Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S6000: description, general characteristics. Tablet firmware


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Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S6000: description, general characteristics. Tablet firmware
Tablet Lenovo IdeaTab S6000: description, general characteristics. Tablet firmware

Company "Lenovo" pleased its fans with a ten-inch tablet. Although the device was released in 2013, it will have something to surprise the world with. Undoubtedly, the S6000 tablet is suitable not only for games, but also for work.


Lenovo Ideatab S6000

The device turned out to be rather nondescript and very overall. Suitable for Lenovo Ideatab S6000 for users who are picky about design and size. Although at 10 inches the length is 26 and the width is 18 cm - quite expected parameiers, with a thickness of 8.6 mm there is a clear bust. The user will definitely need a carrying bag, because this giant is unlikely to fit in a pocket.

In addition, the device does not have a wide range of colors. The buyer will be offered exclusively Lenovo Ideatab S6000 Black. Other colors are not provided by the manufacturer. The limited number of colors hit hard on the overall impression of the exterior. The tablet is discreet, and the usual black color does not give it much solidity.

The device is made entirely of plastic, which is quite expected from a state employee. The material of the back panel is corrugated, which is done to improve In the hand, the tablet lies confidently, which is surprising with a weight of 560 grams. Ease of use is entirely due to the knurled back.

The manufacturer also took care of the oleophobic coating. The protection avoids minor scratches and, more importantly, fingerprints. With large screen sizes, handprints would be a real nightmare. However, the fall protection of the device is far from the best.

The tablet is assembled well, but squeaks in some places will still bother the user. There are no noticeable gaps, which is very good. An unpleasant moment was the slightly sagging rear end. For a state employee, in principle, the device looks good, although with minor flaws.

The front part is reserved for the front camera, a large display, sensors and, of course, the company logo. Behind placed the main camera, a glossy sign of the company and speakers. At the top is a headphone jack and a power button. The manufacturer noticeably overloaded the sidewall on the left side. There is a USB connector, a volume control, an HDMI port, a SIM card slot and a place for a USB flash drive.

Strange decision to put most of the nests on one side. Given that the right side is absolutely free, the arrangement of the elements is only bewildering. The overload on the right side should not affect the comfort of use, but an unpleasant impression arises.


Lenovo Ideatab S6000h

The Lenovo Ideatab S6000 has a 10-inch screen. The diagonal hints that the tablet is perfect forwork with documents, and for entertainment. Pleases and sensor, perceiving ten touches. Although the user is likely to be enough and five.

The resolution is fully consistent with the state employees and is 1280 by 800. The number of pixels would look good on seven inches, but they are noticeable on the big screen. At 149 ppi, this is not surprising. The image is acceptable, although the user will notice "cubes".

The Lenovo Ideatab S6000 matrix uses IPS technology. This solution makes the display much brighter and improves its behavior in the sun. Of course, the screen glares a little from bright lighting, but the position is not critical. The technology has also increased viewing angles. You can view the screen in any position without significant distortion.

For a budget device, the display turned out to be very successful. Good resolution and matrix make themselves felt. It will be difficult for a picky user to find flaws.


Lenovo Ideatab S6000 3G

Shooting is not the strong point of any tablet. The Lenovo Ideatab S6000 was no exception. The manufacturer installed a 5 megapixel peephole as the main camera. The resolution, as in most similar matrices, is 2592 by 1936 pixels. Actually, you can't count on quality. Photos come out faded and without small details. Slightly blurred outlines of objects also cut the eye.

If you do not have a more advanced device with a camera at hand, the S6000 will do, but the result will be appropriate. Especially when shootingdistant objects. The approximate distance at which the camera shows good results is 1-2 meters.

The device also has a front camera. The owner has access to a "peephole" with the usual 0.3 MP. The quality of the photo is just terrible, so it's better to forget about this feature. The only thing the front camera can handle is video calls.


Lenovo Ideatab S6000 16Gb

The filling of the Lenovo Ideatab S6000 H is very powerful, as for a state employee. The device works on the basis of MTK-processor. Actually, nothing else was expected from the Chinese manufacturer of cheap devices. Despite the low cost, the processor is powerful. The reason for the high performance was that the MTK 8125 was based on Cortex-A7.

The device received from the manufacturer 4 cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz each. Overall, the performance was good. The device will “click” for most tasks.

The situation with the RAM is much worse. The device is equipped with only one gigabyte of RAM. There is enough RAM to work, but you can’t count on running really powerful games.

There are several variations of Lenovo Ideatab S6000 16GB and 32GB native memory. Without that, a large volume can be supplemented with a card. The tablet works with micro-SD flash drives. The user can expand up to 64 GB.


Lenovo Ideatab S6000 black

The S6000 firmware is not new. The device uses "Android" version 4.2. Although the system has not yet lost all relevance, many new items will beare not available to the user. The manufacturer made his own additions on top of the standard version. This is noticeable in folders resembling widgets. This makes it much easier for the owner to sort files and apps.

