How to switch to the "Super MTS" tariff? Tariff "Super MTS". "Super MTS" - how to connect?


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How to switch to the "Super MTS" tariff? Tariff "Super MTS". "Super MTS" - how to connect?
How to switch to the "Super MTS" tariff? Tariff "Super MTS". "Super MTS" - how to connect?

Often, a mobile subscriber becomes a voluntary hostage of his tariff plan. Considering today's diversity of representatives of cellular services, let's analyze the activities of one of the leading mobile GSM communication companies and highlight the main criteria for the appropriate choice of a particular service package. At the same time, we are exploring a number of issues, in particular: how to switch to the Super MTS tariff, and what benefits the subscriber will receive from this as a whole.

It's not only in the forest that you can get lost…

How to switch to tariff

An incredibly huge number of configurations for servicing its customers is provided by the well-known MTS company to all of us. However, changing the tariff plan may not always be a justified means of saving. Sometimes, when switching to another package of services, the user loses more than he gains. In this situation, the question of how to switch to another tariff, first of all, should be determined by the conscious action of the subscriber, supported by calculations. Therefore, seeingWhen you hear or read about great deals on a new or previously unknown service package, don't rush to part with your current terms of your current service plan. Use a comparative analysis and understand in detail all the nuances of the tariff you are interested in.

Reverse side of the coin

We all understand that the variety of starter packs must be explained by something, otherwise what is the point of their existence? Therefore, when you choose certain conditions for using cellular communications, keep in mind that MTS tariffs tend to change. That is, for example, the Internet is profitable in paying for one service package, but the cost of calls abroad is more acceptable in another subscription service plan. Of course, there are optimal solutions, where a certain balance of fees for using mobile services is seen. We will talk about one of them in this review.

Communication property leader

Unlimited tariff MTS

Agree, you are definitely interested in the quality services of your mobile operator. At the same time, do not mind taking advantage of the most advantageous offer that provides ample opportunities for moderate pay. But, paradoxical as it may sound, nevertheless, the functional versatility and low cost of the optional starter package potential in maintenance cost money. To date, the tariff "Super MTS" can be considered the closest to the concept of "all inclusive". True, the subscriber will have to independently connect a number of additional options,which, although they expand user capabilities, nevertheless, have a certain limit of use, which often calls into question the profitability of the service. Therefore, you need to clearly understand that some free options when activating the package imply a limited period of validity. Moreover, when using them in the future, in case of non-disconnection, the fee is automatically charged from the user's subscriber account. Therefore, before resolving the question of how to switch to the Super MTS tariff with a practical action, you need to learn a little more about this starter package and the conditions for its service.

Blurred borders

Each telecom operator, first of all, should provide for the comfort and ease of use of the services it provides, and most importantly, the transparency of the terms of cooperation. What can not be said about the masterfully veiled restrictions, expressed in time, data volume, etc., accompanying the process of using cellular communications. Difficulties in understanding the essence of the useful properties of a service provided by the tariff is an integral part of the commercial activity of many mobile content providers. It is beneficial for them that the user does not fully understand the terms of service. Therefore, giving preference to any package of GSM services, pay attention to some important points, so to speak, markers of the benefits of using.

Favorable MTS tariffs: what is their value?

How to switch to another tariff?

First of all, the absolute advantage of prepaid communication services isseveral undeniable universally significant advantages.

  • No subscription fee per se.
  • There is no need to make any contracts. Therefore, the service user does not owe anything to anyone.
  • Anonymity factor.
  • Flexible and comfortable conditions when changing the tariff plan of service.

Favorability of a tariff should be expressed in practical efficiency and ease of use. The more options available to the subscriber, and the more loyal the terms of service, the more expedient your choice. It is worth noting that only the Super-MTS tariff will allow you to truly feel the freedom of communication without the need to replenish your account and threats to terminate the terms of service in case of delay in monthly payment. Of course, even this starter package has its drawbacks, but they are so insignificant that the subscriber practically does not notice them. Often it is the user, due to their unwillingness to delve into the essence of the service process, that becomes the culprit of non-standard situations: the disappearance of money from the account, the use of the phone in interregional roaming, etc.

