"Smart refrigerator" with Smart technologies from LG. Container Tupperware "Smart Refrigerator"


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"Smart refrigerator" with Smart technologies from LG. Container Tupperware "Smart Refrigerator"
"Smart refrigerator" with Smart technologies from LG. Container Tupperware "Smart Refrigerator"

Curiously, the term "smart refrigerator" now applies not only to a household appliance equipped with innovative technologies, but also to dishes that also allow you to save food better than usual. But first things first.

Smart fridge from LG and its features

LG's smart refrigerator with Smart technologies is close to what resembles artificial intelligence in its functions. Judge for yourself.

There is a touch screen on the refrigerator door, which allows you to monitor the location and condition of the products inside. That is, there is no need to constantly open the refrigerator doors, and this reduces the penetration of warm air into the chamber and thereby saves energy costs.

smart refrigerator with smart technologies from lg
smart refrigerator with smart technologies from lg

Refrigerator + smartphone

If you connect the refrigerator control system to a smartphone or tablet, you can see what is missing in the refrigerator and buy morenecessary groceries while away from home. This eliminates the need to make long shopping lists and helps to avoid unnecessary costs.

You can also order products by typing the appropriate commands on the refrigerator display itself, or you can program the system so that the order of finished products is carried out automatically. There is no need to leave the house and leave a small child unattended to run to the store, and you also don’t have to worry that some products will run out at the most inopportune moment.

The freshness control system will promptly notify the owner of the refrigerator about which products are nearing their expiration date and the time to use or throw them away.

The breakdown prevention system, if it detects any malfunctions in the operation of the refrigerator, will immediately contact the customer service center and report the malfunction. This helps to avoid serious breakdowns and take timely measures for the smooth operation of equipment.

fridge freezer
fridge freezer

Fridge + TV

Special programs allow you to view various videos, photos, TV programs, weather forecasts on the refrigerator display. This is quite convenient, because many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen for cooking or cleaning. In addition, the LG refrigerator will tell you which recipes can be prepared from the products already in it and even allow you to watch video tutorials on them.

He althy food control can be programmed by entering your data (height, weight, diet type) into the system of this refrigerator and getnecessary recommendations in the form of recipes and food intake.

In addition, LG refrigerator works on the principle of energy conservation, choosing the optimal mode and controlling functions that allow you to store food at the same time and save energy at the same time.

Such a pleasure costs about $3,000, but those who can afford smart technology note that these costs fully justify themselves and gradually pay off.

Next, let's talk about dishes, or rather containers for storing food, which are also called "smart refrigerator".

Tupperware Smart Refrigerator

Tupperware is an American company named after its founder, Earl Silas Tupper.

One of the brands of this company is plastic containers designed to store various products in the refrigerator. According to advertising, these containers help preserve the original freshness and appearance of products for a long time. It is for this that a series of such dishes received the name "smart refrigerator".

smart refrigerator tupperware
smart refrigerator tupperware

Tupperware smart refrigerator features

According to the manufacturer, Tupperware containers are made of durable, maximally harmless (medical) plastic.

The plastic container is resistant to scratches, staining with vegetables and fruits (beets, carrots), has holes for air ventilation, and is easy to clean and has a long service life.

The bottom of the container has recesses in which condensation accumulates, and thus the products in the container do notcome into contact with moisture.

The jar comes with a handy lid that fits snugly but is easy to open and close.

The main feature of the Tupperware smart refrigerator is the ventilation system. This principle of preserving food quality was developed based on the respiration rate of various crops.

By the way, the first smart refrigerators developed by this manufacturer were containers for storing plant foods. In the future, the campaign also created separate containers for storing meat and fish. They do not have a ventilation system, differ slightly in external and internal devices, and are designed for storing, defrosting and marinating meat and fish.

But, as practice shows, a consumer, having bought one of the Tupperware containers, does not particularly pay attention to its “specialization”, but stores all the products in a row in it.

smart refrigerator
smart refrigerator

A bit of science

It turns out that plants breathe. And they breathe differently. Therefore, an air ventilation system was created inside the container.

Vegetables, fruits, berries and other vegetation absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide during breathing. The fresher the plant, the more intensely it breathes. And so the principle of storing plant foods in ventilated containers should ensure a longer shelf life of products.

Both excess and lack of carbon dioxide can adversely affect the product. Therefore, for the outflow-inflow of air, a ventilation system was made in containers "smart refrigerator"Tupperware.

For different crops, the ratio of oxygen-carbon dioxide to maintain freshness is different. Therefore, on the surface of the container there is a table (slider) that indicates how many valves should be in the open-closed position for different vegetables, fruits, berries.

Of course, the shelf life of different products depends not only on the ratio of the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the container, but also on temperature, humidity, plant variety, and the area in which the crop is grown. But the creators of the "smart refrigerator" did not try to invent a panacea, but only wanted to slightly improve the storage conditions for plant foods and thereby prolong its freshness.

product itself, heat treatment method, etc.

smart refrigerator tupperware how to use
smart refrigerator tupperware how to use


A lot of people have already purchased a "smart refrigerator". The reviews of those who used it in practice are different: someone is satisfied with the result, and someone thinks that they threw money away.

We will try to be objective and consider the pros and cons.

1. Expensive product.

The high price of a Tupperware smart refrigerator is definitely a minus. You never know on sale plastic containers from different manufacturers and is it so difficult to make holes in any plastic for ventilation andachieve the same results for less money?

But don't forget that Tupperware containers are made of durable plastic. The manufacturer guarantees them for 30 years, of course, subject to the correct operating conditions: this container should not be placed in a microwave or freezer, rubbed hard with abrasive cleaners, then it will last a long time.

2. No effect of long-term storage.

Not all users of this "miracle" note that vegetables, herbs or other products are better stored in a "smart refrigerator" than under other conditions. Why is this happening?

If you look at the slider (pictures) on the surface of the Tupperware container, you will notice that only vegetable crops are depicted there, which means that the manufacturer does not guarantee that other products are also recommended to be stored in these containers.

Further, when buying a smart refrigerator, many people stuff different vegetables, herbs and fruits in a row, despite the fact that they have different types of breathing.

The fact is that (as we have already said) the safety of products depends not only on ventilation, but also on humidity. Greens, for example, are better preserved in a slightly damp form, while for potatoes this moisture is useless. According to many gardeners, it is not recommended to store dill and parsley together - well, they do not like to lie side by side and have a bad effect on each other.

So if you want to see the positive effects of using a smart refrigerator, you still have to follow the rules and store different vegetables in different containers.

smart refrigerator reviews
smart refrigerator reviews

Operating Rules

If you have purchased a Tupperware smart refrigerator, how to use it correctly?

In a clean, dry and ventilated container, store vegetables or other crops, close the lid, set the ventilation mode according to the information on the slider (open, closed, ajar). Place the container in the refrigerator. As condensation forms in the recesses at the bottom, drain it.

It is advisable not to use the container for storing finely chopped food, as they fill the recesses and prevent air circulation.

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