If desired, the firmware installed in the Lenovo Ideatab S6000 can be replaced with a more recent version. The user can update the system via wireless networks. Also, several adequate assemblies will be found on the Internet.

The advantage of custom firmware is the absence of useless applications. In the standard version, the user will encounter applications that cannot be removed. Unfortunately, this problem exists on all official systems.


Everyone knows that tablet firmware is very voracious, and the manufacturer decided to improve the situation. A battery with a volume of 6300 maH was installed in the device. The duration of work has increased significantly.

Maximum load on the device will drain the battery in 4-5 hours. We can say that this is a record of a state employee with such characteristics. Economical use increases the life of the device up to 9 hours.

The main "eaters" of energy are the display, the system and Wi-Fi. Decreasing the brightness of the screen, turning off unnecessary programs and turning off the wireless network can slightly increase the battery life.


Case for Lenovo tablet

The device comes in a branded white box. In addition to Lenovo Ideatab S6000 H, the kit includes instructions, warranty, USB cable, AC adapter, detachable plug. Quiteexpected equipment, but we should not forget about useful little things.

The case for the Lenovo tablet made of plastic will reduce the amount of damage. It will also be useful to purchase an HDMI adapter. Of course, such a cable is not essential, but still useful. You will have to supplement the package with a flash card. A protective film will not be superfluous either. The oleophobic coating is able to protect against scratches and fingerprints, but the display is not immune to drops.

Two versions

Manufacturers often produce the same devices with different characteristics. Usually, the parameters of one model can be drastically different. This solution allows you to make a "light version" with a lower price. Lenovo also does not resort to this method.

In addition to the standard, Lenovo Ideatab S6000 3G was also released. Device differences are minimal. The 3G version got GPS. There are also minor differences in the "stuffing". The standard S6000 has an 8125 processor, while the 3G one has an 8389 processor. There is not much difference in performance.

The amount of memory devices also differ. There are versions with 16 and 32 GB. Although the differences are minor, they markedly affected the price. The buyer will have to choose, save, or get a device a little more powerful.


Draws attention to the Lenovo Ideatab S6000 price. The device costs 11-12 thousand rubles. For most buyers, this price is very attractive and distinguishes the tablet from competitors. Despite minor shortcomings, the S6000 fully justifies itself and its price.

Wishing to buy the devicefaced with bad news. The device is out of production, it will be very difficult to find it on the shelves. However, there are also some advantages. Prices for obsolete goods are falling sharply, and therefore the S6000 can be bought much cheaper today.

Positive Feedback

The model attracts attention with a huge display. The perfectly balanced screen appealed to many users. Naturally, there are minor complaints about the resolution and behavior in the sun, but the pluses cover the minuses. A significant viewing angle and brightness provide comfortable operation, and the sensor that perceives 10 touches is relevant even now.

The hardware also delighted Lenovo fans. There are not so many devices with four cores among state employees. The processor is also not bad, because everyone already knows and trusts MTK products.

Installing a 6300 maH battery was a great solution. Most of the owners chose the device because of its duration. Users want to avoid the dependence on recharging, and the S6000 tablet provided this opportunity.

Surprisingly, the main advantage was the price of the tablet. The characteristics and capabilities of the device fully justify the cost. The budget of the device attracted most of the owners.

Negative reviews

Lenovo Ideatab S6000 Firmware

The unsightly appearance of the device immediately catches the eye. The tablet absolutely does not stand out among the "gray mass" and attracts little. Both the large dimensions and the thickness of the device have an effect. Execution of the body fromplastic hints at the need to purchase a cover for the Lenovo tablet.

As with most similar devices, the camera turned out to be a weak point. Perhaps the manufacturer should have gotten rid of the rear "eye" completely and improved other characteristics. The front camera is also not happy, 0.3 megapixels is not the best solution for video calls.

Having equipped its brainchild with a good stuffing, the company decided to save on RAM. As a result, the user will receive a powerful device with one gigabyte of memory. The RAM does not allow the potential of the device to be fully revealed.

Grieving and the desire of the manufacturer to make money on almost the same product. By making minor changes and adding 3G, the company increased the cost of the device. This situation looks ridiculous. With cardinal changes, the release of an updated tablet would have looked much more interesting.

Firmware 4.2 was relevant a few years ago. Now users want to upgrade their gadgets to 5.0. However, the specifications of the S6000 won't be able to handle the latest version. So the owners will have to put up with such a disadvantage.


At one time, the S6000 tablet looked pretty good. However, all devices of past years are forgotten after the release of more advanced models. And although the novelties surpass the S6000, it still has not completely lost all relevance. The device is suitable for entertainment, work or watching movies while traveling.

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