Details on super benefits

The most favorable MTS tariff


  • No monthly subscription.
  • Free 60 min/day (calls to local MTS and MGST numbers).
  • After exceeding the daily limit - 1.50 rubles/min.
  • 2, 50 RUB/min to local numbers of other operators.
  • Long-distance calls to MTS numbers - 5 rubles/min.
  • Other operators - 14.00 RUB/min on the territoryRussia.
  • Calls to numbers of CIS countries - 29.00 rubles/min.
  • 49, 00 RUB/min - in Europe.
  • International calls - RUB 70.00/min

SMS messages

  • Free outgoing SMS to local MTS numbers.
  • 2, 00 RUB to other operators.


9, 90 RUB/1 Mb (GPRS traffic)

The most favorable MTS tariff implies the use of additional options.

Favorable MTS tariffs

Smart SMS package

  • Auto connect, 15 days validity.
  • SMS cost - 0.00 rub. to all numbers in your home region.
  • Maximum quantity - 10 SMS/day.
  • If you send less than 3 SMS per day, the option is disabled.
  • After the free period expires, a fee of 5 rubles/day will be charged.

Package "BIT Smart"

  • First 15 days free.
  • Quota per day - 50 Mb.
  • Exceeding the set amount of traffic - 5.50 rubles/1 Mb.
  • After the trial period - 149 RUB/month.

Package "Super BIT Smart"

  • The first 15 days are free.
  • Quota per day - 100 Mb.
  • Exceeding the set amount of traffic - 12.00 rubles/1 Mb.
  • After the trial period - 299 rubles/month.

It is possible to connect the "Children's package" option, the cost of which is 80 rubles per month.

Endless MTS-opportunities

MTS tariffs

For 2,500 rubles. youyou can connect the unlimited tariff "MTS" ULTRA.

  • Unlimited outgoing calls to all MTS Russia numbers.
  • 5,000 min/month to the numbers of any operators within the country.
  • Over limit - 2.00 RUB/min
  • Free 15 GB internet data.
  • 5,000 SMS messages per month to MTS numbers in Russia, as well as other country operators.
  • It is possible to connect the option "Everywhere at home ULTRA", the cost of which is 400 rubles per month.

To switch to this package of services, you need to dial the combination: 111777 and "Call".

Connecting and installing additional options

Perhaps you have a question about how to switch to the Super MTS tariff? To do this, you only need to purchase a starter pack of the same name or change your current terms of service.

  • To switch to a favorable tariff, dial a combination of numbers and symbols on the keyboard - 888 - and press the "Call" key.
  • To make "BIT Smart" available for you - 1118649 and "Call".
  • Activation "Super BIT Smart" - 111628
  • You can use the GOOD'OK service by dialing: 11129 (if you connect the package, the first 7 days are free).
  • The "Favorite country" option will allow you to significantly save on calls to other regions of Russia. To activate the service, enter 1111017 and press the "Call" button.
  • The service "The whole world" of the above option will become available to you when dialing111101. When making a call to anywhere in the world, you will save significantly, and to be more precise, this option allows you to reduce financial costs by 70-90%.
  • You can also connect one of the many available options - SMS package. Transfer: 100 SMS - 1110100, 300 - 1110300, 500 - 1110500 and 1000 - 1111000.

This might interest you

MTS tariffs

Given the versatility of the issue of choosing an acceptable package of services, it is worth paying attention to other favorable MTS tariffs. For example, by paying a monthly subscription fee of 400 rubles, you can call local and interregional numbers not only of MTS, but also of other Russian operators. 15 GB of Internet traffic without speed limit will also be available to you. And all this - when connecting the Smart tariff. It should be noted that this package of services is a kind of novelty and has several functional varieties: Smart + and Smart mini. Another interesting offer from MTS operator is Red Energy. The tariff plan is quite attractive, given that the cost of an outgoing call to any mobile phone number or city PBX will be 1.60 rubles. Prepayment makes this package even more interesting and, perhaps, just such a service option is suitable for those who were not attracted by Super-MTS. How to connect the above packages, see below.

  • Red Energy Activation - 111727.
  • Dial 1111024 - and you will connect Smart.
  • Combination1111025 activates Smart+.
  • Digital and character dialing: 1111023 - Smart mini (activation).

However, if you have any difficulties, you can always dial 0890 and ask for help from a service support representative of the MTS company at any convenient time.

In conclusion

Now you know not only how to switch to the Super MTS tariff, but also much more that is so necessary in the process of choosing the starter package that best suits your needs. By the way, for changing the terms of service and switching to another pricing plan, despite the fact that this is usually silent, they often withdraw a certain amount. Therefore, before changing the tariff, do not be too lazy to call the MTS contact center and specify all the points that interest you. Good luck with your calls!

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