Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. Characteristics, description, prices


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Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. Characteristics, description, prices
Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. Characteristics, description, prices

The use of a computer by an ordinary user, as a rule, is limited to browsing the web, working with mail, graphic and text files, some kind of audio recordings, and the like. For all this, it is enough to have two manipulators, which are most common - a mouse and a keyboard. In some cases, you can even do without the first manipulator using a special touchpad (these are installed on laptops in order to increase the compactness of the device).

Creating graphics

Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet

A lot of graphic files are used today. For example, various icons, images of animals, objects, people and much more. It would be naive to believe that all these pictures are taken ready-made - most of them are created from scratch by designers through simple rendering. And, as you understand, doing this with a mouse is quite difficult: a person simply cannot properly coordinate his actions in such a way as to successfully translate into a computer graphic form what he would like to draw on paper. To understand this thesis best, try to draw some shape with the mouse yourself - and you will see howit's hard.

Therefore, in the world there is such a category of electronic devices as graphic tablets. They are now quite widespread: many artists and designers have them, as well as in ordinary offices. The cost of one such device is quite low - about the same as an average mobile phone or e-book. And the features it has vary depending on the model.

What is a graphics tablet?

Wacom Bamboo pen

They look like artists' tablets, but in fact they are an interactive panel that can receive and process data coming from the onslaught of a pen. Thus, a person can draw anything and then get the finished image in graphical form.

This is convenient, because in the case of working with paper, say, a designer cannot get a finished picture and edit it in Photoshop or Corel Draw, but a graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo, in particular, which is the subject of today's review) supports such ability. With it, everything that you draw "by hand" will appear in the working field of the graphic editor. Next, you need to take appropriate actions with this image in order to adapt it for specific tasks: placement on a website, in an application, or somewhere else.

Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet

However, from a general concept, let's move specifically to the model of the device to which this article is devoted - Wacom Bamboo. This graphics tablet can be called a budget one, but despiteOn this, it has a fairly wide range of possibilities.

bamboo wacom driver

Besides, considering the Wacom Bamboo customer reviews, the build quality of the tablet as a whole can be described as quite high for such a price. The device copes well with the tasks set, which is why it can be classified not only as a device for home use, but also as a serious design tool used in a professional environment.

Action transmission mechanism

Special attention should be paid to the mechanism responsible for transferring the user's action. The Wacom Bamboo pen tablet is actually an interactive whiteboard only 11 millimeters high, with a working surface measuring 14 by 9 centimeters. The user, in order to draw a drawing and receive it as an image on an electronic medium, must outline it on a specified working surface.

pen tablet Wacom Bamboo price

This is done, in turn, using the Wacom Bamboo Pen stylus. It comes with the tablet and acts as a pen. In addition to the fact that the user has the ability to draw any shapes, he can transfer any information into electronic form. Such a pen also allows you to adjust the thickness of the lines by changing the pressure on the surface of the tablet. As stated in the official specifications of the device, it recognizes up to 1024 degrees of stylus pressure. Simply put, by pressing harder or weaker, the designer is able to modify the tracepen.

It should also be noted that the special software that comes with the kit also has different settings for the graphic trace. This means that the user can adjust the thickness of the line, the degree of its transparency, sensitivity, mode of interaction with the computer and other parameters.

PC connection

Obviously, since the Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet is used to transfer data from a "sheet" to an electronic form on a computer, this will require connecting this device. This is ensured by a microUSB cable, the connector for which is provided in the tablet.

graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo touch

In addition to the physical connection, the user who wants to work with the tablet must take care of the appropriate software. The driver for Bamboo Wacom, which is also included, acts as such. Its installation is a standard procedure for downloading all software for working with connected devices. The role of the driver is to make sure that the computer recognizes the device and can comfortably work with the latter properly.

Scope of application

Speaking of graphic tablets, it is necessary to clarify the scope of their application, since not all ordinary users know why these devices are needed. In addition to creating images (drawing graphics, drawing some finished objects, modeling sketches), the Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet can also be used in office work to create a signature.Recently, additional tools for protecting rights and personal data have appeared, such as an electronic signature. In order to apply it, a person needs to create a sample of his signature (individual security system) and transfer it to digital form.

Also, the Wacom Bamboo Touch graphic tablet can be used for navigation as a mouse, endowed with many more possibilities. They can work with a huge amount of data, and with graphs in particular. Everything that could not be imagined when working with a familiar mouse can be easily implemented with such a tablet (this applies mainly to various professional tasks). Or, say, it could be a handy way to take notes on your ideas.

Device price

As mentioned earlier, the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet is reasonably priced. Now it can be purchased for 3500 rubles. Despite the fact that this product was released about 4 years ago, it still does not lose its relevance and can serve as an excellent assistant for both a professional and an amateur in a wide variety of tasks.

Where to buy Wacom Bamboo?

Wacom Bamboo reviews

As noted, the Wacom Bamboo Pen is an outdated model. Since hardware stores sell mostly the newest and trendiest goods, most likely you will not find this model in them. Therefore, we suggest that you turn your attention to the numerous online stores that still sell this device.

We draw your attention to the fact that in the Russian Federation there isthe official website of Wacom, which offers tablets for sale in the country. You will not be able to purchase the device there, since this resource is for informational purposes only. But you can download a driver or a new drawing lesson to your Bamboo Wacom.

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