Smart Balance 6.5 inch hoverboards: benefits and features


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Smart Balance 6.5 inch hoverboards: benefits and features
Smart Balance 6.5 inch hoverboards: benefits and features

A gyroscooter is a vehicle designed to carry one person. This miracle gadget holds a leading position in the field of cutting-edge goods. It will be a great gift for everyone - from a teenager to a pensioner. Mini Segway is very popular even among businessmen.

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Smart Balance 6.5 inch hoverboards are made in China. They are capable of transporting a person on a fairly flat plane for a distance of up to twenty kilometers. The maximum speed will be 12 kilometers per hour. These characteristics may not seem very high to you, but just imagine: you literally soar in the air at a minimum distance from the surface, without holding on to anything with your hands. For comparison: on average, a person with normal walking develops a speed of three to five kilometers per hour, and a hoverboard is the tool that will help you move up to four times faster!

This is an electronic device enclosed inplastic case. It uses the ability of the gyroscope to maintain balance in the "back and forth" plane. Riding a mini-segway, you will not fall either backwards or forwards or on your side, because it is equipped with massive wheels. Gyroscooters Smart Balance 6.5 inches can withstand the user's weight from twenty to one hundred and twenty kilograms. Even if a person is a little heavier, there will be no particular problems using the device, just keep in mind that the battery will drain faster. The hoverboard is equipped with rubberized foot pads, which ensures maximum grip of the shoes with the surface.

Gyroscooters Smart Balance 6.5 inches

The gadget is powered by 6.5-inch motor-wheels. The power of each of them is at the level of 350 watts. The wheels do not have chambers, which excludes their softness. However, this is rather a virtue, because they cannot be pierced. In addition, tubeless wheels make this scooter cheaper and more compact than its closest competitors (its weight is only 10 kilograms).

The autonomy of the vehicle is provided by a Samsung brand battery. The time spent on charging the battery is 2-4 hours, the LED indicator helps to monitor the process.

At temperatures from -10 to +40 it is allowed to use this hoverboard. You can buy a gadget at the lowest possible cost in the online store. The order will be delivered quickly and at the agreed time. The undeniable advantage: you will save not only money, but also time.


Hyroscooters are used in the mostdifferent areas. Today, without them, it is almost impossible to imagine an active holiday. With their help, they ride along the streets, move around the territories of factories and workshops, and hold entertainment events. The hoverboard can be rented, which will bring you a stable income.

Features of riding a mini-segway can be mastered within five to ten minutes. As experienced users note, there are more emotions from riding a hoverboard than when using a conventional Segway with a handle.

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