What to do if the phone fell into the toilet? How to clean and dry your phone

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What to do if the phone fell into the toilet? How to clean and dry your phone
What to do if the phone fell into the toilet? How to clean and dry your phone

In the life of any person, a situation may arise when you urgently need to find out what to do if the phone fell into the toilet. To many, such an incident seems critical. Firstly, because a gadget that randomly “dived” into such an inappropriate place for it can be unusually expensive. Secondly, because even in a modest phone a person can store very important information. Therefore, it is important to know what to do with the gadget right away in order to save it.

Modern man simply cannot do without a phone, so he does not part with it even in the toilet. The most common case of a gadget getting into the toilet is slipping it out of the back pocket of your trousers. It happens that the smartphone falls due to other negligence. You can also wet your phone elsewhere. For example, some people forget to take it out of the pockets of things sent for washing, dropinto the sink, bath, spill various liquids on it. Save the phone is not always possible. Much depends on what brand it is, what its tightness, how long it has been in the water.

Unfortunately, people don't always find the information they need, and devices expire. Of course, it is better to purchase a waterproof phone. The price of such gadgets varies from 20,000 to 75,000 rubles, depending on their brand and functions. However, many people do not want to say goodbye to their favorite phone that accidentally fell into the water. Let's figure out how to save him.

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Get your device out

What to do if the phone fell into the toilet and got wet? How to act in such a situation? Are there any differences in the methods of "rescuing" a fallen touch and push-button phones? For devices of different models, there are the same methods of rescue.

First, let's look at how to get your phone out of the toilet. This must be done very quickly. You may need to put on a glove first. The faster the phone is removed, the less moisture will penetrate to important parts. If there is no glove, quickly stick your hand into the toilet and take out your phone, thinking at the same time how much you love it.

What not to do if you want your phone to work after falling into the toilet

how to dry your phone from water

Don't do the following:

  1. Never turn on a wet phone to check whether it works or not, as a short circuit will "finish" it completely and irrevocably.
  2. NotShake your phone to remove water from it. From these actions, the liquid will penetrate even more into the device and will be evenly distributed throughout all its insides.
  3. Do not dry your phone with hot air (such as a hair dryer) or place it on any heater. Because this can melt sensitive parts. Some people try to dry their phone in the microwave. It is strictly forbidden to do this, as there is a chance to ruin not only the phone, but also the microwave.
  4. Sorbents are capable of absorbing moisture. You can try to use them. In such cases, rice or silica gel is used. But s alt or sugar can not be used for this. They absorb moisture well, but these ingredients are not suitable for the phone. Even if it happens that your gadget is old, you do not want to use it anymore, you need to remove the phone from the toilet. The fact is that it can get stuck in the pipe. Then you will have to experience additional inconvenience and spend money on calling a locksmith.

Silica gel will help

What is silica gel? Not everyone knows its name, although they could be found on sale. Silica gel is a dried gel. It is able to absorb a lot of moisture, so it is used as a dehumidifier. You may have seen it in bags that are often placed in shoe boxes. This substance can also be purchased separately in stores. If you come across a similar bag, do not write it off to throw it away. Perhaps you will need it sometime, for example, to save your broken phone.

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Whatmust be done first to save the device

It is worth noting that not in all cases the tips listed in this article will help bring your phone back to life. But if you do everything quickly, then there are chances. You should also remember that if your phone falls into water, its lifespan will decrease. Minor malfunctions may also occur. So, what to do with the device?

If you see your phone in the water, immediately take it out, wipe it with paper towels and turn it off immediately. Next, you need to remove the battery, SIM card and memory card. Remember that the battery must be removed immediately. Do not tighten, do not try to turn it on or dry it immediately. If the phone is turned off, some chips still receive power. This must be remembered. If the smartphone is of a model in which the battery is not removable, you should immediately take it to a service center.

Disassembly of the phone at home

Try to remove and unscrew everything you can. The more room for air, the faster the phone will dry. This will give more chances for its further functioning. To unscrew everything, take small watch screwdrivers and a straight screwdriver. These tools should always be in the house, as they can come in handy in different situations. Remember, the phone must be disassembled carefully, not forgetting that it was unscrewed. You can sketch a diagram on a piece of paper or take a photo so that everything is done correctly during assembly.

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Cleaning the device

How to clean the phone inside? If there is moisture, thenwipe it off with a dry cloth. This applies to all microcircuits, cables, contacts, if you could get to them. They need to be wiped with a cotton swab, after wetting it in alcohol. This magical liquid will not only cleanse them, but also help moisture evaporate faster. The water itself does not pose much of a threat to the phone. What it contains is harmful: s alts, alkalis, minerals and other elements. They can cause corrosion, rust and oxidize phone parts. It is also worth noting that special cartridges are sold with a liquid that can quickly dry contacts.

