubles). However, Tinkoff Bank has Cash Back, rather, on a temporary basis, and such promotions are held at certain periods.

Cash Back Alfa Bank

Where is the best?

Of course, all banks have a different return rate, the partners with whom financial institutions interact, and the conditions under which the client is provided with the payment of money, also differ. Although, in essence, it makes no sense to compare the mentioned banks with Cash Back cards. Comparisoninappropriate for the reason that the benefit of such a program may not be as obvious within the framework of the promotion as it is convenient to use it because of an open account in a particular bank.

Shops and other services

Of course, not only banks can promote their products using such an option as a cashback service. There are independent resources that deal with the return of money to buyers. One of the most famous is the Kopikot website. The scheme of its work is based on the same model offered by the banking institutions described above, only the form of payment between the buyer and the store does not matter: there is no need to obtain a Cash Back card. A comparison of work models shows that the Kopikot service uses affiliate links that the buyer must use to place an order. As a result, this is the main condition for receiving a refund.

Image"Tinkoff" Cash Back

And of course, the scheme of returning a certain percentage of the goods (in the form of bonuses) is often used by individual retail chains. Those stores that offer you accumulative cards can also be said to work on a similar principle.


Finally, in order to somehow note the work of Cash Back services (we have already figured out what kind of scheme it is and how it works), we will give some reviews that we managed to find in the process of writing this review. In them, those who were lucky enough to accumulate a certain amount of bonuses are very happy to receive a nice gift in the form of a purchase made for the accumulated amount.

For example, if you didseveral orders that brought you N bonuses, after which they purchased some valuable thing (as many participants in the same “Thank you” program from Sberbank do), you will be very pleased to realize the fact that this purchase was actually made at the expense of those returned to you funds. This is the beauty of the cashback model.

Cashback Reviews

A person who gives his money for some product does not expect to get it back, he mentally said goodbye to them. And if suddenly, after some time, he receives a certain percentage of the initially invested amount, he will be pleased to realize that he managed to acquire something for these funds.

You can experience the same feelings if you start participating in Cash Back programs in time. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about them: shop according to the stated conditions, and you will definitely be lucky.

What is also wonderful about such programs is that there is no need for additional investment on the part of the participant. You just buy what you need and the system pays you.

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