What are the benefits of Smart Balance 8 inch hoverboards?


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What are the benefits of Smart Balance 8 inch hoverboards?
What are the benefits of Smart Balance 8 inch hoverboards?

Many people dream of a hoverboard today. And those who have already purchased it enjoy vivid emotions from using it. The miracle gadget today can be seen not only on the streets. It is no less actively used at presentations, at holidays, even in workshops, where it is much more convenient to overcome impressive distances using a mini-segway.


Smart Balance 8-inch hoverboards are distinguished by multi-colored LED lights on the wheel wings. This allows not only to impress others, but also to remain visible even in the dark. When music is played via Bluetooth, the LED lights flash in time with the melody.

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The maximum distance covered by the hoverboard is 20 kilometers. You can move at speeds up to 15 km/h. The vehicle is made in China. It is covered by a one year warranty. The body is assembled from a wear-resistant polymer, which makes the gadget durable and weakly susceptible to all sorts ofobstacles encountered on the way (stones, branches, etc.). For user safety, the gyroscope monitors the tilt of the vehicle. It reduces or completely blocks the power to the motor if the angle of inclination becomes greater than that specified by the manufacturer. Gyroscooters instantly announce the speed limit with a clear sound signal. They are called excellent simulators for the vestibular apparatus. Speed ​​can be controlled by simply changing the position of the body.

Gyro scooter is compact. Its length and width are 584 and 186 millimeters, respectively. The device is easy to move in a special bag. It can withstand temperatures from 10 degrees below zero to 40 degrees Celsius, but it is best to use the gadget in the range from +10 to +30. The kit comes with instructions in Russian and a rechargeable battery. The weight of the device is 12 kilograms.


It is important to note that young children and the elderly are advised to get on the scooter wearing full protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, wrist-lock gloves and elbow pads.

Samsung charger has a voltage of 36 V. The total power of the wheels is 700 watts. It will take three hours to fully charge the scooter. You can buy a popular gadget in the digital boutique futuland.ru. Mini Segways are presented in this online store in a wide range. Choose any color you like and place an order!


Smart Balance 8 inch hoverboards have large wheels, which makes it much easierovercome surface irregularities. In addition, high driving comfort is ensured. This allows even beginners to use the hoverboard with confidence.

Time for management training is minimal. It is enough to stand on a mini-segway, lean forward slightly, and start moving. This vehicle is self-balancing, making it easy for both children and the elderly to use.

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