The refrigerator will evaporate moisture well. But only the one that is equipped with a modern No frost system. It has a fan and an evaporator that will help you get rid of the moisture inside the phone easily. After treating the phone with alcohol, it can be placed in the refrigerator for half an hour. After this time has elapsed, wipe the device again with alcohol.

Vacuum cleaner and cold air dryer

Many people know one old way how to dry the phone from water. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner if it has a narrow nozzle. You need to direct the air flow into each hole, blow for at least five minutes. There is another way to dry with a hair dryer, but you can only use cold air. It is required to keep the hair dryer from the phone at a distance of 10-15 cm. Do not blow hot air, as you can do more harm than good, because hot air can melt important details.

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If you have a special moisture absorber at home, you should place the phone in a dry bagand put in a bowl with this substance. It will quickly absorb moisture. Another remedy is cat litter. It also absorbs moisture well, so it will dry your phone quickly. You can also leave your smartphone in the sun to dry, but not in direct sunlight. Another way is to immerse your phone in a bag of rice.

As users say in the reviews, the best option is to use a moisture absorber or dry the gadget with a stream of cold air.

Further actions to save the phone

After all the procedures done, you need to leave the phone in a dry place for a few days. Make sure that there is no moisture on the screen, and the battery does not oxidize. Only after making sure that the phone has dried out well, you can try to turn it on. If you managed to repair your smartphone yourself, try connecting it to a charger. You need to find out if it will charge, how long it will take to charge, how long the battery can last. If the phone is charging slowly, it means that current is slowly flowing to the battery. Therefore, turn off the device and take it to a specialist. Also see if your gadget accepts SIM cards, a memory card. Next, call him and find out if your interlocutor can hear you.

What should I do if the phone does not work after turning it on? In this case, hurry up to take it to the master for a more accurate assessment of its condition. Ask to have your phone diagnosed out of turn. This is very important so as not to miss precious time.

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Is it necessarygo to service center. Things to Consider

Do I have to go to a service center? Yes, if the phone is not working. It is wise to visit the wizard if your device warranty has not yet expired. True, it will not work for free to repair the phone. Phone warranty repairs will be done for money, but you will know exactly what is wrong with your gadget and how damaged it is. Since the breakdown is your fault, it will be repaired out of warranty. But first, find out how much it costs to repair a phone. It might not make sense to fix it. At the same time, no one will say how much more he will work. So how much does a phone repair cost? For example, replacing a part (excluding the cost of the element itself) can cost 1,000 rubles. And replacing the display assembly can cost about seven thousand rubles. In this case, it is better to abandon the repair. Then you should buy a new phone right away. You may be saddened by the news that your broken phone cannot be repaired. This may be the case if several vital elements are damaged.

Should I tell the truth

If the phone fell into the toilet and does not turn on, it may have broken some parts, the screen or the battery. In this case, the masters will tell you what needs to be replaced. Sometimes it happens that people try to deceive the service center in order to get free repairs under warranty. Be sure that the master will immediately find out the cause of the breakdown, because many gadgets have a tiny indicator that changes color when in contact with water, for example, it was white and turned pink. Better tell the truth. Let them help you immediately so that you don'twaste time.

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How to get rid of toilet smell

We have already figured out what to do if the phone fell into the toilet. Let's talk about how to get rid of the unpleasant smell that the phone can exude after an accident. If after resuscitation your gadget started working, but the smell of the toilet remained, you should place the device in a bag and put a bag of coffee, soda or activated charcoal there. They are great at removing odors. The procedure may need to be repeated. There are a wide variety of odor absorbers sold specifically for refrigerators. If you have any, you can also place them next to your phone or place them in a pouch or other container. There are absorbers with activated carbon, an ozonizer, a mineral s alt absorber. They all do their job very well. Many people make a big mistake - in order to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell of the toilet, they spray deodorants on the phone. You don't need to do this, it will only get worse. "Aromas" will merge. Then it will be even more difficult to remove the smell of the toilet.

Small conclusion

Perhaps the price of waterproof phones will shock you. We noted above that high-quality models cost 60,000 - 70,000 rubles. However, there are also cheap push-button phones at a price of 4,000 - 7,000 rubles, which also make them waterproof. When buying a phone, it is better to overpay in order to use your gadget with pleasure. Many users think so. It is advisable to buy a waterproof phone if you have small children,which can drop it somewhere if you like to drink tea, take a bath, go to the toilet with your phone in your hands.

Many believe that the situation described in the article will never happen to them. If such a nuisance happens, you already know what to do if the phone fell into the toilet. The tips given in the article will help you. There are phones that, after falling into the water, work for many more years. This usually applies to button models. But there are also pleasant exceptions with touch-sensitive newfangled gadgets. They can also please you for a very long time after repair.

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